88 Medical Group Change of Command

Colonel Michael D. Foutch, 88th Medical Group commander, relinquishes command to Colonel Christian L. Lyons in a private change of command ceremony, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, July 14, 2020. The 88th Medical Group operates the second largest U.S. Air Force medical center, and deploys medical personnel to support global operations and exercises. (U.S. Air Force video by Matthew Clouse)

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Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the arrival, the official party and the presentation of the colors by the honor guard and remain standing for the singing of the national anthem by senior airman Smart at invocation by Chaplin Stall maker Put color or well, oh, I see. But it was so early at whose broad stripes bright through or the Bisley were So three, Theo Oh, say, does that star spangled on And I A are Oh, for Chaplain Stall Linker, will you please come forward for the invocation? I invite you to pray with me this afternoon. Almighty God, we thank you for this day and all that. It will hold force on all that you have already already allowed us to experience. We thank you for this occasion for which were gathered the changing of command. We thank you for the leadership of Colonel Michael Pfoutch to support his wife, Jennifer. And we thank you for the years they’ve given here at the medical group. We also ask a special blessing on their Children JD, Jack and Grace. As they have supported Colonel Pfoutch, I pray they would feel the love and respect and our gratitude as we say farewell and godspeed. I also ask your blessing on Colonel Christian lines as he picks up the mantle of leadership for the 88 medical Group. We asked you to give him clear vision for the way ahead, wisdom and leadership of the men and women who served by his side as they provide excellent care for patients here at the medical group. Bless his wife, Lieutenant Colonel Vanessa Lions, and their Children, Riley, Andrew and Avery. Is they as a transition to this new command, Thies, this time for them and make their home a refuge and a place of security and love? We thank you for their support and sacrifice. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. And finally, father, we ask that you bless our brothers and sisters who were down range today. Keep them safe and remind them of your constant presence and unfailing love in your holy name. We pray. Amen. Thank you, Senior Airman, Smart and chaplain steelmaker. And now it is my pleasure to introduce the commander of the 80 air base wing, Colonel Patrick Miller. How’s everybody doing today? All right, It’s a pretty awesome day, right? Whether outside, gorgeous we don’t get any windows in here, so we’ll we’ll check on that piece. But trust me, it is gorgeous out here. So for the folks online, the weather is phenomenal. It’s a great day to celebrate the change of command for the 88th Medical Group. I’d like to first start off of the few. Thanks. Thanks to our partners represent paralysis. Thank you for being here. Mr Murdoch. I appreciate you being here taking time to honor these two gentlemen to recognize this change of command. Partnerships are important, especially in the medical community. When you look at the greater Dayton area, especially in the environment we’re in right now, we value our relationships Are partnerships both inside and outside the gate. So I appreciate you representing your teams in the state at this ceremony. Like to thank all the folks that are here joining us online. We know it takes time out of your busy schedule to either come back and watch this later or or participate whenever this is going on. So thank you for this. You’re gonna see on here from some amazing leaders about the accomplishments of this remarkable team over the course of this change of command ceremony. So thank you for being out here. Thank you for your support to Colonel Pouch in his family over the past two years. And what you’re gonna do for the lines over the next two years. We really appreciate that to the group commanders, squadron commanders for starting chiefs. All those folks that got the golden ticket to get in the room. I appreciate you. You’ve been here dining your mask, keeping appropriate distance, really paying homage to these two amazing teams and families on then last probably the most important to the gentleman on the stage. Thanks to the families for being here and participating in this Jenny JT Jack Grace, it’s been an amazing two years. Eso we appreciate your strapping on for the ride. It has been an adventure. And we’ll talk about some of that on what your husband, your dad and you experienced over the course of that time. Vanessa Riley. Andrew Avery. It’s gonna be a fun time. We’re looking forward to you joining our family here at part of team right patent part of the 88th Air Base Wing. Whether you’re here for a short bid or here for the full duration. We welcome you in and out of our doors at any point in time. So thanks for being part of this. And then the Christians Ah, family had the opportunity toe make it out to build