U.S. Repatriates Remains of Korean Service Members

The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency conducts a repatriation ceremony with South Korean officials at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii, June 23, 2020. The DPAA is turning over the remains of 140 South Korean service members who died in the Korean War and now have been identified.

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s repatriation ceremony in honor of 147 Korean soldiers who heroically sacrificed their lives in defence of the Republic of Korea. Before you lies a casket containing remains of one of those soldiers. The other 146 have been placed aboard the aircraft before you. Today we honor these soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. During the Korean War, these remains were turned over to the United States Department of Defense by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. They were keeping Europe one term. Inglese org were from Guan is in which room? Pixar. Well, hang on your own opinion, Ugo. Changing it Some Johnny. Someone using what? You don’t cook. Pick Sasha You Colin. Amy hung here on a very similar Would you go changing dancin Treadway. He’s English lunch on such I day trade Ueo Daio hangs out of coaching me down when they kowtow Pond in and you and then you change your Perignon, Connie, big again. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the arrival of the official party and please remain standing for the invocation given by the United States Army Pacific Command chaplain, Colonel. Children Who? Kim. United States Army. You are so smart and shadow Pyongyang, you couldn’t go conduction. Kim Children had only man Morgan Lady Syndrome novel offer my invocation in Korean first, then English that as prey No Russian 100. John did not want to get memory. She killed both of money. So subset that obstinate, passionate to ended up damaged numeral You’re a contingent is how long it So someone is tomorrow? Turns out that you had a read a book We want to make that up. Camping world truck A gash in e We never come Some needles could once one man and can get a very adorable cure Cultural Whenever they’re pushing, you go down and traditionally than any knowledge hunting dog Don t uncashed Would you be caught on video? Yeah, mingling and order. Come on. What’s going on down there? Who? You hug a help system so the world could give you Roscoe Hollande Entry Tabaro Toppo When their hands have a number since her get the car Jordan guessing Finney made him roll home neither Well might end eternal God would give you honor glory in plays as the witness this solemnly patricians ceremony today. This remains represent ultimate measure of a full devotion and sacrifice for their nation during the Korean War, believing that without their country their existence would be meaningless. They fulfilled Hisley under unfathomable conditions against their enemies, displayed uncommon courage under fire, unwavering commitment to their nation and their patients in adversity. 70 years later, finally, they about to return to their homeland, the land of the morning calm allow not their sacrifice to be in vain. Their spirit of a pitch patriotism for gotten is that that their valor become a seat for enduring peace and prosperity of the Republic of Korea. Comfort their families. Pour your healing grace and mercy on earth, remember and glass all those people who have worked hard throwing this seldom process. We commit this ceremony onto your mighty hands in your holy and precious. Now we pray. Amen. Ladies and gentleman, please take your seats. Ciadea. Chuck’s look at you to get him down. The participants at today’s ceremony are His Excellency Jae Min Pop, the Republic of Korea, Vice Minister of National Defense, the Commander, US Indo Pacific Command Admiral Phil Davidson, United Nations Command Chief of Staff, Major General Mark Gillette Defense POW M. I, A accounting agency also known as d p. A. Deputy Director Rear Admiral Darius Banacci in the Director of Ministry of National Defense Agency for killed in action, Recovery and identification also known as Makary. Mr. Book, your whole wanna hangs on And Captain Ian Tam Mingo Charming Davison in the tipping U N guns. I don’t go to let the tumbles on them. The bamboo challenging Pelosi Jones are working energy Bamboo uber will come to a whole would undergo. Also in attendance are the Republic of Korea 70th Anniversary Task Force Commander Brigadier General Song Bum Shin, their Public of Korea Council General Mr Choong Gu Kim and the United States Army Pacific Command Chaplain Colonel True who? Kim Bingo Bongo change channels help Tony, She’s hung Bomb them Kim drink with young Pyongyang showed that only me Ladies and gentlemen, the DP A Deputy Director Rear Admiral Banacci will now provide welcoming remarks T p a energy proton in summer Hello Hi and good morning Welcome Vice Minister Port Apple