914th Air Refueling Wing assumption of command

4th Air Force commander, Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Pennington, presides over the 914th Air Refueling Wing’s assumption of command for Col. Carl Magnusson at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York on July 12, 2020. The 914th Air Refueling Wing just announced fully operational capable in February of 2020 after transitioning to the KC-135 Stratotanker in September of 2017.

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In regards to customs and courtesies. You will stand on several occasions throughout the ceremony, first for the arrival of the official party and playing of ruffles and flourishes in honor of our presiding officer, the playing of the national anthem, followed by the invocation. In addition, during the playing of the national anthem, I ask that you please place your right hand over your heart. While military members will stand at attention, We will begin today’s ceremony in just a few moments. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Second Lieutenant Ethan Saxby, and I will be your narrator for today’s ceremony on behalf of the Fourth Air Force Commander, Brigadier General Jeffrey T. Pennington. Welcome to the 9/14 Airy Fueling Wing Assumption of Command ceremony. Today, the men and women of the 9/14 well, welcome Colonel Carl J. Magnuson as he assumes command of the 9/14 a refueling wing. This morning, the 9/14 Air Refueling Wing is organized into three groups commanding the operations group as Colonel Germy Sheldon. Commanding the Mission Support Group is Colonel Christopher Witter and commanding the maintenance group. An aeromedical staging squadron is Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Albert Nap sir. Give the wing attention! Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the arrival of the official party and remain standing for the playing of the national anthem. Sir. But the wing a parade rust. The invocation will now be given my father for Galitzki. For those who wish to pray, please join me now in prayer according to your own tradition. What might you got in this unprecedented times For all of us, we give you thanks for the help and protection that you have given to all of us on this joyful morning. We get it to get around corner Magnusson in a very unique way. Some of us in person while some of us have mutuality. But regardless off where we are, we are gathered together a swan 9 14 a refueling wing family to give you thanks for all the many graters gives blessings and talents you have given to all of us, but especially to call on magnetism. Bless him and his leadership as he assumes command of this great organization and joking with every grace off leadership that he will need. Give him humidity to exercise. You have authority for the good off those he deems. And in all that you have asking to Dio, we pray that you may bless my corner magazines family in France who have supported him throughout this past years, especially his wife, Pauline. His chute ran Hannah Aid and Isabella and Sarah and his in laws. Ira and Mary Fletcher give it an arrest and peace to his beloved parents neither and June Magnuson watch over and protect all of the members of our wing and all Airman serving our country as they fly around the world and perform their assigned task. Give them courage and skill in the performance of their duties. So standing in your everlasting arms and we pray this in your holy name a man Thank you, Father for Godowsky. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. The presiding officer for today’s ceremony is Brigadier General Jeffrey T. Pennington, Commander Fourth Air Force. The official party for today’s ceremony includes Brigadier General Pennington, Colonel Carl Magnusson, incoming commander 9/14 Error Fueling Wing and Command Chief Master Sergeant Kenneth Isa, the commander of troops for today’s ceremony is a 9/14 a refueling wing Vice commander Colonel Brian Burke. Before we begin today’s ceremony, we were like to extend a warm welcome to our distinguished guests and dignitaries in the audience today. Colonel Magnuson is joined by his wife, Pauline, and their four Children Hannah, Aiden, Izzy and Sarah. Chief Master Sergeant Scott Peters and his wife, Yvonne. Other distinguished guests in the audience today. City of Niagara Falls Mayor Robert was Steiner. New York. State Senator. Robert Court, 62nd Senate District. New York State Senator Chris Jacobs, 60th Senate District. The Honorable Angelo Marino 145th District of New York State Assembly town of Niagara. Supervisor Lee Wallace, representing Senator Christian Gilbert, Brands office regional director Miss Courtney Ball, Niagara Military Affairs Council chairman Mr John Cooper and all members of nine Mac in attendance today. Colonel Gary Charlton 1 0/7 Attack Wing Commander, Chief Master Sergeant Ed Stephan, Command Chief 1 0/7 Attack Wing. Although time does not permit us to introduce each and every one of our commanders, chiefs, community leaders and