Cindy to Portia. Bill Patrice hanging out back this way into Vanessa’s family. Fonzo another thank thank you for making it out today. Online. I’m sure they’re gonna be out there watching, but David Barbe and Mary Jo no doubt are out there taping it. Barb said she watched every one of your town halls. I asked her how little Mikey was doing. She said it was awesome. She did provide some critiques. Ultimately was on your hair cut, but But I could I could criticize your hair cut. I’m supporting that same one. But no, no, they love you in which they could be here and they were glad they had an opportunity to see you before you guys head across the pond. Um, one of the things I would like to add to at the beginning is just a special thanks to Jenny into Vanessa and the kids as well. You know, the best deal. The air force has going is the military spouse, the military family. We don’t pay you a lick. Vanessa’s got a side job. You know, you kind of see her see her in uniforms. So she’s got this side job out there serving our nation as well. But you put an extra times a spouse, too. And so we appreciate your service, your sacrifice. Know that although these gentlemen are wearing the uniform on guessing you’re wearing the uniform, each one of you serves every single day. Each one of you is making sacrifices in moves up, rooting from friends from family, different schools. We’ve got a 12 year old, a nine year old, two boys ourselves. And so we recognize the sacrifice that you make each and every day know that your service doesn’t go unnoticed. So thank you for what you’re doing for our nation can get a round of applause. So this is usually the tense, filled moment in a change of command ceremony where I roll up my theme for the event. If you’ve seen one of these, I do a different a different theme for each one of these. And when I thought about Colonel Pfoutch and I thought about the 88 The medical group. One word truly came to mind. And that’s Titans. These these folks are tightened. I’m not talking about that cartoon. Teen Titans go. I’m not talking about my favorite movie. Remember the Titans? I’m talking about the Titan games. I’m talking about the rock Dwayne Johnson on. If you’ve seen the Titan games, it’s usually on Monday evenings. This is the second season of it. It takes normal. Everyday men and women throws them in the arena of competition. It tests strength. It tests endurance. It test mental fortitude. It is an amazing thing is a matter of fact. Last night, the family got together and watched last night’s episode, and fittingly, it was Army first lieutenant nurse competing against a Canadian monster truck driver, which my son was really excited about, and the nurse crushed them. And then in the in battling Mount Olympus, this nurse went up against Olympic gold medalist and absolutely destroyed her, and so that is a testament toe. Everyday people putting their mind to it can do. And that’s what I think about. Whenever I think about colonel fouls in the medical group, whenever you think about the Titan games, it comes down to the arena, right? It’s a battle of different competitions in there. But there’s this arena and you’ve got your arena that we’re just sitting in right now, a small part of it. It took two days to do an immersion across the medical group, and I didn’t see it all. We’re gonna come back for more. That’s the arena that you have and the way you have transformed this arena over the course of the last two years, from investments in infrastructure to changing the lobby to changing and improving the attitudes of the people and investments in their resource is and training and expertise. You just look at that teach train treat mantra that the medical group has. It is all about arming folks in that arena so that they can do battle each and every day. It’s taking the arena out to the fight. As we built a testing drive through testing course just across from the hospital here, it’s taking the arena out to the fight as we build a satellite pharmacy, drive through operation, transforming those operations, and you transform this arena. Over the last two years, like none other that I’ve ever seen. Whenever I walked through the front doors and see that opening lobby in the decor that’s out there, the homage to heritages. I’m walking the halls. You know, you could just spend some time just like going to the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Spend sometimes combing the halls of this medical facility and see history upon history, upon history, on that’s just investment to our heritage, investment to our people and the improvements to this arena. And so I appreciate what you’ve done for this arena over the last two years. But the competition is not without the competitors, the people that make it when you watch a competition like the Titan Games or any of the other competition out there, it’s not just the head to head battle, but it’s the camaraderie among the athletes. And when you look at the environment, that climate, the culture that Colonel Foul set over the last two years within this arena amongst the competitors, the titans that are getting ready to