Mrs Davidson Council Joan Mrs Kim Journal Gillette General Xin Director Huh? Ladies and gentlemen, last but not least the men and women present today who represent the remarkable teams of both Macri and G. P A. Hello, I’m no match in the car. Jimmy intermingle Have a name? Maybe since I don’t need a boon. Kim Jungle Trump Young’s unable to let the UN’s are tumbled. She’s some bombs. Hoku, Bamboo, your partner come to London could go jungle and t p. A. I also like to extend a warm welcome to our guests watching the ceremony via live stream, especially our veteran service organizations, families and Korean War veterans. I thank each of you and appreciate your understanding of these unique circumstances which keep us from having you physically present today. One sandbanks summer today who are some condition and Ward and she turned upon the kiddo. Two key. Some junk things happened once you got humbled. Humbled again comes time I submitted it. York Sergeant Johnny Young age. My sincere gratitude for all the support from our local Hawaii leaders and a detailed planning by representatives from the Republic of Korea’s government, United Nations Command Macri and G. P. A. Your tireless efforts are only fitting as we pay tribute The solemn day as 147 Korean soldiers start their journey back home to the Republic of Korea. Whether he hangs out of him tradition. How I true, John? They are mingled Jungle you any good? Kombu becomes t p a mortal again. Comes home by so much your opponent Dude, are you upset? Tom Young when the ecstatic chilled way couldn’t turn appointing pretending It’s a question you see before you a casket with remains of one of these soldiers, it is draped with the U. S. Flag to denote the efforts and care by the United States of America represented by D. P. A. No witness. A prominent act of re flagging the casket first by the flag of the United Nations Command and then by the flag of the Republic of Korea. Europol are Penan Pick such Children in a great big are very similar. We have tp a home number 700 U N con jets home drug company. You’re open. You’re gonna in get an encouraging It’s all Jundi Go take a kilo pack. You can put it in there. Today was made possible by the strong partnership and sustained cooperation between Macri and G p A. On the New York starter Contrarian. You can t p a in Milan from Logan s. Okay, Coming A similar. I want to extend our deepest appreciation to the Republic of Korea and Makary for your incredible efforts in our shared promise to never forget our fallen families of our own missing greatly Appreciate your incredible efforts to find and bring them home from Korea Our humble thinks Children eatery libido Tommy Chong Guang Bongo Part will come down again Comes to me board and you can see you gotta put the one your mobile in the water It’s young There comes a mom with me Cookie on big When he’s angry comes out of it as Makary and dp a continue this noble mission We look forward to many more events like this in the future Children a pro Congo year parable Constant t p a c Milan upto over time have me were warnings about poll Tatchell Quite indicator seen similar. Now we’re without further ado. It is my privilege to introduce our first keynote speaker is a 25th Commander of the United States Indo Pacific Command, America’s oldest and largest military Combatant Command based here in Hawaii under his steadfast leadership. Yes and opaque. Kam is responsible for all US military activities in Indo Pacific covering 36 nations, 14 time zones and more than 50% of the world’s population. Ladies and gentlemen, Admiral Phil s Davidson control Children in the tempting and numbers baby, Since I don’t want human yourself how I keep on trying to win in the tape Indo taping us around in the tipping Anti gay Borden Big on a pillow. Tell something you get ships allegation could it will say Get in which our bodies in good chicken jingoism leaving Europe Davison in tipping us Thank you for the introduction Wearable Banacci and thank you for DP Ace performance today. Political name TP a forgettable comes home Good morning and a low. Ladies and gentlemen, it is an incredible honor to represent the Department of Defense and the American people and to participate in today’s ceremony alongside Vice Minister of Defense Park Aloha. Keeping your a boon me be optical community gym in New York starting from Ghana. Hunters tree. So, Donny. Your Excellency, thank you for making the trip. Your presence today is a tribute to the thousands of South Koreans and Americans who lost their lives during the Korean War, defending the independence of the newly formed Republic of Korea. A pack em in travel name Born Gil wonders. Tehrani comes out terming the child Rizwan you kissing. Then soon I would also like to welcome director, Huh Consul General Kim and Brigadier General Xin Whole Cotton joining Team Jungle Troll Young’s and then some in summer. Certainly we are