Senate Considers Nominations for Top National Guard, Project Warp Speed Positions

The Senate Armed Services Committee hears testimony from two nominees for top posts, June 18, 2020. Army National Guard Lt. Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson is being considered for promotion to general and to be chief of the National Guard Bureau. Army Gen. Gustave F. Perna is being considered for reappointment to the grade of general and to serve as chief operating officer of Project Warp Speed.

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is a Lieutenant General, David Hawkinson, to be chief of the National Guard Bureau and general guest of Ah Purna to be chief operating officer of the project Warp speed. I think both of you being here today particular under the current circumstances, what we’re facing now we’re doing things differently. I know you’re down there I could barely see, but anyway, we enjoy meeting the families and all of that. We’re not gonna be able to do it the same way. When you do your opening statement, you may want to introduce families that may be looking on. If that sounds all right, he both been nominated for positions at the forefront of the correct challenges. And as we consider your nominations, we’ll be looking to ensure that you can provide the solution is expertise and reassurance and needed for the circumstances. General Hokanson, As our nation demands more from our National Guard, your expertise is extensive. In the National Guard Bureau, North calm and as the as a state edge of general will be essential Across the country, tens of thousands of guardsmen are on the front lines of the Corona virus response. They deserve strong, measured in mature leadership from the their advocate on the Joint Chiefs of Staff do Annapurna. We’re facing down a virus that has tested our health system, our economy, our military and every other part of our everyday life. President Trump has taken you and the team in and others with an ambitious mission to not only develop a vaccine but also to manufacture and distribute some 300 million doses by January of 2021 your extensive expertise in logistics and leading the United States, the Army Material Command will be key to complete this mission. I speak Teoh for the committee when I say that we appreciate your willingness to serve and, uh, and looking forward to serving with you. Now it’s standard for this committee. We have kind of seven required answers of questions. It’s Ah Sander for the committee to ask certain questions in order to do exercise its legislative and oversight responsibilities. But before I begin general partner, I commend the integrity that you’ve shown in bringing to the committee’s attention the fact that while continuing to serve in your current position as Commander U. S. Army Material Command, you have ensure ensured that AMC provided all necessary support to operation warp speed as directed. In addition, you have taken prudent steps to prepare for the new duties and responsibilities that you would assume to be the chief operating officer operate of Operation Warp speed. The committee has reviewed the information provided and deems your actions appropriate under these circumstances. So, gentlemen, when I asked what we want an audible yes or no? I guess where it’s saying general permit is way. Appreciate the fact that you’ve pointed out some of the things you’ve done, but that would not be a violation of a no answer. Okay, Number one, Have you adhered to Africa? But laws and regulations governing the conflicts of interest Yes, yes. Will you ensure that your staff complies with deadlines established for requested communications, including questions of for the record in hearings? Yes. Will you cooperate and providing witnesses in briefers in response to congressional requests? Yes, with those witnesses be protected from Kreisel or the testimony of briefings. Just do you agree if confirmed, Teoh appear and testify upon requests before this committee? Yes. And do you agree to provide documents including copies of electronic forms of communication in a timely manner of when requested by a duly constituted committee or to consult with the committee regarding the basis for any good faith, delay or denial in providing such documents? Yes, and lastly, do you have you assumed any duties were undertaken? Any actions which would appear to presume the outcome of the confirmation process? No, Very good. I don’t have Teoh either of you. About the many challenges facing the nation right here and across the world every year seems that this committee has focused on turning turned Teoh emerging issue. Last year it was the privatization privatize housing crisis, which we handled it really a great way, and people did respond and to the satisfaction, I believe, of those who had brought the problems to our attention. Throughout it all, we also remain focus on ensuring that D. O. D has the authorities, and resource is it needs to implement the national defense strategy. That book could be quite often refer to as senior leaders of the Department of Defense today and in the positions for what you have been nominated. You haven’t would continue to play Key Rose both in winning and the great power competition and in taking care of the people. We’re talking a great power competition, of course, with China and Russia. We look forward to hearing from you in your views, Senator Reid. Well, thanks very much, Mr Chairman. I want to join you in welcoming our nominees this morning. I appreciate their flexibility along with the cooperation of my colleagues as we continue to do the important work of the committee under these challenging circumstances, I would like to think the families of the nominees General Hogan Seuin is joined today by his wife, Kelly, and they are the proud parents of Victoria and Air Force Base operations off Danny on Army Special Forces Officer and MacKinnon. I mean, if your officers serving in the Ranger Regiment General Partners family is not here in the room. But I would like to acknowledge his wife, Susan, their son, Cody, who was a Navy lieutenant with three Children, and Norfolk and their son, Ryan, who is a part Navy civilian. Thank you for all the support and sacrifices that your families have given to you and to the nation. The General General Hogan Sin, You have been nominated the chief of the National Guard your and come to us with extraordinary qualifications for this position. Currently serving as the director Army National Guard, you’ve also serves as a vice chief of the National Guard Bureau, deputy commander of North Com and the address General Oregon. You check every box one would want for nominee for this position. The chief of the National Godbeer was a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is a principal adviser to the secretary of Defense through the chairman on matters involving the non federalized National Guard Forces of Sport of Homeland Defense and civil support missions. In this role achieved, the National Bureau plays a critical role in facilitating and mediating the interests of the states with the missions and programs of the Department of Defense. Unique role The National Guard has been more visible than ever in the past few months. In March, members of the guard recalled to assist the health care system as a coronavirus pandemic swept the country while on the front lines of the pandemic. They have risked their own health and the infection rates of the guard had been high. We thank those Guard members and their families for their sacrifice and their dedication, while Cove in 19 is still a very real threat that we’re battling. Many Guard members have also been called in recent weeks to assist governors and law enforcement during recent nationwide protests. For this mission, the Guard has had to strike a fine balance between performing their duties while ensuring that they do not engage in any unlawful acts or even the perception of unlawful acts against the citizens of our nation. Recent weeks show just how difficult position to the Chief National Guard Bureau is and will remain, perhaps throughout your tenure in this position. The General Lieutenant General Hokanson. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how you plan to approach this job in these trying Times Journal. Permanent You have been nominated is there with the chief operation officer of Operation Warp Speed, the public private partnership created to develop, manufacture and distribute a safe and effective covert 19 vaccine to the American people by January 2021. You bring an important skill set and expertise to this endeavor. Having served your entire career is an army logistician, notably your most recently served as the commander of the Army Material Command overseeing more than 190,000 military, civilian and contractor employees and managing a global supply chain that buys material and sustainment Army forces around the world. General part, I want to commend you for being within weeks of a retirement. And yet you did not hesitate to accept another position and a challenging wanted that the committee indeed the entire country are still waiting for more details about operation warp speed. We’re interested in hearing from you about what the role of Defense Department will play in this effort. Resource is, it will need in the way in which the vaccine will be equitably distributed among the American people to include duty, military and civilian personnel. We have great confidence in your skill and your integrity and your dedication to the Constitution. I look forward to hearing from both the nominees. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you, Senator Reid. This will be the committee’s first hearing with some senators attending remotely. So I wanna, uh, let it would know how we’re gonna run this thing since it is impossible to know exactly when our colleagues who will be joining us via computer arrive, we would not be following the normal standard that we do on a first come for serve early bird so forth and said we’ll handle the order of questions by seniority alternating with sides Beach one Once we reached the end, if there’s anyone who missed will start back at the top. And until we reach everybody finally to allow for everyone to be heard, whether in the room or or on computer, I asked colleagues to please be sure to move your microphone. So, Senator Wyden, I assume you were down there someplace. Chairman. Oh, there you 00 I see a remotely you’re recognized for an introduction. Thank you very much, Mr Chairman and Ranking Member read. And I want Thank my colleague, my classmate, that center a read for an extraordinarily good statement with respect to the exemplary role the National Guard is playing right now. And I think both of you, Jim Inhofe, instead of read for the chance to come. It’s a privilege to be able to introduce a long time friend, General Dan Hawkinson, and I understand that his wife, Kelly is there. And I think perhaps even his four kids, they’re all military all the time, and Oregonians are just thrilled that he had been nominated to serve as the next chief of the National Guard Bureau. And I will tell you, you all have got the right guy for the job. As both the view the chairman and Senator Reid have touched on. We need sensible leaders with sound character and strong worlds now more than ever. And if you looked at General Hawkinson, what you will see is somebody who embodies those values. He’s a West pointer with a long and distinguished career. He’s lead our troops in Iraq. He’s led them in peaceful missions at home in Oregon, and he has served at some of the highest levels of National Guard leadership at home and order. Again, I can tell my colleagues on the committee we really don’t have the big military basis that you see so often. For example, say in the East in the South, we’ve got so many Oregonians expressing their patriotism through the National Guard, and many of them served 234 tours of duty, and we’re so proud of them. And general hoping that I can tell you has been a source of inspiration for many of those Oregonians who served in the garden. Now I’m gonna wrap up with just one kind of simple statement. If I were to go through Chairman, Inhofe and Senator read the list of awards in operations that General Hawkinson has earned. I’d still be talking at breakfast time tomorrow, so I don’t want to be accused of filibustering you all. And we want to get this good, man. Confirmed. And I’ll just close by way of saying I believe he will be a superb chief of the National Guard Bureau. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to come. And I certainly hope that the committee will report this outstanding public servant favorably in the Senate will confirm him in short order. Thank you. Thank you. Senator Wyden. Um, we now recognize Senator Jones to introduce General Permit June’s. Yes. Thank you, Mr Chairman and Ranking Member. It’s my honor today to introduce my friend General Gosper noted this committee someone who probably really needs no introduction but I am honored and humbled to be here with him today. Ah, First met General Purna in 2018 shortly after my election to the senate. Ah, he was kind enough early on to arrange and in depth tour of Redstone Arsenal, where he is based as the chief, the Army Material Command. It was an amazing experience for me. Ah, and shortly after that, he came up to Washington and met with me in my office. Talk with me about the important role of Redstone and how it plays to Alabama, but also importantly to our nation’s security. To say that I was impressed early on would be an understatement. And I was impressed not with just his command of the his command, but also with his commitment, commitment to service, commitment to his command, commitment to the people he that served under him and commitment to the United States of America. No, he came to Huntsville as the deputy chief of staff of the Army Material Command. We served for a couple of years before taking the helm and answering the call, to be the chairman to be the chief of the Army Material Command there in Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, where he’s done a magnificent job. And I will tell you candidly, Mr Chairman, that over the last two years of my tenure on this committee, I and my staff have quietly tried to slip into the nd a language that would prevent his retirement so that we could keep him in Alabama. Unfortunately, your staff and the ranking member staff were able to catch that very quickly, but we did not want to lose him and from Alabama. But I’m getting 1/2 a loaf. He has not retiring at this point but will take on the duties of the CEO of Operation Warp Speed. And I am very proud of him. And there is not a better man for the job. I am happy to say, though, that he has assured me that he and his wife, Susan, in their Labradoodle, will be retiring to Alabama eventually and taking up residence on beautiful Smith Lake in Coleman County. I will tell you, as everyone should know, Gus Purna is a problem solver. He is a logistics expert. The Army Material Command is one of the Army’s largest commands, with almost 200,000 military, civilian and contractor employees with impacts in all 50 states and 152 countries. He’s not only a logistics expert, in my opinion, he’s a logistics wizard with an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in acquisitions, procurement and sustain it. As I said, simply put, he delivers. And as I think, important as this position is, there was another position that he had also undertook in the last year or so since I’ve been on this committee, which indicates the Army and the United States confidence in him when, as the committee knows, the military encounter problems with privatized housing, which became crisis proportions in 2019 it was general partner who the Army turned to help solve the crisis and was appointed as the officer in charge of correcting the deficiencies of the Army’s installations. While still a work in progress, he answered that command general partner has brought together civilian agencies, military personnel contractors, corporations, senior leaders and other stakeholders in order to correct the military housing problem and ensure that adequate housing is available on all military bases again. That was in addition to his duties as material commander that the country needs a vaccine. The country needs countermeasures from the novel Corona virus. We needed it yesterday, but I know and I am confident that with general partner at the helm we will receive that vaccine and it will be distributed as soon as practical as soon as possible in a fair and efficient way. He has answered the call again, and I believe that the president has made absolutely the right call. And I commend not only the president for this nomination. I come in general partner for his once again answering the call to service and leading this effort. Gust, Congratulations on your nomination. Thank you for your service and your willingness to tackle this critical challenge for not just our families, but for all America and in fact, the world. Thank you. Good luck. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank Thank you, Senator. June’s gentlemen will begin with opening statements and is you are where we like to keep those brief. Your entire statement will be made a part of the record, and we’ll start with you, General Hawkinson. First of all, I’d like to thank Center Whiten for that kind introduction. Chairman Inhofe, ranking member read and distinguished members of the committee. Thank you for your long standing support of America’s National Guard and our soldiers, Airman’s civilians, families and employers. I’m truly humbled to be before this committee is you Consider my nomination. I’d like to take a moment to recognize my family, those most responsible for making my appearance today possible. Kelly, the love of my life and wife of over 30 years, is with me today. She is the youngest daughter of a Navy sailor who served in both World War two and Korea is a tireless advocate for military families and was always the first to make sacrifices for our family. Our Children, who could not be here today, all wear the cloth of our nation. Our daughter, Victoria, is an Air Force Base operations officer, and her husband, Dan, is a Marine Corps officer. Our son, Danny, is an Army Special Forces officer and his wife, Jenna, on our son. McKinnon is an Army infantry officer with the Ranger Regiment and my parents bombing Diane Hokanson, who still live in the small logging town of Happy Camp, California, where I was born and raised, and where my father taught high school for over 36 years. God has blessed me beyond words with my family and their unwavering support. As you’re well aware, this is an important and pivotal time in the history of our National Guard. We placed complex, dynamic missions overseas and here at home, the next chief of the National Guard Bureau must continue toe, effectively navigate this unprecedented landscape and work closely with stakeholders at the international, federal, state and local levels. Over the past 34 years, I have been shaped by incredible opportunities and experiences and have been fortunate to work with amazing and selfless people. Some of which brings me before you today. And, if confirmed, I will work with this committee to ensure a National Guardsman trained, equipped and ready whenever and wherever we are needed. In recent months, the National Guard has been on the front lines of the cove in 19 Pandemic Response in every state territory and the District of Columbia. Guard members air helping their communities fight this invisible enemy. They’re supporting key functions in their communities. At testing sites, long term care facilities, hospitals and food banks. We have delivered personal protective equipment, sewn facemasks, turn convention centers into alternate care facilities and so much more. At the same time, our National Guard responded to civil unrest in several states and the District of Columbia as part of a national call for justice and racial equality are soldiers and airmen were there to protect our First Amendment rights and preserve public safety and the communities where we live. Our citizen, soldiers and airman responded to these and other events in the homeland while simultaneously meeting all overseas deployment requirements in supported combatant commands and the national defense strategy. As a result, we reached a new peak earlier this month of over 120,000 citizen soldiers and airman mobilized worldwide. What makes this possible has not changed since the founding of our National Guard is 16 36 and that is the incredible men and women in our formations. They have and will always be my highest priority. They balance their military careers, civilian careers and their families and know the sacrifices they must make. So we can live true to our motto. Always ready always there. I would like to thank President Trump and Secretary Esper for their confidence and support in nominating me for the position of chief of the National Guard Bureau. I would also like to recognize General Joe Lingle, his wife, Sally, for their 39 years of selfless service. The example, they said. We’ll have a lasting impact on the National Guard and we wish them the absolute best as they prepare to return home to Texas. Thank you again for the opportunity to be before this committee. I look forward to your questions. Thank you, General Hawkinson. Uh, no one here from the Wizard in general Purnick, chairman in Hall. Frankie Member Read distinguished members of this committee. I am grateful and deeply humbled by the opportunity to be with you and my fellow nominee this morning. I greatly appreciate your continued support in the advocacy for our service members, their families and our nation. I’d like to thank Senator Jones for introducing me today. And four is very kind and generous remarks. It has been my privilege to work with him as a senator in Alabama in support of Redstone Arsenal, Our workforce, our army. And I’m very grateful. While my family could not be here today they remain my number one supporters. My wife, Susan, today our 37th anniversary married me and made the journey with me throughout our career. Over 23 moves. Always in support. Always my right hand. Always there for me. My son Cody, a supply Corps officer in the Navy station in New York in Newton Norfolk with his wife, Ashley, a daughter of an Army non commission officer with three lovely daughters, Adriana, Priscilla and JIA, and our son Ryan, who serves the Navy as a GS 13 contracting officer. Without them, I would not be here today, for it is their support that I am incredibly grateful and will always love for them. Nor could I be here without the friends or the mentors who have been and helped been with me and help me over the years. Thank you. I want to thank Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Human and Health, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Cesar for their trust and confidence in me and for supporting the president’s nomination for me to lead Operation Warp Speed Task Force as the chief operating officer, my nearly 39 years in uniform, culminating as the Army senior logistician and commander of Army Material Command, has cemented my Strategic Operational and Tactical Logistics and Sustainment Foundation, and this has prepared me for this opportunity. Leading AMC is highly skilled and talented workforce that is located around the world. All 190,000 plus soldiers, civilians and contractors across 11 subordinate commands was challenging but incredibly rewarding. If confirmed, I am confident that my personal and professional experience will enable me in my new responsibilities chairman and members of the committee. If confirmed, I am 100% committed to supporting the efforts of our nation’s best scientists and researchers to develop a safe and effective vaccine and to leverage the nation’s strategic strength of manufacturing and distribution to deliver effects by the end of the year. This will require everyone to doom or than their best. We must do what is required. We must win embracing a whole of government approach and collaborating daily with industry and