battle each and every day you can walk down the halls with the current pouch, and he is saying Hi Sally. Hi, Suzy. Hi, Jane. And he’s telling me about their families. He’s telling me about their aspirations sharing their stories. He created a family environment. He built that camaraderie, that team of titans that are battling it each and every day. He would go into the front office and battle for you every single day. Resource is recognition awards, you name it, man. Did you will deliver. Did you all deliver with the victories each and every day from the treatment facilities of the year? Looking at the readiness statistics, looking at Deploy ER’s going down range and what they’re doing in contingency environments, Looking at what you’re doing here in the cove it environment. Just delivering and delivering and delivering. Receiving accolades, setting benchmarks. Um, zero findings on inspector general inspections. It’s just remarkable what the titans of the Indian medical group do with the leader of front re sourcing them, arming them, building that climate, you know, establishing that culture and fighting for you. And so the competitors were a vital part of the Titan Games that you all play. And then lastly, of course, there’s a little bit of competition, you know, for me, my favorite competition on the Titan Games is something called lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse. They take you up, I’m gonna say about 30 40 feet in the air. Uh, you’re on a crescent moon, if you will. Kind of narrow at the end, gets a little thicker. And about halfway point there’s a wall. There’s a wall right there, and that’s a swinging wall. And that wall swings based off of your momentum, your power. And so these two competitive race up the ladders to get to the top of that, either side the crescent moon and they collide in the middle. And victory happens whenever competitors a a pushes competitor be off the end. And when you look at the competition that was faced by this medical group over the course of the last two years Tornadoes, active shooter events, every day, mission. Whenever you’re producing best in game, either one or two on things like surgeries, patient throughput. When you’re the second largest medical treatment facility, our Air Force has to offer second largest pipeline training program. Those competitions day in and day out, you’re delivering victories over and over and over and over again, and sometimes it’s that bash and you see that going one way or another where we’re gonna end. We’re seeing that right now with the Koven environment. It’s that test of strength, that test of endurance that tested mental fortitude. You are behind the team every step of the way, cheering them on, training them, teaching them, ensuring there, available to treat the masses. As things come in, you know, And that’s what I think about whenever I think of the arena of the competitors, that camaraderie and of the competition. And that’s what I think of whenever I think of the 88 medical group on what you’ve been through over the course of the last two years, it’s been an amazing ride and you’re going out reigning, champ, You’re the king of the Titans. Like you’re the man, right? You’re the rock. No, it’s not. But appear he’s the rock, right? He’s the rock, you know. He’s still thinking he’s that Division one varsity swimmer, that rugby player, that athlete, Really. He’s looking forward to getting back to some gulf on baby. Some small walks along the beach as you guys head out to Hawaii. So maybe not the high end competition, but he’s looking for for a breather, but know that you’re walking away is a champion. You’re walking away is a true titan. But as we go from one season to the next, we’re welcoming in a new Titan, a new top dog. You’ve got Colonel Christian lines. What I love about Kirsten’s his background when you think of everyday people rising to the challenge in doing a remarkable things hey, come from a small town of West Pennsylvania that’s near and dear to me cause Beth and I are both from small towns in more west central Pennsylvania. We grew up about two hours apart from each other. If you if you ask Google Maps. And we like to ask Google a lot of stuff, you know. But we grew up about 22 hours apart from each other. Ah, small town graduated with roughly 90 plus folks. Aziz councillors were talking to him, saying, Hey, what are you gonna be when you grow up? What do you want to do? Is like, you know, I want to be a Nittany Lion and he applied Depends state. I got accepted, but then they don’t know what really happened, But he decided to go to the Air Force Academy. Beth and I are both that the Lions, Penn State grabs and so way hold that against you a little bit right up until we found out Andrew’s middle name, which is Nittany, and I’m sure he’s very proud of that. So if you put it all together, it’s Andrew Nittany Lions on DSO. He’s Grace too many in front of papers during his birth and naming, so it was a good deal. Good deal. And so I give you credit for that on that front. But it’s councillors were telling him as he’s heading out of out of high school head in the Air Force