here today because of the unprecedented coordination and the close friendship between our two nations. There were even Children l’m then, huh? Me and do some things are it is also nice toe Have Major General Gillette in attendance representing United Nations Command U N Gunasekera prototype here I terms of contrition to let the tumbles only make a door comes time or something. And again, I would like to thank d p. A a for hosting today’s ceremony and for all that you do for the fallen and their families owner, he hangs out of him Solution Borden pp a one get up interrogator comes I’m our cemetery. Young, logical were soon Borden’s ghetto. So a teensy modern comes out of our media. DP A’s noble mission and sacred endeavor of fulfilling our nation’s promise and accounting for our missing heroes continues with remarkable success. Okay, I want TP a moment. I wholeheartedly extend the same praise to the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of National Defense Agency for killed in action, recovery and identification, or Makary, who maintains a strong and long standing partnership with the D. P. A talent one each t p a. T medium drawn in Mingo Gay Cook Pangu Party comes down and today your money on politics. Macri’s dedication to the recovery and identification mission has forged a lasting bonds between these two indispensable organizations. Pangu Year Part comes true number down and probably were comes in to keep the pound, Gator told media. And I know I am joined by everyone here today in expressing my sincerest appreciation to both the D. P. A and Macri as well as to our veterans, services organisations and family advocates. For those still missing from past conflicts, Young gon get up in the game comes on a pure in and taken each year time. John, you gotta get out the chart, waseem it out, are missing and unaccounted for. Service members are entitled toe one certainty that they will never be forgotten. We owe these honored dead and their families a profound debt of gratitude. Beautiful under attack to be a good, catchy coming. Could it a day and I’m gonna be May they Do You wonder why you got opened it again Comes on a visit to see me May there be many more repatriation ceremonies for both our nations to bring a sense of relief to families and to allow our grateful nations to render proper honors to our fallen heroes. Megan Shape warnings of Tokto Manual You got to put 300 political turns out upon the reggae track where you can jury Mommy. We shall never forget them. We didn’t, could it? A day just tomorrow in Seoul, President Moon will welcome these remains home in an official ceremony coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the onset of the Korean War. Ugo Toensing, Chester Inside mingle tattoo monkeys are chopped Ugo hanging around a conflict in which South Koreans and Americans fought bravely side by side to defend the values embodied in the established rules based international order which was then and it’s very infancy. Have bigger hunkiest straight on Gatun tongue she took it on Game of Light on Obama and Cuban. On This was an order born from the belief that free people and democratic societies can join together in observance of a common set of values, rules and norms to bring peace and prosperity to the globe. Each you son in China, take a Pamela pornography, you shaming wand mean just however Humpty only continent uncatchable. And since that time, the rules based international order has helped deliberate hundreds of millions and lift billions out of poverty, all to a level of prosperity previously unseen in human history. Each is something humanity. Penguin is a text in New York. Saturn didn’t do this stops. At some point, we pay tribute to our Korean War veterans and their families, along with the families of service members missing in action and the fallen who marched into battle toe, protect and defend the region. Ugo targeting a champion I own not. Our January tongues are in some way honor them today as the embodiment of the ideals of our nation’s those of our allies who fought his brothers in arms, deterred Russian defense sovereignty, protect individual human rights, you hear, Could it kill coming up. The alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States is a special bond built on mutual trust, shared values and an enduring friendship. Honeyed Megan said. Charlie on catching prewar Cuban in Ghana to making Me Down For more than six decades, our ironclad alliance has been the linchpin of peace and security in the Indo Pacific, certainly one of the most successful of its kind in modern history. Her needing millions younger in no tapping on our on borders one of these days, how years ago, Hexion, Jogging Toe, Bigelow, man and you got me wasted the significance of our friendship and our alliance was deeply ingrained in my core during the earliest years of my naval career. Then as a junior officer serving aboard a