guests in attendance, we greatly appreciate your joining us here today In our virtual live feed, their tradition of the change of command goes back to the time of the Roman legions were passing of the commanders But Tom incurred in front of the troops to signify the leader who would take them into battle. The modern assumption of command dates back to the 18th century. At this time, organizational flags were developed with colors and symbols you need to each military unit. The soldiers of the unit would dedicate their loyalty and trust off the command through their commander, symbolized by his flag. When a change command was to take place, the outgoing commander would pass the flags of the individual assuming command. This gesture was accomplished in front of the unit so all could witness their new leader. Assuming the new, dutiful position, this tradition has survived throughout military history. The transfer of the flag to Colonel Carl J. Magnuson symbolizes the assumption of command at this solemn military ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my pleasure to introduce Brigadier General Jeffrey T. Pennington, Commander Fourth, Air Force freedom is not free. It’s earned its fought for. And the representatives here today are what make this nation an amazing place to live. Whether you’re in uniform, your d o d. In a contractor, a family member, part of our local elected officials or volunteers serving. Whatever your role you play, it takes everybody doing their part to pull something like this together and defend America. So I just want to say at the very beginning that I love you. And I appreciate you for what you do. Having the honor to wear this uniform with the support that we get from the community with our leadership. Lieutenant General Scobie, Command Chief Tim White. To go out and go forth and do great things for America is truly an honor. It’s very humbling. So I appreciate everybody taking the time to be here today and celebrate this occasion with this as we bring on Colonel Magnuson. Right. So thank you for that. It’s Ah, it’s quite an honor to stand here in front of ah Casey 1 35 that they stopped building the year I was born. They started in 1955 and finished in 1965 and American produced over 800 of the aircraft and several 100 still in inventory today. And I know it’s a huge undertaking to transition from one weapon system and see 1 32 a new aircraft. But as Colonel Burr was, give me a rundown of things going on last night filling in Colonel Banks. And he said, This team is hungry. They are excited on their leading Ford embracing the new mission accepted changing going forward. And that’s an amazing task. And I know it’s not possible with the support from my family and friends. But all of our elected officials and code l’s that prioritized funds and make things like happened know that without you and your support and your hard work behind the scenes manifesting this in the reality, there is no chance that we can produce a global reach and combat power for Americans. So thank you all very much. Appreciate that. I was supposed to be here in May, but as many of you know, there is a little virus that came up, uh, globally and slowed down a lot of our plans. And I was gonna be here and celebrate. Ah, retirement. Colonel Mark Larson, the outgoing commander in just one of the most phenomenal human beings I’ve ever had. The privilege to serve with, ah, humble leader, a servant leader, an amazing family, and just a wonderful lady and been a great friend with my wife and I for a long time. When we met over 10 years ago on Mark asked me to come up here in officiated retirement ceremony and one of my first as a general officer. And I was very excited to do that, equally disappointed that I couldn’t be here. But I know the wing gave him a great send off and I know Mark and did phenomenal work leading this team and putting things together to become fully operational capable or f O. C ah, Hong time or slightly ahead of time as he was tasked to do so. I just want to give a shout out to Mark and I will be out in Utah to do a celebration with him and his family assumes we could make that work. Also the Colonel Bird who’s had the opportunity to step up and fill in and and, uh, hold what we call the G Siri’s order and be in command here in the transition between Colonel Larson and Colonel Magnuson. No light undertaking right? But that is the primary mission and role of the vice wing commanders to be able to step up and take charge when in Need and Brian you’ve done an absolutely phenomenal job. We’re very proud of you and what you’ve done to move the wing forward and keep things going. So congratulations, you brother. Very proud of you. Right? And then there’s Ah, Carl who? Ah, I got to know a little bit working together at the headquarters until he disappeared. Wanted to go deploy again over to Afghanistan. Where? 