Academy. Hey, little fish, Big Pond. I don’t have high expectations. And that little fire, right that a little fire. And so he becomes a distinguished graduate, outstanding military graduate out of the Air Force Academy, a little fish big pond, all right every day. Men and women doing extraordinary things when put to the test. And that’s why his career has been about ever since that start. Distinguished graduate, outstanding military graduate from the Air Force Academy. You look at his record, he’s been through four different match Com’s. He’s worked at the for the surgeon general of the Air Force. If you think about what’s near and dear to our medical clinic and trusting care, he literally wrote the book right. He is bought into that, and as a believer, he lives. It breathes, it, bleeds it right on. So if you have any questions about what that was about critiques, I would not bring those up. Um, he’s the guy. All right, here’s the guy He’s decorated. Three time match com level Award winner. One time Air Force level Award winner. A leader, an expert, a craftsman. A true officer. Rounded all about. He’s a graduated group commander. Just came to us from Seymour Johnson, where he was the medical group commander down there. Absolutely crushed it. Air combat commands. Number one Medical commander, right? Absolutely crushed it. And so when you think about that, think about the amazing things that he’s done. He has been born for this day. He has been born for this day, the opportunity to lead the second largest medical treatment facility our Air Force has to offer training pipelines, teach train. Uh, all of those good things he is here to do that. But what’s great about it is he’s humble. He’s Frank. He’s honest. He will put in the hard work. He’s gonna be out there in the clinic, serving with you. He’ll be seeing patients, or at least he thinks, until OPR, CPR and all that stuff comes through. But he wants to see patients, right? He’s gonna be in the trenches, fighting each and every day with you. You know, when you look at his philosophies, which I have no doubt he will share with you. It’s all about relationships, understanding the value of people in those connections, both inside and outside the gate, its investment into the team. It’s holding folks accountable for the right and the wrong right. Fighting for recognition, doing all those things that you saw Colonel Pfoutch do. Don’t expect anything less from Colonel Lines. He’s ready to take up the mantle title titan. He is ready to serve the 80th medical group and he’s ready to serve team. Right Pat until with that, I think we have a decoration before we move on with the change of command ceremony, so I appreciate your time. I appreciate the current pfoutch your leadership to the pfoutch is your service. Best of luck is you head out, Teoh the hardship assignment to Hawaii on I welcome the lions to our team into our family. Thanks for being here, Colonel. Vouch, will you please join Colonel Miller at center stage for the presentation of the Legion of Merit? Attention to orders Colonel Michel de Pfoutch distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States is Commander 80th Medical Group 88 Air Base Wing, Air Force Lifecycle Management Center Air Force Material Command, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, from 9 July 2018 15 July 2020. During this period, Colonel Pfoutch is selfless Leadership and strategic vision propelled his team of over 2000 medics unprecedented success supporting a patient beneficiary population of 62,000 and earning national five star customer service recognition. Colonel Pfoutch guided the medical group in the Wright Patterson community safely through the Corona virus disease 2019 pandemic. Within hours of the declaration of a public health emergency, he oversaw the building of off campus testing, deployed 17 medics and 43 ventilators to defense support to civil authorities. Finally, he led the group to the 2018 Air Force Material Command Hospital of the Year and best Impatient Patient Safety program awards the superior initiative. Outstanding leadership and personal dedication displayed by Colonel Pfoutch reflect great credit upon himself in the United States Air Force. Thank you, Colonel Miller. Ladies and gentlemen, the commander of the 80th medical group, Colonel Michael Pfoutch. Thank you, sir. I appreciate that very much. Good afternoon, everyone. This day has arrived. What a two years this has been. It seems so strange that it’s it seems to have gone so quickly. And yet so much has happened. Days and weeks were very, very long, But all of the sudden months and years have just flown by. And what a first say Thank you for joining us today. And so, Colonel Miller, Beth, members of the Wing leadership team Thank you very much for being here today. Fellow group commanders squandered commanders, colonels and chiefs, families and friends wherever you may be. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here today. A special thank you Teoh, Representative Paralysis and Becca you are truly awesome. Teammates of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, your dedicated to helping our service members and their families. And Jenny and I are very fortunate to also get to call your friends. Thank you for being here today, and it’s great to see due to our Covic restrictions, we don’t have all of our community partners here today. But I just want to say thank you special Thank you toe Mark Murdoch, the director of the Dayton Via and the other members of our V a partnership in Chile, Coffee, Columbus and Cincinnati for their cooperation and partnership. We could not training, treat and teach without them and the members that we are afforded. The opportunity to serve is an opera awesome opportunity for us to take care of them and also to sharpen our skills to make sure we’re ready. Additionally, our Greater Dayton Hospital Association partners, who are likely online from Miami Valley and the premier network Kettering Dating Children’s Hospital Wright State University, are via, and they are just invaluable members to this mission, and we thank them for their support in partnership. We could not produce the best medics in the Air Force as we do without them. Um, I’d also like to thank the team that did such an outstanding job putting today’s ceremony together. Lieutenant Biggs, Miss Van Word. Our project officers. I see them standing in the back. Lieutenant Page, Pet away and Senior Master Sergeant Williams, plus probably 15 others. Who or more, who worked hard. Our narrator, Chaplain, Honor guard protocol. Thank you all so much. And I know Airman Smart has left the room, but her rendition of the national anthem is just fantastic. And my personal opinion riot was Whitney Houston from 1992. I love it. Thank you all very much for what you did. If we could give them a round of applause. I see some of our partners from across the base here to Chief Paste. Don’t you look sporting in your newly retirement? Yes. You just look fantastic. They’re representing our match com surgeon’s office. I appreciate you bringing a general select rider for all you’ve done and been great partners with us. I see Chief Woods in the audience today. Andi and I know Colonel Goodman, General Dean’s star, Our teammates from 7 11 3 Yusof Sam, I appreciate very much the partnership we have grown and enabled while we were here on DSO. Thank you for your support. It’s also great to have some of the representative from our families, Vanessa and Team Lions. Welcome to the team. I know that you will be embraced and welcomed into the 88 on our medical group. Family just is. Jenny and I were so my family, as you alluded to, sir, mostly on Facebook. Yeah. My mom and dad, I’m sure, are watching my sister, Jennifer, Jenny’s mom, Mary Jo, the caissons, the Southern and the rest of our family. I want to send it. Thank you out for their love and support. They’ve always supported us through every move. And I think I’m counting 17 and 25 years. So a lot of a lot of support going on there. No matter. No matter where we’ve gone and where we’ve been, they’ve always supported us. I’m guessing our next assignment won’t be different either, As they’ve already made reservations to support us in Hawaii. To Jenny, Jack, JD and Grace words cannot express my love. And thanks to you, JD is going on. Is eight high school going into his senior year. I’m sorry, his eighth school going into a senior. That would have been a tough ride. Eight High schools, his eighth school going into his senior year in Hawaii. I’m just lucky that Cove it took away his opportunity for leadership in the Hopi leadership seminar before my assignment to Hawaii did I think we would have had a pretty tough battle on her hands on that one? Jack is an aspiring actor cited for the Miami Valley lead Actor award in his school plays, a freshman building a strong baseline. There it has to tear away from that and head to another location and Grace, a voracious reader and ice skater. And everyone asks, Do they have ice skating in Hawaii? Grace? To which she says, Yeah, a little bit, but we’ll see what happens. All three moving again to new school, starting over to their hobbies and friends. Funny, there wasn’t as much fuss with this move. I’m just so fortunate they understand the nature of service in the call to the next assignment, really there, you know, amazingly, there was zero hesitation when I told them where we were going in there. They’re just awesome kids. So I do have a gift for you as we get ready to deport. Um, I don’t know where they happy to be. The assignment is, of course, to get You’re as a parting shot. I think they’re excited for pretty expensive gift I sprung for, huh? Of course, Jenny would move. She continued to move anywhere the Air Force sends us on. She just continues to make it home. My new would make it part through any of this. So I hope you’ll allow me to just say you’re the best part of my life. And I couldn’t do it without you. I love you, sweetie. Uh huh, um, very special. Thank you to the members of our front office team. I started Sterling, Sergeant. Heartless Sergeant for ST Now. Sergeant Fine. Valkenburg. Lieutenant Biggs. Mr Jupiter. Drew’s Becky. The continuity through it all. Thanks for keeping the machine