U S Navy frigate based here in Pearl Harbor, sugar languish in Germany. Pity Batterman. Sabato, hungry, keeps a key similar. And while on patrol in the waters just east of Korea, our crew was notified of the Korean Airlines Flight 007 tragedy when a Soviet fighter jets shot down the Boeing 7 47 civilian airliner claiming the lives of the 269 souls on board. Koreans, Americans and many others. Tonetti Junk Taliban Drew. Point hungry people getting then you big your ship. Clooney. Someone, people. Our ship was one of the first ships to arrive on scene where we would remain for the following months, conducting search and rescue and search and salvage operations. Toil. And she’s okey 100 Takako Fuji Organ Purchased. Indeed, this tragic event stands as a stark and painful reminder of our shared sacrifice against Communist aggression in the past. But it also points to the importance of protecting the freedom and openness of our season airways. Awesome Padoa Holiday. Our vision of a Free and Open in the Pacific. It’s centered on the idea that free societies respect individuals, rights and liberties, the promotion of good governance and adherence to the shared values of the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Child alone Indo teppanyaki binges haraga in congre Tyrell Jogging Jungle young U N C. K. In one day similar. The idea of a free and open Indo Pacific affirms that all nations should enjoy unfettered, open access to the seas and airways upon which our people and economies depend cream Indirect Cangzhou are pointing in Ottawa 100 child of Cairo, indo teppanyaki So today that every day let us not forget these fallen warriors who paved the way for our strong network of alliances that continues to help secure the Indo Pacific today Order money have gone on to mineral his condition on the day in the tapering Emma, Swan and Border Neither Ko Ko, Republic of Korea and United States service members on the Korean Peninsula and across the region continue to carry on the mission to which these individuals dedicated their last breath. Humbug do it without a humble Kanwar People in Magic Maxim cutter petition You hope there’s Hi Mom. So keep He said, together, our two nations will continue to honor their legacy through our unwavering strength, our resolve and our dedication to preserving peace on the peninsula and throughout the Indo Pacific region. Cacique cops it up. Okay in the tectonic come out of swat here Going on how middle minutes Because the engine may God bless the Republic of Korea, the United States of America in our enduring alliance and cherish friendship. Tell me what the option. Pretty well, huh? Me, Domingo and May God bless these fallen soldiers as they return home. And all of those who sacrificed themselves on the Korean Peninsula from all nations and walks of life in the pursuit of freedom and liberty. No point in a way she can jury Thank you. Im sorry. You know, ladies and gentlemen, Republic of Korea Vice Minister of National Defense Mr Jamion Park will now provide his remarks. He also Ajemian, there are no recall Bungu Terminal Davis in the opinion when it comes out, you get VP to let you in. I would first like to extend my gratitude to every participant who has graced this event with their presence. I would like to first of all expressed my gratitude to Commander us Indo Pacific Command Admiral Davidson for gracing us with his presence. I would also like to extend my distinct gratitude to Director McKay for organizing the entire program. Although he was not able to be with us today into Deputy Director Rear Admiral Banacci for preparing today’s event as well as Major General Gillette and members of the United Nations Command for their precious contributions order and tumble. But which some now whoever Tony, middle minute ticket in the community. You guys and Jenkins it only about 20 armed men. Gogi Jenin Tourmaline. I’ve seen another rose gets together. Your courage are This year marks the 67th anniversary of the Mutual Defense Treaty which formed the Republic of Korea United States Alliance in 1953. It has been seven decades since the Republic of Korea and the United States have fought hand in hand. His allies Yameogo, Chunghwa recommend run yours and another Majora Carter, his inaction Andre Later you later standing room assisted getting But they took a case in the company Smith into their smell, even epics sugary palm tomorrow and get your sweeter wandered into them Picks ngoga supply everyday or you go T p a invent one day I mean, don’t charge younger to keep you know new body hugging. Then you go where you in and you want to get rolled traversed. So keep going. Come down with me. The government and the people of the Republic of Korea are truly grateful for the opportunity to repatriate the remains of our heroes to the nation which they gave their lives on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. As you know, 92 remains