67 months. Um but almost more importantly, I got to know about him as a family man through Pauline last night. As we went out to dinner, he wrote up a nice little bio about his, uh, his family. Uh, Sarah, Aiden is easy. Hannah, Uh, thank you for being on the team and being flexible, right? Cool glasses. You got it going on. Right? Um, but what I learned about that is not only a Carl, phenomenal officer worthy of this appointment, but he’s an incredible husband. Incredible father, credible man of faith, leading his family, creating memories and do his amazing things. So I just wanted to let you know we’re all very fortunate to have the magazine team on our side, leaning forward and doing great things. So, just appalling to you, and your family. Welcome. It was a pleasure getting to know you as well. Right? So, uh, Carl’s been out in the trenches and, ah, long journey here in the Air Force. And in fact, when I looked at his bio, about the only flaw I could find with Magnuson is that he went to University Oklahoma. That’s right. Too many letters I get you as a Kansas State grad. I’m required to call anybody from Oklahoma dirt burglar rather than a sooner. Um, but other than that, that’s about the only thing I could find flawed in his color pass, but went through RTC Commission in 1988 went off the Navigator school and flew the KC 1 35 for almost a decade. Um had various jobs in their roles and responsibilities, went to pilot training and then he explored out, got into some of the Joint World Operational World organizational operations. We call like a strike cell or an air operations center. Did a significant amount of joint time out in the Pacific Air Command, dragging his family out to Hawaii and spending a little time there, um and then making his way. Eventually, the headquarters where I crossed paths with them. Working in one of most difficult organizations are plans and Programmes Shop building the future of the Air Force. Um And then he kind of disappeared, went off to Afghanistan for a while, um, and did great work. There is a director staff for the 4 55th Air Expeditionary Wing for about 67 months. Learned about wing commander in a combat theater. So, brother those those air humbling, humbling accomplishments. In fact, I have to do something I rarely ever do, which is read from notes because I asked his former boss, Major General J. Jensen, to give me a quick outline of a few things that maybe Karl did in his last job so I could give him a few accolades for that, and he sent me about 10 pages of things, so I whittled it down. But I want you to hear the kind of things that your leader has done just in the last three years, as he’s given up time with his family as his as he served around the world, right, as a chief of plans division headquarters, Air Force Reserve Command for almost three years, he developed the commands, consolidated planning, scheduling plan and forced presentation. Aligning with the national Defense strategy, he chaired sourcing operations planning team for identifying unit type codes and almost 2500 short tons material and develop planning posture for the dynamic force Employment Co authored are Satanic Strategic Planning Guidance for the match. Com. Identifying realistic planning constraints and setting the stage for the Air Force Future Force framework. And that’s where our plan for the through 2030 led joint exercise Control group for Pacific Century and bilateral Exercised Control Group staff Rex Sign Keen Edge provided our immediate response to U. S forces in Japan leadership during initial days of covert 19 outbreak in the Pacific Rim. Lauded by the Air Force Inspection Agency during our most recent inspection as a superior team and support your team performer during a recent inspection and the list goes on and on. But I think you get the idea right. Just amazing, dynamic, broadly experienced, visionary leader that will challenge you during his time here. And I know sometimes we get amazing thing in the culture of the reserve, which we get a lot of legacy, ideas and stability and organizations, which an amazing, amazing thing. At the same time, we have to understand that our adversary is watching us. And if we’re not growing changing and innovating and being able to out think our adversary, they will win. Right? And Carl’s been exposed enough things globally that he understands Joint Force Joey sports employment. So if you’re in this organization you’ve not read up on multi domain operations and joint all domain operations, you’re gonna get a nine opening experience spending time with Colonel Magnuson, who will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and ensure that we’re not complacent and ready for any challenge that we may face in the future. Right? So is Karl takes command here at 9 14th and this base. I also wanted to thank all the mission partners as well that are great part of the team here, right? Great relationship with 1 0/7 various other organizations on the on the installation that all work together to bring a great fighting force for America. So I want to thank you as well and being on a great team with him. And he’s got great ideas about growing that partnership