academia partners. We will prioritize our efforts on potential candidates that are determined to be safe and effective. That could be ready by the end of the year with quality and can be distributed accordingly at the right numbers. The key to our success is to ensure we rely on science to assess our options effectiveness and risk ensure that all medical protocols are executed two standard while simultaneously executing production at risk. I am confident that we, the whole of government, industry and academia can and will reduce time to delivery by months, if not years. I swore an oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies. This virus is our enemy and is impacting our way of life. If confirmed, I will dedicate myself to defeating this enemy. Thank you for the opportunity to appear before you this morning. And I look forward to your questions. Very good, general. Both of you. Excellent. Uh, statements. Uh, I’m gonna go ahead and start with you, General Mogensen, I you know? Yeah. The biggest problem that we have that I’ve seen and we’ve experienced is retention and recruiting. In fiscal year 18 we were not able to meet our goals. We got to 97.6%. And then in fiscal year 19 we had kind of the same situation. Now it has to be more difficult. Now with what you’ve gone through with the Koven, all the X, the word gets out. It’s a It’s a lot of hard work. It’s a lot of it. Recruiting and retention has to be more difficult now that it was. So if we’re unable to meet our goals in fiscal year 18 and 19 are you confident that something is changed, and you’d be able to do that now, and if so, what is it, Senator, thank you for the opportunity to, ah, dress that important question. And, Chairman, I look at the National Guard if you go practice prior to covert in February. We had one of our best recruiting months in the past five years. And obviously, since Cove in 19 our ability for recruiters to interact with potential recruits has been greatly reduced. However, we’ve really leveraged the Internet and other social media to reach out to those individuals. No, if you look at March, April and May and March, we were still at 99% April and May. It descended below that. And so when you look at the remaining months of the urge lie August September, there usually are lower recruiting months. But from what I’m hearing from our recruiters, when they’ve seen the great work that our National Guardsmen have done respect to covert 18 19 and other events, they feel like that they’ll be able to make up a lot of that, uh, the shortages. However, it will be close for us to get there by the end of the year, Yeah. Did you You mentioned you. You met the goes in February. Did you do anything different than that? You then you did subsequent to that? No, Chairman, it’s Ah, continual. While we work our marketing with both the active army and Air Force and looking at using social media Teoh get in contact with potential recruits. That’s been very beneficial. Okay, I do have another question if there’s time, But I have a question for for General Purna. You know, everything they were. It’s a very ambitious program that we’re talking about doing. Everybody up here knows that. And, uh, people are concerned. You know, every all the expectations on the victory of this program are predicated on the assumption that we’re gonna have the necessary vaccine and all that by year end. And do you have I’d like to have you kind of give us your assurance. If you have assurance that we’re gonna have it by then. And what that is based on, would you do that, Force Chairman? What I thought was an aspirational goal 30 days ago when I was announced by the President, I’ve recently come to the conclusion conclusion that it is Mawr and more likely to occur. I believe this is so based on the updates that I’ve received on the partnerships that we’re doing with industry, their efforts to get out in front of this problem on their presentations to myself and Dr Salah. We have indicated that they do have the right formula to produce Teoh, execute clinical trials to mass produce for the nation on, then distribute accordingly at this time. What I would it were still working our way through, of course, eyes that we must make sure that science leads us to our conclusions right and that we assess the risk accordingly so that we can determine the effectiveness of the vaccine because it must be safe, first and foremost and then effective. Once the trials are concluded on the FDA makes a decision, we will have better grounds to understand how much can be distributed and when. You know, General Burner, it’s, uh, you know more about the progress that’s being made that probably anyone in this, uh, diets up here, and so it’s reassuring to me the to hear that you are confident that way we thank you for that. Just one quick question for you, General Open said the these guys, they’ve been overworked now for the last three months. And if you have you learned anything from that gives you? Yeah, Yeah, some. Some hope that will have others wanting to follow in those footsteps. Chairman, thank you for that question. And when I look over the past three months and all that we’ve asked our guardsmen to do and still perform all their missions overseas, I think they’ve proven that they’re just a tremendous value to America and there some amazing American men and women in our communities and volunteer to do this. And I think going forward their experiences. A lot of them really appreciate the opportunity to help within their communities. I think it’s gonna Nope. Are recruiting and retention, and also I think it will help retain them within our formation. So that’s that’s good. I hope that’s right. Well, we love them all. Let me know that Senator Reid. Well, thanks very much, Mr Chairman. And thank you gentlemen, for your excellent statements, General partner, We had a great discussion. Yes, the afternoon and I think we’ve talked about typically the way them the military and we spent a little time. I spent a little time in there. You spend your whole life? Uh, the model is planned for the worst and hope for the best here in D. C. And this is a bipartisan model. It’s usually a plan for the best that ignore the worst. And you’re gonna be court right in the middle of that. And I think it was back to the point you’ve reiterated you have to base your activities on science on facts, un committing to speak truth, to power, to juice, to say not only the good news, but also to bring us the bad news. And I hope you will do that. Can you commit to that right? 100% will commit to that center. Thank you very much. Jennifer and I also hope, given our experience with P p e, particularly the protective equipment that we will rely significantly under Defense Production Act. It is, I think, the most powerful tool that you will have to organize the production and distribution as we mentioned. That’s a very complicated process. Distribution involves every health department in every state. In the United States. Production involved multiple manufacturers. Do you anticipate that the Defense Production Act will be the primary tool that you use, Senator, I don’t think it’s going to be our primary tool. I feel confident, based on mission analysis, that that we have capability and capacity in our authorities to use now. With that said, I do have direct access to the Defense Planning Act Production Act through HHS and the Department of Defense, and I feel 100% confident that I can access when I need. We do not want to replicate the P P P situation. I acknowledge in which states were out internationally trying to hustle equipment. And that’s not a exaggeration from China paying extraordinary prices for equipment, uh, that they could have had, um And I think the essence of the Defense Authorization Act is the ability of the federal government to establish reasonable prices and also to control distribution. So it’s not a first come first serve or, you know, the favorite son gets the your daughter gets the supplies versus somebody else. So let me just make that point. Once again, your point is clear and I acknowledge and will comply. Thank you, Aziz. You indicated in your response to the chairman. The FDA will make the coal when the vaccine is ready. Ah, the question there and that’s out of your lane. But I think we want to put it on the table. Is that they could make a call even if there’s relatively low efficacy of the drug maker. Just say it’s ready. And we saw a little of that in this issue of the hydro oxy chloral queen situation where they had a temporary approval. Ah, and then just recently, they pull it back, discovering that it was actually causing serious collateral damage by its shoes. Again, we don’t want to find ourselves in the PPE position or the the chloral hydrochloride. Oh, queen Position to, uh that’s why I’m not a doctor, by the way. Ah, among among many other reasons. So I think we want to be very, very careful. I know that’s not your lane, but we should understand all of us that the FDA has to demand rather significant efficacy for this drug before they say it’s okay. We wanted a vaccine on a headline. Thank you. Now let me turn to general poking fun again. I think you’re a remarkable background general and very few seconds remaining. A difficult question. How do you, uh, give you the parameters of the use the National Guard in these cooperative efforts with law enforcement in terms of civil servants? And I know it’s so much depend upon the specific fax. But could you give us just your general view of how you’re gonna approach this from yes center, working closely with the governors? And if you look over the past few weeks of the ability of the National Guard to motive allies 43,000 soldiers and airman in support of their governors needs within their states and the district, I think it’s a It’s a good news story. The key here is we have to make sure that our soldiers are trained and equipped and the whole intent is to de escalate. And if you look at where 43,000 couple of weeks ago, we’re down to 4000 today, I think that shows their ability to help their communities. Thank you very much, gentlemen. Thank you both for your extraordinary for assassination. Thank you, Mr Chairman. This is a good hearing and impressive presentations from both of our nominees. General Hokanson congratulations on your nomination. I want to thank the president, secretary Esper and and also Secretary McCarthy for working with us to arrive it truly consensus nominee. So I look forward to working with you and and I want to congratulate your question. Congratulate both of you. As a matter of fact, let’s talk. First of all, General Hawkinson about the mobilization and annual training equipment site mates at Camp Shelby, you’re familiar with this? We’ve had a bit of a problem with the unfunded requirements right now. The Mates facility would not be funded because a little low on the U. F R lists up. This benefits, of course. Camp Shelby if we can get it done, but also the entire National Guard in the Internation. The proposed milk on project would expand the Mates facility to add 12 vehicle base and at a cost of $16 million. I can’t ask you to absolutely commit that. You’ll move this up, but tell us your view of the mates facility and the importance of getting this done sooner rather than later. Senator, thank you for that question, and we look at our mates facilities across the country. They provide tremendous value not just to the National Guard but to our nation and their ability to maintain the equipment that our country has provided for National Guard forces. I think it’s absolutely critical that we do everything we can in a transparent process to get that funded so that they can repair and maintain the equipment. So it’s ready whenever our nation calls. Okay, well, I hope you’ll work with this is our number one priority down in Mississippi and, uh and I think you’ll agree it benefits everybody, not just the one ST there. Let me ask you also General Hokanson to talk about the effort underway to a lan all National Guard Brigade Combat teams with National Guard Division. This is, um um something that that