moving forward through all the chaos and mayhem. I’m very much aware I’m not the easiest person to work with, especially before eight o’clock in the morning. But each of you handle yourself with professionalism, dedication, excellence. And I’m so grateful to have gotten toe work with all of you to my feet. Three Chiefs through this time. Chief Mahone. Chief Soto, Chief McCain and our two deputies, Colonel Rombach and Colonel Reedy. I just couldn’t have asked for better wingman. No one person runs this right path Medical Center. It takes a great team and it takes a village. And I could not have been luckier to have those five airman working alongside of me to help guide us to where we needed to go. And the same can be said for our executive team seven squadron commanders there. Superintendents, first sergeants and our alphabet soup, three letters, the A, the HD end, the PDB and the DME. Together, they make up a team that comes to work every day to tackle the challenges of this medical center. And it goes without saying that we have a difficult jobs under normal circumstances. But come on, man. A global pandemic. Yeah, Um, this team is fantastic. They’ve always been there when their team, the base, the community or I needed them. And I hope our entire staff understands just what an outstanding group of leaders you truly have across this team. Ladies and gentlemen, squatter commanders, Superintendents, I truly thank you for your leadership across this group. I’ll miss you the most. Finally, most importantly to the men and women of the 88th Medical Group. Alright, He’s drink water. You ladies and gentlemen. Officers, civilians, contractors, clinicians, technicians administrators are simply awesome. I’m humbled and honored to be your commander. The fried and professionals and you bring to work every day is motivating. It motivates your teammates, your subordinates, and it motivates your leaders. And it brings out the best in all of us. You heard in the remarks from Colonel Miller and in the award citation, the mention of many different accomplishments across these two years. Our accomplishments. I really didn’t renovate the atriums, right? I appreciate the words 80. Sorry, that team right there. Fantastic. I didn’t touch it, but I thank you. I know. I know exactly what you met, though, but this team is fantastic. You also heard off all the emergency response incidents we handled seriously, way more than any groups that have to handle in two years. In fact, I think it was Colonel Reading or Chief Lester who pointed out that after just four months into my command, we had handled every single situation for Riel that’s identified on the back of our med group badges they may have even suggested. I brought some of that. Witten with me in terms of bad karma to riel world has Matt Spills. We had to spend a par de con team for a real world lost three year old who wandered into our emergency department at 7 a.m. But the real world tornadoes, the date and shootings that wounded our spirit and our families. And, yes, the real world active shooter inside the Right Path Medical Center on that particular issue almost two years ago, ask our team to always keep perspective and reflection. Never forget the young airman. Security Forces member had to stop and throw up in our parking lot, then stood up, gathered themselves and ran towards gunfire for us. And now our team is on the front line, coming to the aid of others, not sure what will happen but coming to work, doing the best they can every day in the midst of frustration and fear. But they continue answer local. And like I said during a global pandemic, I mean, really, I couldn’t have really caused all these issues. Good. I couldn’t possibly be me. Kidding aside, this medical center never ceases to amaze me. You’ve been answering the call since the opening bell and you continue to answer the call. It’s the individual brilliance of our airman Big A coupled with the diverse teamwork across the group that enables this 88 medical group to shine. And, of course, it’s the fantastic people. Remember too many to name here. But I see you in the halls and I won’t forget you. I didn’t see a single patient. I didn’t hand out a single prescription. I didn’t deliver any supplies, test any water. I didn’t renovate the atrium. I didn’t work on anybody’s teeth. I didn’t perform life saving surgery. I don’t care for the sick in our I, C. U or Process a single dip lawyer. Our team did all of that. They earned all those awards. They took care of our patients and they did it with pride, professionalism and excellence. And I’m very, very proud of each and every one of you. Since the pollen is starting to get to me, my allergies are acting up. I will close and I will I think it was Colonel MacDonald and Colonel Silverman who gave me the opportunity to lead this team. And I think them for the opportunity and experience of a lifetime has been an amazing two years. Trying difficult, frustrating, but also exhilarating, powerful and all inspiring. And I gave you everything I had. And you deserve nothing less. Christian. Vanessa, Welcome to the family. You’re in for a