powering each other and making sure we’re working together with the community to bring the greatest forced together that this nation has to offer. So with that brother, I’m honored to be part of the team honor to be here with you today as you assumed, command and take on one of the best jobs that the Air Force ever has to offer. And that’s to be in command of about 1300 airman here at the 9th 14th And brother, I’ll do everything I can to advocate for you and support you with you and the chief who’s getting short here. But he’s done great work here as well. Um, but just grateful for you and your family’s willingness to serve my friend proud to be with you. Thank you, Lieutenant General Pennington. Ladies and gentlemen, the assumption a command will now begin as a reminder due to social distancing requirements, there would be no passing of the guide on. Sir, please give the wing attention. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise attention to orders. Department of the Air Force Headquarters. Fourth Air Force Special Order Number. Golf Alfa Dash 005 Under the provisions of Air Force instruction, 51. Dash 604 Colonel Carl J. Magnuson assumes command of the 9 14 a refueling wing, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station, New York. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated, sir. Give the wing present arms. At this time, Colonel Magnusson will give his first salute to his wing. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you for the first time the newly appointed Commander of the 9th 14th A refueling wing Colonel Carl J. Magnuson. I don’t wanna lose your nose. Brigadier General Pennington, Major Steiner, Senator or Senator Jacobs. Assemblyman More Nello, 70 men. McMahon. Mr. Wallace, this ball, I lost his notes. Mr Cooper, Fellow community leaders curls Carl Charleston, Chief step back. Commanders, chiefs, family, friends, old and new, especially members of the 9 14 air refueling wing. Morning. Thank you for being here with me and Pauline today. I like thank Chaplain Falkowski for the invocation and offer special gratitude for Captain Smith. Hello, Jen tomorrow who have been working behind the scenes to plan and execute this new style of assumption of command emerging the latest technology with one of the oldest of military traditions. But I would like to thank Lieutenant General Scobie, Major General retired Ogden and yourself, sir, for the opportunity to lead the 9 14 They’re feeling wing my pledge. I pledged my best to you to the people you see before you and we will not fail you. Similarly, I’d like to recognize Colonel Mark Larson for his tremendous efforts and successes to bring the wing where it is today. And I would like to specifically recognize Brian Berg, who slept in as general said into an uncertain environment. Took the reins skillfully carried that baton between Colonel Larson and myself for the past couple of months. Brian, I’ve seen your work. I value your friendship, and I look forward to the partnership that we will share in them in the months and years to come. Finally, and perhaps most important to me, ladies and gentlemen of the wing, let me publicly thank and introduce the strength of my family and the reason I’m before you today, Holly Magnuson is the love of my life. She’s the wind beneath my wings. Darling, thank you for being in my life for being my partner and for being the heart and soul of our family. Hannah eight and Dizzy. And Sarah, thank you for standing with us. I love each of you. And I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your love and support. Ladies and gentlemen, the wing. I am thrilled, excited and very, very humbled to stand before you today on the path to this pony podium, I’ve served his KC 1 35 air crew member in a number of roles. I’ve served as a planner. I have served as a thinker. And all through those all through those years I’ve served to very distinct types of people. I’ve served young soldier with a rifle in his hand. He was about to go into an uncertain environment supporting combat operations. And I’ve served a four year old child who is about to starve to death without humanitarian assistance and disaster relief aid. And today I also serve you. I privileged to serve you whenever asked, and wherever task may God give us the strength and resolve to live up to that motto. And may he bless and protect each and every one of us. Thank you. Let’s get to work at this time. A bouquet of flowers were represented to Colonel Madison’s wife Pauline as a welcoming gift from the men and women of the 9/14 Air Refueling Wing. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending today’s ceremony. The men and women of the 9/14 airy Fueling Wing are eager to welcome Colonel Magnuson as he assumes his new duties as commander of the 9th 14 air refueling Wing. At this time, please rise and remain standing for playing of the Air Force song and the departure of the official party, sir, give the wing attention.

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