is gaining support. And I just wondered if you could give us your thoughts on that idea of a lining These long term programmes, Senator. Thank you. And so if we go back to ah prior to World war in our National Guard was throughout the country and then regionally recreated divisions in all 17 deployed a world war. And then we had 19 that deployed the World War two and in 2018. When we came up with a new national defense strategy, it stressed great power competition. And within the Army National Guard, we had division headquarters that were solely just that, a division headquarters with no down trace units. However, if you look across the entire Army National Guard, we have virtually all of the down trace units. And so the proposal we brought up within the Army National Guard is to develop a training association only for a Brigade Combat Teams, but for all formations, so that instead of just having 10 active Army divisions, we would have a total of 18 Army divisions and senators. You know that provides an only great deterrent value, but it provides the opportunity from some of our smaller states who have outstanding leaders to get opportunities to serve at higher levels. So this idea would, uh, would promote long term growth and prosperity for the guard, would it not? Yes, Senator would. Okay, And let me then quickly turn Teoh journal. Purna, you have quite a task ahead of you and a short time frame. Um, the ranking member ask you about the Defense Production Act. That’s a tool, but not your primary to We’re learning. You may not have looked at this. You may not be aware that I’ve been an advocate. Sometimes a voice crying in the Wilders for prize competitions. Let me just suggest that you and your team consider that as you’re trying to get something done big to scale in a spin a small time, humankind responds to incentives. Innovators have been shown over time over the centuries to respond to financial incentives. And I would just ask you not to rule out among your bag of tools some sort of prize competition to financially incentivise these competitors to get there when we need them to get there. And Ah, And if they do so on the award of a prize would be money well spent because the taxpayer would be well served. Don’t rule that out. You may not want to comment on that, and maybe a matter of first impression, but I hope you will consider it and use it as one of the ideas. I fully agree with you, Senator. Thank you, sir. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Senator Delivery. Okay, We’re going to be going down a a list here, and we don’t know for sure who might be here remotely. And so I’ll just go down the Democrat side until we have someone here. Senator Shaheen. Senator Blumenthal. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you both for your service. And, uh, happy anniversary, general partner. Your family’s, I think, shows something very enduring. An important about our men and women in uniform, which is often It’s a family tradition. Family affair. I congratulate you as well on your Children. And it emphasises to me, General Hokanson, how the multiple tours of duty of our National Guard over these 20 years have taken a toll on our families. And I know that you will be mindful of the enormous sacrifice made by military families as well as the men and women who actually serve in uniform. That’s particularly true I’ve found in Connecticut. And I know our National Guard leaders in Connecticut think highly of you, and so do I. And I thank you for your service. I look forward to working with you, General Pirner. Um, I know you have one of the most challenging important tasks in our nation today, and it’s made all the more difficult, I think, by the administration’s refusal to work with other countries in developing vaccines. Aren’t you working with one and tied behind your back? Because the administration has, in effect rejected and spurned combined world effort to develop effective vaccine. Senator, as we’re working right now, we’re open toe all ideas that will allow us to achieve our mission of obtaining a safe and effective Maxine on. I have not been constrained to a decision to eliminate somebody from that competition. Will you? Will you commit to the committee into the nation that you work with any nation that offers cooperation or information relevant to developing vaccines or therapeutics? I commit to working with all nations that we deem or friendly to our national security. Well, but we often work with nations that are sometimes hostile in certain arenas. We trade with them. We worked out agreements with them. Will you commit that you will urge both diplomats and fellow leaders in this effort developed the vaccine that we work with every nation that offers promise in the world of medicine. Senator, I commit that I will give my best military advice so that we can achieve our mission of a pains safe and effective vaccine to that end. Well, I don’t want to dwell on it, but I regard that answer. With all due respect as insufficient, I’d like to see a much more robust commitment to cooperation with other nations, which I think serves our national interest. I’m very concerned about the use of non f d A vaccines on service members without effective informed consent. As attorney general of Connecticut, I was active in writing a letter to then Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld and acting FDA Deputy Commissioner Bernard Twits in response to the military’s mandatory anthrax vaccination program. I understand trials are beginning in July, is that correct? Correct center. And the vaccine may be used in tests on service members. Is that correct? I am not tracking that right now, Senator. Well, I’d like you to commit that, Uh, you will, ah, offer a robust policy informed consent without any kind of course of influence. So faras service members are concerned if there is testing applied to them. I do commit to that, Senator, Uh, my understanding is that your goal is to have 100 million doses ready in November of 2020 and an additional 200 million by January 2021. Is that realistic? Right now, as I see the numbers, I do think it is, uh, potentially possible with that same possible. It is possible. It’s possible, but But we have to work through the trials. The trials could be lengthy. A ZEY work through the science of the effectiveness of the vaccine on on Lee. After the science is provided to the FDA and the FDA makes their independent assessment, will we be able to distribute the vaccines that were producing? So that may be, in effect months from July of this year? Correct center And those numbers of doses are a possibility in the hope. But you can’t make any promises or commitments as to the number or when they will be actually available. I’m working on The goal to achieve is you articulated, but I cannot promise it’s in state Right now. I thank you for your candor and again to both of you for your service. Thank you very much. Uh, Senator Fisher. Thank you, Mr Chairman, And thank you for holding the nomination hearing today. General partner, you mentioned leveraging the work being done at universities for operation work speed in your response. In Nebraska, we are very proud of the work that the University of Nebraska Medical Center has done performing clinical trials of treatment candidates and also of preparing for some of the very first covert night in patients to arrive in the United States. Given the unique talent and capabilities of such universities, how specifically do you see them fitting into this effort, senator, is we are open toe all recommendations on how to potentially solve this problem we’re taking. I’m personally taking phone calls daily basis from academia and industry, meeting with groups accordingly to assess their ideas, understand the practicality of their ability to deliver a t the end of the day. We must have safe and effective vaccine. It must meet, you know, be speedy enough with quality to achieve our goal on. Then we must ensure that we can garner a capability for quantity. So we work through those assessments. But I am open to any conversation with anybody who wants to contribute well. In addition to sink in ah, new vaccine. One of the goals of Operation warp speed is to develop new treatments for those infected with Copan, 19 and as you know, very limited surge capacity of our national health work. Annette Healthcare Network has been a complicating factor care, and that’s one of the reasons that I work to include an expansion of a D. O d pilot on medical search capacity in the Senate’s Andy A that we passed out of pity. So I I hope that you do take a look at initiatives such as this pilot and exploiting how to speed the delivery of Nutri patients, and we are looking at therapeutics. Andi believe that they have a great we have a great opportunity to introduce a new therapeutics to the nation potentially as early as October November. Aziz, we work through medical protocols, which I will not allow to be short cut ID on, then final decision accordingly, so acknowledge and agree with you. And thank you, sir. In General, hocus in the National Guard does play a very unique role in the realm of our security operation. By linking state forces with the international partners, we capitalize on the guards very unique ability to build those lasting relationships, and it does provide numerous benefits for both the United States and with worth you collaborate. But these benefits in mind, sir, How do you see a state partnership program evolving to meet the needs of the national defense strategy? Senator, Thank you for ah, highlighting where the great programs within the National Guard. If you look at our state partnership program, we have partnerships with 89 nations around the globe and it not only, uh, it helps with our combatant commanders, but also with our National Guard because it gives them the opportunity to train with allies and partners and develop long term relationships. Many of these go back to 1993 with the original State Partnership programme, countries that have gone on to become NATO members. When we look at the national strategy for national defense strategy with respect to allies and growing partners, this provides us another avenue to do that by developing those low level relationships that usually start out with humanitarian and humanitarian assistance and disaster response, but then grow to not only help their militaries improved, but also we learn from them and it gives us another opportunity to be or create additional partners around the globe. You know, one of the core principles of the NDS is that we must work to attract new partners, new allies of something that you have highlighted and how specifically can you offer that you are going to work to be able to advance those partnerships in the in the near future? Senator, if you look at the last year in 2020 we added five new state partners, and we worked very closely with the combatant commanders and our State Department, as well as our state National Guard toe. Identify those best candidates that provide benefit not just to our nation but also to the to the relationship between our National Guard in those countries. And so I promised that we will continue to do that and look for future partnership opportunities. Thank you, sir, very much. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Use Senator Hirono before any of the committee song, which I said, first question is, since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault over sexual nature? No, No expulsion. Have you ever faced discipline or entered into a settlement related to this kind of conduct? No, no. I have a series of questions for General her. No. You know, you are nominated to be chief operation officer of Operation Warps Speak, which aims to deliver 300 million doses 300 million doses of a vaccine to the American public by January of 2021. That is a very ambitious goal, man. While I certainly commend the school, I am concerned about the lack of transparency and accountability. Four Operation works speed. This is a massive use of taxpayer dollars and, uh, a mission that is of intense importance to all of us. I know that hundreds and hundreds of millions of taxpayer money has already gone out to various in various contracts for the development, manufacturing and the distribution of the vaccine. So there is little Carty, though, about the division of responsibilities within this project, how contracts are being awarded or have been awarded what safeguards are in place to ensure Americans health and safety is the first priority. So, General, can you explain to me the specific responsibilities Ulan undertake s CEO in operation warp speed? That was specifically with regard to decisions relating to the development, the manufacturing and the distribution of a vaccine Senator at the end of the day. I am responsible and accountable, accountable for all decisions made in execution of our mission. I commit to you that it will be legal, ethical, immoral. A zai prioritize assess on determine what courses of action we do. Is we move forward. It’s a challenge, of course, because we as you highlighted rightly so. It’s a monumental task, but we will bring. We will bring the bear capabilities from Health and Human Services Department of Defense on investigated. I am running out of time, but I know that you said that you would commit to work with all nations that we consider friendly to our national security interest in the development of an effective vaccine. Does that include China right now, for May? It does not. But as I said, it would be my best military advice. Thank you. It could very well be general that China might be the one that actually develops any effective vaccine. And then where does that put us? So once the vaccine is developed, it is vital that distribution it be done equitably and efficiently nationwide. And the administration has already had major problems with the distribution of chest gets swabs P pes Oh, and the drug been a severe. Okay, that’s not hydroxy Clark. What are you doing now? To learn from past mistakes in the Colbert 19 response to make sure that they are not repeat it when it comes to this vaccine. And by the way, you are going to need to prioritize the distribution of this vaccine to the seniors to, um, first line responders that said were also I already developing those priorities. And are those going to be made public? Senator Ah, latter point First, the priority will be a policy decision on we will execute based on guidance from that policy. The first point is, we are already working on our plans for distribution of the vaccine. We’re working several courses of action which go from all government approach to mix government and commercial approach to just commercial approach on. We’re working through the pros and cons accordingly. Of course, when we talk about phase three trials, I’m glad that you mentioned that these decisions relating to the effectiveness of the vaccine is going to be based on science. But I understand that there will be production at risk. In other words, manufacturing of vaccine will take place before we complete face to be trials. That should include They should involve about 30,000 people. One question. Can you give me a commitment this morning, General, that you will brief Congress and the public every two weeks on operation Warp speed because billions of dollars in contracts have already been let and we don’t know how that was done and what the terms of the contracts are. Would you commit to that in Congress knowing the public know what’s happening with operation? What warp speed every two weeks or some similar time frame, Senator, I will report as directed. That is not particularly satisfactory response. So you’re not. What I’m hearing is you are not begin commitment. It’s only a I do not know. Thank you. What we’re going to do is is go down the line and but give adequate time for each member. You get the equipment workout. So now go to Senator Serge arounds. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Gentlemen, thank you both for your service to our country. Like to begin just a little bit with General Hawkinson. Um Jeff Sharlet, who is our tag in South Dakota speaks very highly of you. And he believes that you have the appropriate concepts regarding the division realignments that he believes are consistent with long term growth within the National Guard units. We’ve also discussed and appreciated the time that you spent speaking with me earlier. It is necessary that our National Guard men and women receive the best equipment that is available and that if they’re expected to fight right alongside our our full time regular men and women in the Army, that they have the similar training and that they have access to similar equipment. One of the challenges that anyone in the position that you will be assuming one of the challenges that you will find is making certain that you have access to the appropriate equipment for Guard members equivalent to what our service members in the regular Army would have. You take a look at what we’re looking at in terms of the improvements such as the US 60 and Blackhawk, the joint light tactical vehicle this age 64 year patchy, they have 35 a lightning to Casey, 46 practices and of the HH 60 w jolly green to most certainly these air all items that the guard will will need to have access to. A swell. I would simply ask, What would it be? Your understanding that as part of the job description that you have is to be a champion and to make certain that for the long term good of the country, when we send guard units in that they also have the opportunity to have access to and are fairly treated and acquiring that equipment? Yes, Senator. And when I look at the National Guard equipment, I want to make sure that at every opportunity, our equipment is not only deployable and sustainable, but it’s actually interoperable with the active components and in many cases are allies as well. And when we look at the current global situation, of course we want to make sure that those in first contact have the absolute best equipment that our country can provide. And we can’t always know who that first unit’s gonna be. Unsettle advocated every opportunity to make sure that the National Guard is modernized alongside with its active components. Thank you, General General Personal. You have the opportunity here to perhaps make a difference in saving thousands of lives and this particular project warp speed, I don’t think has received the credit that it duly deserves. Um, I know that there’s always a question as to whether or not we sacrifice safety in order to expedite the development of a vaccine. And my understanding is number one. There is nothing in the warp speed planned project that would delay the safe deployment of a vaccine, but rather to do two steps at the same time to number one go through all of the trials necessary to assure the efficacy and the safety of the vaccine. But the importance of warp speed is that the federal government has taken upon itself the the financial costs of looking at multiple vaccine possibilities in advance and pre funding the development of those vaccines prior to the determination of their F efficacy and and and safety. But having them available should one or two of them actually be found tohave the efficacy and the safety and be ready immediately for production or toe not for production but for distribution. Can you go into a little bit what you find in terms off of right now, the position that we find ourselves in the current situation. The current place that you walk into. I neither confirm or or agree with us in terms of what that might mean in terms of how much time that actually saves us in the delivery of those vaccines. So, Senator, you’re 100% correct in your analysis of what we’re doing. We are already working, are great Scientists and researchers have already made great strides working with industry to determine which vaccines we think are most probable. To be successful, they have to go through trials. As I’ve said, science will determine the effectiveness on. Then they’ll be a decision by the FDA simultaneously. We are already working on the mass production of the vaccines on and to determine the right capacity and capability we need to achieve the volume of vaccines we need for the nation on. I feel very good that we will have likely that we will have a vaccine on and then we’re working through the manufacturing now to ensure the quantity that will be available to the American public and approval very quickly. Any doubt in your mind at all that we will be saving months in this development process using warp speed uh, absolutely months, if not years. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you, Senator. I’ve been informed that two of our members were actually on but had mechanical problems. So I’m gonna go back to Senator Gillibrand and then to Senator Cotton than a regular rotation. Senator Gillibrand. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Gentlemen, thank you for, um, for now, Thank you for being here today. And thank you for your answers. I just want to go back over some testimony that you said earlier. Um, I’m concerned that Operation Warp Speed will be under pressure to release the vaccine before the election, but before adequate testing and research trials have been completed, please walk me through again. Um, the metrics and requirements that will be in place before the FDA approves a vaccine for public use. And could any sort of emergency use authorization be invoked to release a vaccine even if limited capacity before those requirements have been met? Senator Ah. So to answer your question directly, my requirement is to make sure that we can develop produce on, then deliver the vaccine. The decision on the efficacy off the vaccine is strictly on FDA responsibility on and I will personally commit to ensure that we will execute all medical protocols in accordance with requirements today. The decision Teoh to provide an emergency relief capability and or deliver early is not my decision and that will be a politician policy decision. You may not know the answer to this question then, but what efforts have been made to ensure that diversity and trial participants are you involved at all in making sure that the vaccines are safe for mass deployment with women, Children, older adults, people, disabilities? Senator, I have been in updates where I’ve given special guidance to that end where we need to assess diversity elderly population, those with other ailments that may cause, you know, uh, cause greater illness because of the virus. So yes, we are looking at all those Okay, um and what criteria are you using currently in selecting vaccine candidates to support and develop under operation warp speed? So we’re working now with the industry partners who will be responsible to execute the clinical trials with guidance from an ih National Institute of Health on So we are working through the termination of how they go and select the persons that they will require for the trials. I don’t have the specificity office City that you deserve, and I can come back and talk to you at a later date. Well, we like if you could update the committee, um, to be able to keep the Armed Services Committee apprised with detailed public updates with specificity on certain scientific milestones, as stated by HHS. Is that something you’re planning on doing? I’m committed to do that, Senator. Um And then what is the variants in cost for developing each of these drugs, which is the most expensive and why two candidates being develop, abide more debt boom. Moderna and AstraZeneca are being tested. An early phase clinical trials sponsored by the and I, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the University of Oxford, respectively. And I i d tells NPR its study of the Madonna vaccine has cost taxpayers $4.2 million to date. Do you have information about cost? Senator, we have forward? We have already worked with both AstraZeneca and Moderna to be a part of their research and development. We’re in negotiations to expand into production. Eso we have monies into them Accordingly. The variance of how much the vaccine will cost is under negotiation on I’m unable to talk to you about that right now, but I can you have my commitment and insurance that I am putting due diligence into holding people accountable to make sure that the vaccine is priced within reasonable means of execution. I e producing and delivering are these vaccines In human trials, three companies that got funding has not started clinical trials for the vaccine candidates. According to the World Health Organization, only 10 go with vaccines are currently in human trials. When are the first and last human trials expected to conclude? So AstraZeneca is currently executing trials over in England. But for us, they haven’t started yet. Trials will begin for us 9 July with Moderna followed by AstraZeneca on then Jensen and Jansen. Um, throughout the months of July, August, September. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Senator Cotton. Tom, You’re up next. Made your media Senator. Cotton, You’re not You did so please talk. Thank you very much. General Purna, can you hear me? I can, Senator. All right. Uh, I’d like to talk to you about the balance that you intend to strike between ensuring that we have a safe, effective FDA approved vaccine and on the one hand, but also getting that vaccine as quickly as possible. Count our citizens cities that could. Could you speak to that issue a little bit, Senator. You know, we first of all, I’m remarkably proud of our scientists and researchers, both in Health and Human Services and Department of Defense on I count on them to be the medical experts on. I rely on them heavily in the recommendations and advice to ensure that we are executing all medical protocols appropriately on that, we will hold ourselves accountable to that end simultaneously, though, while all those air going on recommendations accordingly from the chief medical adviser, Dr Slough, we on the other scientists on researchers have allowed us to assess capability of potential vaccines on begin to coordinate initiation of contracts to establish production. The key to that is we need to buy forward materials needed for the vaccine we need to buy forward the space will need for production on. We want to buy forward that Phil finished capability after production on, then we want to coordinate the distribution all those things instead of waiting into a sequential method. I e. FDA approves, and then we do it. We’re doing them in parallel, which is how we will save months, if not years in the time. So that’s obviously very different the way most vaccines are developed and produced. I just want to make it clear, because I believe this is the right approach. That’s when you’re taking full scale production risks. That means we might end up buying lots and lots of vaccines that end up not working. That’s in retrospect. Some might appear to say that it was wasteful, but the reason we’re doing that is to accelerate the production timeline. So for whatever back saying or vaccines are effective, we can develop and produce that on an accelerated timeline that I think you tell Sit around would save months, if not years, is that correct? Get a part in 100% correct, Senator Um, so I just want to highlight that right now that we are, we are taking production risks that, in retrospect, might appear to have squandered lots of money, but that is a risk. We’re bearing a front precisely so we can get vaccines out to our people better effective and FDA approved as quickly as possible, given the limitations of scientific research, testing and our manufacturing capability. General partner, you mentioned Dr Slow Way. He’s the chief adviser or operation works feed. Can you explain a little bit about his role? And what? Your relationship with Dr Slow We will be Dr Salah. We was brought in to be the chief medical adviser by Secretary Cesar. I have a very, very close relationship with them. I did not know him until the 13th of May, when I met him in the White House. Since then, I have spoke with him every single day about what we’re doing. I rely on him heavily recommendations and advice as he really is. Ah, renowned expert in vaccine development. Currently 14 vaccines are contributed directly to him on his efforts. Selfless are going to help us achieve our goal. Okay. Thank you very much, General Purna. Uh, congratulations to you both on your nominations. I hope the committee in the Senate can move forward with them in a proper fashion. Senator Kaine, did you say cane or King? No, this is Kane. King is next. Okay, Senator King. Thank you. Mr chairman General Hawkins. And first, I want to say I have a very warm spot in my heart for the National Guard. Aziz, Governor. I had one of the largest call ups in our state’s history when we had a disastrous ice storm that knocked about half of our people off the electric grid. That the guard was absolutely indispensable. So I have a very strong belief in the efficacy and the importance of the guards. A specific question. The guard is now being called upon as you mentioned in your testimony in areas of ah, these protests around the country do the Guard units that are being called up in that regard have any special training in the in the area of crowd control and training to deal in these kinds of very difficult situations where we way, uh, civil liberties against public order? Senator, thank you for that question. And yes, they do. And we rely on our state agitators general to make sure that any of our soldiers that are employed in that manner are trained and equipped prior to them. Assuming those duties. Thank you. Uh, General Groves. I mean, General Purna, you’ve got one of the most important assignments in the United States government right now, and I wanted to touch just on a couple of points that have been made previously. This administration rather famously has some disdain for international cooperation and international organizations left the World Health Organization. I I hope that you will continue to cooperate with international efforts to find a virus. This virus doesn’t care whether you’re Brazilian or American or English. And so it just strikes me that there may be additional science and wisdom being developed in other parts of the world that we should take advantage of. One of my mottoes is all of us are always smarter than one of us. Uh, and can you commit that you are open to working with international partners on this project? I do Commit to that, Senator, Um, the all the all the questions today have revolved around the relationship between safety and speed. Um, I think it’s very important to refer back to 1955 and the cutter vaccine, which was administered to 200,000 Children in the Midwest and West, 40,000 of whom ended up contracting polio. If we’re going to inject something into the arms of 300 million Americans. We better be damn sure that it’s efficacious and also safe. This is Ah is going to be tremendous pressure to do this in a hurry. I hope that you will exercise all possible efforts to be sure that the the vaccine that’s being used is well, in fact, protect us and also not make a sit. I give you my personal insurance on that I every day Think about my three granddaughters in my parents. To that end, uh, have you been offered Defense Production Act authority of Have you been explicitly told, If you need it, you have it. I do not have authority a to this time, but I feel 100% that I have immediate access to it. Through Secretary a Czar, Secretary Esper. I hope that you will ensure that that’s the case so that when the moment comes, there’s not a long delay waiting for that authority to be granted. Final question. How is the price going to be determined of this fact saying, bearing in mind that the United States taxpayers have already or will will already have made significant investments in these private companies in order to enable them to develop the vaccine. Sir, we’re in negotiations with each company to make sure that we are gonna obtained the right price for the vaccine. I commit to you that I will personally be involved in those conversations on that we will not be gouged to taking care of the American people. Thank you for that. And I hope you’ll really pay close attention to that. And the other pieces? Of course. Who pays for the vaccine for those millions? 25. 30 40 million Americans who don’t have health insurance. We’ve gotta be able to discuss that issue as well, because already this disease is not an equal opportunity killer. And we don’t want that. We don’t want the vaccine to be anything but equal opportunity for all Americans who need it. Thank you, General. I look forward to working with you, and I appreciate your willingness to take on this incredibly important project. Thank you, Senator. Getting Senator Urtz. Thank you, Mr Chair and gentlemen, thank you very much for being with us today in General Hawkinson, I’m going to start with you, sir. Obviously I am a very proud retired National Guardsmen And so our National Guard forces remain near and dear to my heart. Um, whenever Americans are needed in a time of crisis, it is our national Guardsmen that step up to that call eso high, applaud them for their service and dedication. Sir, how many National Guard troops have been mobilized this month alone? Senator, when we look at the height which around June 6 June 7th, we had over 120,000. And that includes not only those within the United States, but those deployed overseas 120,000 National Guardsmen. Can you tell us a little bit about the various mission sets that our National Guardsmen are involved in? Senator, that’s a great question. So if we look at that time frame we had about 40,000 working on the cove in 19. At the time we had close to 40,000 with civil unrest were also mobilized for tropical storm crystal ball at the time. We also have guardsmen on the southwest border. How we have numerous other events, ongoing remediation in some stage with respect to previous natural disasters. And then we have many and support day to day. If we look at our air control alert sites around the nation, as well as our ground based mid course defense, all run by National Guardsmen and also on. That’s not even counting. The folks deployed about 29,000 at that time deployed overseas in support of our combatant commanders. That is extraordinary, um, and beyond those missions that you just listed, of course, there are others that National Guardsmen have have performed in the past. Ah, wildfire fighting activities. I just as governor, Governor King just stated ice storms and so forth eso they do truly respond to so many different incidents and crises across the United States. General, what would our governors do if they did not have the National Guard? Senator, I I hesitate to think about that because our governors realize the tremendous value that our national dryer provides every single day. It would choir ah, really a significant investment and many other capabilities as you mentioned wildfires today in Arizona. Um, and these annually we have hurricanes, the potential for earthquake at any time, and the great value the National Guard brings is they are in our 2800 communities across the nation every day, they’re usually the closest We consider them the department’s first responder for anything that occurs, Yes, and so my point is that we have citizen soldiers that are at the ready, ready to respond, to support our public and their needs. Um, so I do hope that we all continue to show great respect, and Amber made admiration for those those troops. You mentioned that we do have a number of National Guardsmen that are responding to covert 19 in the state of Iowa. We’ve had many wonderful folks out there on the front lines. And so Senator Manchin and I have called for a six month extension of Tricare after those National Guard Zeman’s last day of activation. And additionally, I do believe that personnel who served in close proximity to the Cove in 19 should receive hazardous duty pay. I truly believe they have earned it. Eso general, how does the National Guard plan Teoh address medical issues that come up after the deployments for those that were working on the Corona virus and civil unrest missions? So, Senator, when we look at Thea for those on 502 out for federal orders, what we’ve done is we built in an additional 14 days so they can quarantine or seif self isolate to make sure that they have no existing conditions when they come off orders. And if they do at that time, will obviously address that with the individual to make sure that they get their the care that they deserve. They end their families, thank you very much. And just in a very brief period of time, General Purna, um, I had a provision that was to support important work that’s being done in the Nano vaccine area. Um, some of which is happening at the Nano Vaccine Institute of Iowa State University. It was placed into our Senate version of the nd A, which passed committee last week, and for those universities that are already performing this type of work and would like to join in your efforts, does your project have the proper tools and authorities toe leverage those universities, or do they have to go through private partners? No, man, we have weaken access them and execute accordingly. If they have ah, vaccine or recommendation that will, you know, be able to meet our in state. Outstanding. Thank you, gentlemen, my time has expired. Thank you, Mr Chair. Thank you. Uh, Senator Heinrich. I think I know that, but yeah, I know who’s next. I’m trying. Teoh, Give enough time for people to get their operations. Go there. Okay. Senator Warren. Senator Warren Going twice. Yes. All right. Uh, Senator Peters. Okay, Senator. Mansion. Okay. All right. Okay. We’re gonna go back to the Republican side, Senator Tillis. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you for allowing us to do this through, Ah, video access to and also thinks Tolia Brewer on your staff. She’s doing a great job. She’s really the one in the hot seat right now. Not our two generals and I have every intention of of, of supporting. So, gentlemen, thank you both for being here in your decades of service, general partner, I want to talk a little bit about the plumbing that you’re already putting into place or ultimately manufacturing and distributing a back. Seen. It’s my understanding that through some of the Barda authorities, you’ve already got manufacturers who have figured out a way to create chip Lis Biles, and that gives him the ability to Greek increase the capacity of their lines. But I think as much as 50% of hurt reports that there’s another BART approval that’s increasing the size of the bowel so that you get as many as 10 doses in a single about Can you give me an idea of what positive steps were already taking to get the plumbing in place before we have a vaccine, Senator, so to the specificity that you just talked cannot address at this time. But I can come back to you with that said, What we have done through Barta is we have ah, working on funding the advance purchase of materials, right, so that we garner a mall and we have in the right place to establish production on. Then we’re working through ah, execution or buying forward the production capacity needed to mass produce. But then a swell as Phil finish askew, articulated with the vials key steps that have to be worked through. Additionally, we work through the efforts to make sure that the the tech tech data is transferred properly within all protocols so that along organizations are ready to execute. Ah, to standard on. Then last, we’ve smoothed out where we’re doing production on Phil finish. So we’re not bouncing back and forth between companies on different types of vaccines. And we can maintain the same protocols accordingly to ensure that we have the right capacity and capability in a smooth transition. Thank you. If I have time, I’m gonna come back to your general per annum. Uh, General Duncan said you in your opening statement, you said that you’re implementing initiatives that encourage further integration between the National Guard and the active components. How are you going to balance that against the dual role that the National Guard place? I, incidentally, think that that’s ah on important objective. But how do you balance that against the work that we need to do with the National Guard focusing on the states and civil authorities? Senator, I think for the question. And so we worked very closely with our state accidents General to find that right balance between our federal and state requirements and a lot of times will have a conversation with them if needed, additional assistance or if their state needs additional help, because we always want to make sure that they have what they did with within their state to meet any requirements, but also balance that with our federal mission requirements overseas, thank you very much. I think you know that North Carolina Guard has a rich tradition and and doing the kinds of things that you want the guard to be pair prepared to do with our active service members of just making sure we keep our eye on the ball of that dual responsibility that they have. You don’t turn up question for you. It’s worth speak focused exclusively on the vaccine. Are you also tracking therapeutics that could get into the into the supply chains and using the same distribution network that you’re creating for the vaccine? Senator, that’s correct. We are working on Therapeutics on, and we have some very promising candidates that could be available is early as October November. Yeah, and I have been tracking that as well. General Purna. And you know, I hope that if we get a promising therapeutic, we have to understand the timeline. We’re talking about drugs that have already proven their efficacy that have already identified side effects. Now we’re testing them for efficacy in the space. I hope that if it starts getting distributed in September and October, that we don’t hear people say they should look at the science and not say it’s just timing associated with the election. I don’t expect you to respond to that question. My question for you. Number one. I do think that the American people have all eyes on you and so reporting to us is important. An arbitrary date of two weeks doesn’t make sense to me, but I believe that as rapidly as possible. If you can give us a briefing on just how you’re building out that plumbing and you’re ready to go, that’s going to give a lot of Americans Ah, a lot of confidence. And you’ve got to figure out the wet right way to do it. And I know that you will. Last question. Um, I’ve only got 20 seconds just quickly toe What role do you think with the V? A. A health being the largest purchaser of syringes and other materials. What role could the V a play in the distribution system? Once we have a vaccine or therapeutic, I think they’re gonna be potential to help us augment, Audible on, deliver rapidly, as required eso We’re working through those courses of action now. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Thank you, Senator Warren. Thank you, Mr Chairman and General Hawkins. And congratulations on your nomination. I’m going to have your views on the use of the military in response to peaceful protests and other acts of civil disobedience on American streets. I was very troubled that the National Guard soldiers were deployed in Washington on June 1st to disperse people who were protesting systemic racism. That response included using D C National Guard helicopters, one of which was a medical evacuation helicopter and using them to fly dangerously low over protesters. This tactic blew debris everywhere. It kicked up dirt snapped trees. I know this incident is under investigation, but I’m raising this with you because you have nominated been nominated to be the chief of the National Guard Bureau. So General Hawkinson, engaging in peaceful protests is protected by our constitution. If the National Guard is deployed in an area involving peaceful protests in the future, how would you ensure that guardsmen clearly understand the type of orders under which they have been activated and the activities that are within the scope of their Nisshin senator Thank you that for the very timely question. So when we look at, uh, our National Guardsmen when they’re called to duty by their governors. We rely heavily on our state’s adjective general to make sure that they are properly trained and equipped for anything that they’re asked to dio. And one of those includes de escalatory measures. And if you look at the height of where we were at almost over 43,000 and 34 states just a couple of weeks ago and we’re now down below 4000 I think that shows the ability for us to help deescalate the situations. But, Senator, my pledge to you is that we will always operate in accordance with laws and policies and, frankly, the expectations of our citizens. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate this, General it. Let me ask you, I just want to stay on this June 1st incident in Lafayette Square for just a minute. Federal law enforcement officers used rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful protesters so that the president could take a photo op in front of the church. And I was trouble when I saw the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff dressed in battle fatigues, walking with the president to participate this photo up. I also found it disturbing when General Milley was walking on a D C Street later that night to observe National Guard operations. I believe these actions were highly inappropriate and that they undermine civilian military relations. So I raise this example because if confirmed, you will become one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which are the president’s most critical military advisers. So it is important for all of us to know if you can resist political interference. General Milley apologized for his presence in Lafayette Square. And here’s part of what he said. I just want to read it. We who wear the cloth of our nation come from the people of our nation and we must hold dear the principal oven a political military that is so deeply rooted in the very essence of our public. So, General Hawkinson, a simple yes or no will do. Do you agree? Yes, Senator. Thank you. You know, the killings of George Floyd and Briana Taylor at the hands of police is well ast. The brutal murder of Ahmad Armory have underlined the urgency of confronting racism against black Americans. Some of our military leaders have used this moment as an opportunity to remind their ranks about what our country and our military stand for. In a recent letter titled Quote, We Must Do Better. The current chief of the National Guard Bureau, General Jeff Self Leveling at Lilia, said, If we are to fulfill our obligation as service members, as Americans and as decent human beings, we have to take our oath seriously. We cannot tolerate racism, discrimination or casual violence. We cannot abide divisiveness and hate. We cannot stand by and watch. So General Hocus in Do you agree with general Yell? Yell that if confirmed what message you will send to our citizen soldiers, our airman and our communities, they protect about the values of the guard, especially as the country works to make real change to address systemic racism center. I agree with General Angle’s comments, and if confirmed, that would follow the same Thank you very much, General. I appreciate it. If confirmed, you will be responsible for training our next generation of leaders at this critical moment in our nation’s history. It is important to send a clear message that diversity and inclusion make our military and our countries stronger. So I appreciate your commitment. Thank you very much, general. And thank you very much, Mr Chairman. He said you’re much Sally. Thank you, Mr Chairman. And thank you both for your service general partner. What’s the normal timeline to develop a vaccine these days, Senator? As I understand it somewhere between five and 10 years. Thanks. And I know your expertise is more in the logistic side of things. But this task that in this goal that we have set that within possibly a year of this virus being unleashed on us that we would put all of the brainpower, all the innovation, all the strength and leadership of our government agencies, our industry, our researchers together in order to develop this vaccine for the American people in warp speed. I mean, this is a pretty herculean task, but really shows the best of America coming together. Don’t you agree? 