of rock service members have returned home over three transfers as of 2000 and 18 and with 147 remains returning today, a total of 239 remains will be able to rest in the arms of their homeland. The 147 remains delivered to us today have been in DP a custody for more than 30 years after being recovered in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and were ultimately confirmed as those of our service members upon the in depth rock US Joint Forensic Review. The fact that we can now put a name to the 147 remains returning to their loved ones is truly overwhelming. When you get in, you really can’t get chucked them got. When she had to keep one interest targeted media. They told him to get some gray and took up his English In begin, you also good or session young money grows on. Many things are getting a meaningful repatriation ceremony will commence upon the arrival of the remains to the Republic of Korea. The ceremony will be conducted in jointly both by the Republic of Korea in the United States fashion honoring the six US remains who gave their lives and valor and returning them to their beloved nation after 70 years each other home younger pricing ones. Millet argue it’s never buy another question. The Republic of Korea and the United States will continue their mutual cooperation to pursue the fulfillment of a nation sacred duty to remember the sacrifices of the fallen warriors and to bring every last one home. Once again. I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude, Teoh each in every official of the United States Department of Defense and related authorities who made today’s rock repatriation ceremony possible. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. The official party will now sign the acknowledgement letter officially documenting the transfer and repatriation of remains from the United States to the Republic of Korea. The sign ease of the document are in order. The DP A deputy director Shubin, Danny Johnson, Way in game, you get a little cocky. Someone me d. P. A. The United Nations command chief of staff un’s our tongue, Johnny Depp, You’ll the vice minister of national Defense. So tell me, and the Makary Director Madam Agro Cook Bongo You probably comes from Ladies and gentlemen, please rise and remain standing during the re flagging transfer of the remains in the playing of taps. Tom Andre in games. What you see before you is the transfer of remains from United States custody through DP A to the United Nations Command and finally to the Republic of Korea. Once the remains were placed upon the first table, the DP A A honor guard will remove the United States flag. Once the flag is removed, United Nations Command Honor Guard will place the United Nations flat in accordance with the Korean Armistice Agreement. The United Nations Command is responsible for the repatriation of Korea. War remains. You had in game for them. S O T P H or Control, you end. Could he walk town mingled by tomorrow in this wagon? You have a chalk Kensington regimen. You’re inside. You’re bringing home regularly. Pressed one home. Um, ghetto pump. August funding. Um, go inside, Ugo. Changing Turns out are you taking me similar? Once the remains are placed upon the second table, United Nations Command on our guard will remove the United Nations flag. You were got wanted on sideways. You wouldn’t tell you. I’m going. Um Getter Ferguson, Once the flag is removed, the Republic of Korea Vice Minister of National Defense Mr J. Min Pot in the Republic of Korea Head of the task force for the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Brigadier General Xin will place the Republic of Korea flag over the remains Madam Agro, Pack em in. She’s hung bomb would help a little later Compact After the flag is replaced, the vice minister will turn over the remains to the Makri Director Hope the Makri Director will transfer the remains to the Makri staff. The Makri staff will then load the remains aboard the aircraft. You are so, um come again in Gaga’s You also bamboo. You a parable? Come to Kansas. I am a gay in Ohio. Hunger on charges At this time, the Vice Minister in the Commander us Indo Pacific Command will render final respects and place wreaths in honor of the fallen soldiers like this. A pack Timmy intermingle. He also Davison in the tip. Pyongyang’s had one name You You don’t know much. Ladies and gentlemen, please join us for a moment of silence! Don’t but pull your video. Tell me, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our ceremony. Thank you for attending. To ensure adequate social distancing is maintained. Please remain seated and follow the instructions from the ushers directing the exit they were keeping your A boon is how little you ape warnings How much according to get a virgin? Some see Tahrir moment she wore hangs a union etcetera. How about you Don? Come tell me that.

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