wonderful tour here at Wright Patterson. This is an exceptional group of medics, and they’re gonna take great care of you, just like they take care of everyone that walks through these doors. With that, there’s only one thing left to say. Is there American House? Thank you, Team. Appreciate it. Thank you, Colonel. Pfoutch, ladies and gentlemen, In keeping with military tradition, Senior Master Sergeant Benjamin G. Seiko, the first sergeant for the 88 medical Operations Squadron and 88 medical group staff will now render the final salute. He will present the medical group members in attendance today to their outgoing commander. When college students one called to attention. All the men and women of the eighties medical group please stand and remain at attention. All others in attendance please remain seated. Uh huh. Sir. Group, You may be seated. Colonel Miller and Colonel Lions, will you please join Colonel Pfoutch center Stage for the Change of Command published the order. Attention to orders under the provisions of Air Force instruction 51 Dutch 60 for an order number GS Dash 18 15 effective 15 July 2020 Colonel Christian Lyons is appointed commander of the 80 Medical Group. Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. I command officer. Thank you, Colonel Miller and Colonel Pfoutch. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the commander of the eighties medical group. Colonel Christian L Lions. Thanks, everybody. I’m trying to coordinate my at technology here. Bring everything up. All right. Good afternoon, everybody. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the incredible reception that you provided to our family. I’m truly humbled and honored. To be the next medical group commander in this air base wing is the tip of the spear in our nation’s defense for myriad research and development efforts and a whole mark of heritage for a United States Air Force. First of all, let me say I was sorely misled by a couple of friends and family members that told me in Ohio I would be able to escape the heat of South Carolina. But I can attest to the many that told me of the warm, family friendly, friendly atmosphere of Wright Patterson. And again, our family so appreciate you for that. Thank you. Beyond the sincerity of how honored I am to be here, the most important thing I must express for today is my appreciation of so many people who got me here today. Thank you. First of all, thank you, Colonel Miller. Thank you for the privilege of commanding such a premier medical center in our Air Force Medical Service and for bringing me into the air base wing team. Thank you to Congressman Promise. And Becca. Thanks, Mr Murdoch. Miss Hacking BRAC girl Phillips, Mr Lang Lang. Chief are bona chief shaper Chief Pace Azizullah’s many other mission partners. Fellow group commanders, scoring commanders, chief soups and shirts who are joining us here on online today. And most importantly, thank you to the sharp and professional medics of the medical group. I am in awe of your support. Thank you. I look forward to even building an even greater partnership with each of you to enhance their mission sets and help provide strength, safety and security to our nation through what we do it. Wright Patterson Air Force Base Thank you, Colonel Pfoutch Jenny Kids. Mike has committed countless hours to permit preparing me for this command role because of his solemn pledge to continue in quality care tour beneficiaries enhancing the mission of the 88th Air Base Wing. I can attest to the fact that he and his family or everything that is right, true and good about our Air Force about Air Force medicine and about the values that reflect the best of our Air Force families. I am honored to full of Mike’s command, which has been epitomized by enthusiastic and engaged leadership by sage guidance by patient centered quality care by a vigilant safety first culture and by a devoted mission Always focused. Mike, you and your family have left an incredible legacy here for both Wright Patterson Air Force Base in for the Air Force. I wish you the very best for you and your families, um, park on this next exciting chapter of your lives. If any Air Force family deserves an assignment. A Why next It’s you, my friend. However, I know it will not be a pleasure trip as you’ll be more than gainfully employed and serving. Entire pack of command is the deputy command surgeon. So my ability to be here today and take the reins from Carl Fox was certainly made possible only by the grace love and supported several special family members and friends here today. I want to offer a special thank you to my gorgeous, energetic and loving Children, Riley, Andrew and Avery. You know, as adage goes, you’re certainly the wind beneath my wings and what makes me most proud and happy each and every day. Thank you very much for your love, your resilience and your enthusiasm. Tobar embark upon another Air Force adventure with me I love you with all that I am Thank you to both sets of my parents villain Cindy Lions and Portia Lions. Bill Keith and my sister are Lieutenant Colonel Patrice Flynn, who is also on Air Force physical therapist who jumped on a plane to be here last night after finishing hers and her husband’s quarantine as they just returned from their assignment in Germany. Thanks so much for your efforts to be here. I appreciate that. And also special thanks to my mother and father in law, Audrey Alphonse along who drove all the way here from South Florida. Thank you for teaching me inspiring May for sitting incredible example of selflessness, the devotion of family on unwavering commitment to values, the power of relentless of a relentless work ethic, an unparalleled love, your Children, your brother and your family. If Children are a reflection of their parents, I hope that I will was always reflect these virtues that you emulate so well. And these gifts that you’ve given to me and that have made me the man an officer that I am. I love you. And I appreciate you so much. Chief Grassi and Candy. Thank you so much for being here today. Johnny and I just finished a successful tour at Shaw Air Force Base together, and I certainly could not have done it without his incredible loyalty, his service and him always mentoring up. Thanks for that, Johnny. I am honored of your trip here today after we just had the honor of retiring him after a very acclaimed 30 year career. congratulations again to you and thank you to my beautiful, smart and talented wife, Dr Vanessa Lions. Vanessa has joined the FMC match. Com SG team is the new chief of behavioral health as she’s continues to balance guiding, supporting and directing an incredibly diverse team of providers across the command. We’ll also bestowing upon the kids and I such great and sweet love, kindness and support and everything that she does both great and small. I definitely married up. I am humbled toe, have you in my life and in my heart. Finally, I went off for a big thank you to Chaplin, Imran Smart and the under guard team and all those involved in putting on the ceremony today, Captain Taylor, see mastered Williams 10 Biggs, Lieutenant page anyway and their team. Thank you very much for your hard work to coordinate and orchestrate this event. And again, my greatest, most sincere appreciation goes to all the medics. You have heard the incredible accolades that these medics have garnered and you see their devotion to trusted care and readiness each and every day, no me in the holes of the medical center building, but in every facet of their work across the base, across the greater Miami Valley community and across the nation to a multiple tune of geographically separated units as most deployed locations abroad. Thank you for accepting me into your family and for giving me this opportunity service your commander. I am eager to take on whatever challenges we will face together. Whether is whether it is expanding or changing covert operations, setting the bar for effective D H. A transition and or and discovering new and innovative ways to deliver highly reliable quality health care two or more than 30,000 beneficiaries. However, I do fear that my biggest challenge maybe just surviving here in the middle of Buckeye country. I don’t know. I don’t think that growing up in Western Pennsylvania, rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and having a son whose actual name is really Andrew Nittany Lions adverse certificates prove it wins me many brownie points here in southwestern Ohio. Ourself Central Ohio s occur. Miller, I’m really gonna need your help in some pointers and how to emerge from this unscathed. So looking for looking for to that, sir. Again, I look forward to serving alongside Urmila, our medics, to care for and in Richer Airman our mission in the community with the utmost server leadership to deliver trusted care to Wright Patterson and beyond. Thank you. Thank you for an alliance. We extend a warm welcome to Colonel Christian Lions, and we look forward to serving under your command. Ladies and gentlemen, Senior Master Sergeant Benjamin G. Seiko will now under the first ceremonial salute which symbolically presents the group to their new commander Going called to attention while the men and women of the eighties Medical Group please stand and remain at attention. All others in attendance. Please remain seated. Uh huh. Sir are group You may be seated. The men and women of the 80th medical group extends sincere thanks and best wishes to Colonel pfoutch as we bid he and his family fare. Whoa ! In which them continued health, happiness and success. We also extend a very warm welcome secret alliance and his family. We look forward to working with you and serving under your command. Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the change of command. Under normal circumstances, we would all sing the Air Force song However, for the health and safety of our visitors instead, please enjoy listening to this instrumental rendition played by the spirit of Freedom. Now, please stand for the playing of the Air Force song and departure of the official party. Thank you for joining us in person. Or virtually. We appreciate your support and wish you have fantastic Air Force Day.

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