100%? It’s unprecedented. And I think, you know, is we have snarky, you know, cynics out there that are trying to take potshots at any little effort. I mean, this is us really reaching for the stars in order to defeat this virus and protect the American people and it comes with challenges for sure. But we’ve got to give all we have. So I really appreciate your leadership in this very important on. Never one thing that the Corona virus has awakened us to is our reliance on our adversary communist China, for pharmaceuticals, for our PPE and for many other elements of our supply chain, eso as we are increasing the manufacturing capability in parallel to the testing here, four operation warp speed both for the vaccine and for the potential treatments. Can you talk about whether you are holistically looking at the industrial base of America and the supply chain holistically for not just these treatments of vaccines but really bringing that home we saw with testing? It wasn’t just developing the test, for example. Then it was about we don’t have the swabs here. We don’t have the transport fluid and the vials and the re agent. And so there’s all elements of this supply chain for these treatments and this vaccine, So is is your team looking into bringing home these light ain for all elements of this effort back to America and away from her adversary China. Senator, my responsibilities. If confirmed on a team would not be about corralling along the supply chain and bringing it back to America as you articulated, it would be focused primarily to ensure that we are able to enable manufacturing on and then delivery and administration, so buying forward to meet that requirement. But when you say manufacturing, what I’m getting at is not just manufacturing of the vaccine. If we’re going to be successful here with these treatments on the vaccine, we need everything that goes with it. The vials, the syringes, all that. So are they holistically? Looking at the manufacturing of all of it is what I’m asking, Senator. They are. I just specified that my responsibility is not about enabling the country to have all that capability. It’s about the execution to the vaccine. It’s a mild. I just want to say OK, now I appreciate that, But as part of the leadership team, I just want to make sure that that is part of the focus. Eso It’s not just manufacturing the vaccine, but everything we need in order to deliver it. A swell as the treatments Are you aware? I mean, there are ongoing efforts on this and talk tough topic of the defense industrial on the domestic industrial is not defense. Industrial base for medical supplies on pharmaceuticals. The Defense Production Act is being used for some of that. Do you know how project warp speed might be Coordinating and leveraging with these existing efforts so absolutely do know that they’re involved. That they’re being executed on a Sfar is operational warp speed. I have direct access to defence planning. Act through Secretary, a czar or Secretary Esper. Okay, great. Thank you. I appreciate it. Uh, John Makinson, the National Guard has been absolutely vital to help Arizona and they still are as we confront and we deal with this pandemic, I personally volunteered at various food banks and worked alongside them. And I’m just so proud of the men and women of the guard and them stepping up to do so many different things in order to be able to help Arizona in this very challenging time. Just yesterday, Governor GC announced that 300 Mawr Arizona Guardsmen will be involved in contact tracing a swell in Arizona. Eso We couldn’t be getting through this time without the men and women of theirs on a guard again. I’m so, so proud of them eyes there. Anything else that you need in order for our guards, men and women to be able to conduct the various missions that they’re being asked to by the governors to get us through this challenge? Senator, not at this time. We just greatly appreciate your continued support and that of the committee. Fantastic. I appreciate it. All right. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you, Gentlemen, for your service. Thank you. Senator Sally. Senator Jones. Thank you, Mr Chairman. On again. Gentlemen, thank you for your service and for being here today. General partner Eyes you a Z I mentioned in my opening remarks and introducing you. You have integrated so well into the Huntsville community, but also our state, your adopted state now of Alabama and I’m really proud of some of the variety of resource is that Alabama is offering upto operation warp speed. It’s my understanding that University of Alabama system is working on this as well as some other folks across the state involved in developing and manufacturing the vaccine. And I think some therapeutics as well Could you just detail for the committee a little bit the contribution that that folks in Alabama are making and what it means to the success of your efforts. That going forward, Senator Ah, all. We’re working with a variety of ah, uh, industry and academia. And clearly, um, Alabama is contributing to those thoughts and recommendations on and, you know, all that are are are that demonstrate the potential we are really paying attention to, right, Thank you. Following up a little bit. I was reading through the explaining operation warp speed, which is a great document. But there are some aspects of it that I’m not clear on. And at one point in that document, it states manufacturing capacity developed will be used for whatever vaccine is eventually successful, if possible, given the nature of the successful product, regardless of which firms have developed the capacity. Yeah, am I to understand from that That it let’s just by way of example, say that there are five for firms that are working on a vaccine. If only one is successful out of the five does, does that mean that we’re going to try to get the other four to also produce and manufacturer that vaccine? Or are we simply going to rely on the one firm that was successful, right? Right. Now, Senator, the strategy is that we have each industry partner that has potential scientifically to, ah, be successful. We’re having them. Each manufacturer on We’re using the capacities for all of them to achieve our in state of the 300 million. So failure would only be determined at the end, primarily by the FDA. Of course, eso. At this time, there is no planned to jump capabilities, as you just suggested. But something worthy for me to look into a Z. We go forward. All right, So right now, they’re all beginning to ramp up manufacturing of what they’re working on. Correct? So that if there’s more than one way have that capacity, correct. It hasn’t been determined yet. Whether or not if we only had one or two successful that we would then share that information so that there could be more manufactured. That hasn’t been determined at this point. Not yet. Okay, very good. Thank you, General Hawkins. And again, thank you very much for your service. I am very proud of the Alabama National Guard. We have had some incredible success down there, Scott Grand in particular, who is, unfortunately retiring from the 1 17 This time we’re gonna miss him a lot, but I want to talk for just a minute. And it’s kind of a follow up for earlier question about what the country is facing and trying to end systemic racism and discrimination in our country. S o. I want to talk about it from a little bit different angle, and that is diversity in the National Guard. Back in 2000 and 11 the Military Leadership Diversity Commission did a report on diversity in the military, which included several recommendations for the National Guard. Um, I have been working on that with Indy, a language for all of our military because I am concerned about that not only in the unlisted ranks, but also the officer ranks. Did you tell us what, to your knowledge, what Teoh extent? The National Guard Bureau has implemented any of those recommendations and if confirmed, are there specific steps or initiatives that you would like to take to see to help build diversity within the National Guard ranks? Yes, center. And if confirmed, my intent would be to make sure that we are all of our formations reflect the diversity of the communities which they come from. And that’s not just overall, but within the rank structure as well that the diversity and ethnicity of our nation is reflected at every level and organization. Have you got any specifics that you got in mind to try to do that or work is that something is gonna be a work in progress. So senators working with the states adjectives, general, And particularly when we look at some of the branches within the army and the Air Force that have a tendency to have higher promotion rates to make sure that the the soldiers and airman entering those formations reflect our communities in terms of ethnicity and diversity. So they’re given the same level of opportunity at the highest ranks. Great. Well, thank you, sir. And thank you both again for your service. I look forward to confirming you both Take care. Thank you. Said your Blackbird. I think I may be the last one in the queue, Mr Chairman. Well, I understand that, uh, sir Raleigh, maybe be you are recognized, Senator Blackburn. Thank you, Mr Chairman and General Hawkinson. I want to talk just a little bit about, um, what you have done with the guards. Let me interrupt for just a moment. You’re coming through very, very quietly here, and I let me ask the two generals, Can you hear Senator Black words? Yes. What? Gwen, proceed. I’m sorry, Teoh. Interrupt. No, that is perfectly fun. As I was saying, asses the director of the Guard realigning the divisions and the the 2018 in D s, I think is important. Um, And to look at and we are thinking about this realignment as we look at what is happening with 2 78 I see are in Knoxville. So what I wanted to hear from you is we talk about thes division level commanders and they’re being responsible for cross state training plans and events. The review of readiness reports the development of mobilisation plans. Are your plans still on online for the 2023 realignment And talk to me a little bit about how that would affect units like the to 78 80 yard that is there in Knoxville, Senator. Thank you for that question. And so the decision is now with the Secretary of the Army and once approved, we think we could be able to execute that actually potentially before 2023 which would be are a tent. And if we look at our brigade combat teams across the nation, Askew mentioned the 2 78 the intent there would be to align those with the division headquarters for multiple reasons, one of those being in the states where they do not have a division headquarters. If our officers and senior NGOs with the highest potential, it gives them the opportunity to go to higher really levels of authority that that’s commensurate with their potential. So that’s one thing. The second thing is the coordination of the division level. It gives them that training and experience that if we look at a near peer threat, it is really critical that were able to execute at that level. And so I think, by aligning our divisions, it does not only a great deterrent value for our nation, but also standardizes all divisions across all components within the U. S. Army. Are there any other additional authorities or tools that you need to complete this on time or hopefully completed early? Senator, Not at this time it, uh, it spent very coordinated with our state’s agitates general, and we really looked of supporting them and the effectiveness of the National Guard. I was talking a little bit about cyber, and as you know, the 1 18 airlift wing that is there in Nashville, we have the permanent cyber unit that is there, and they are quite engaged. We’re really proud of the work that they are doing. And programs like the Cyber nine line are allowing these Guard units to more effectively communicate with cyber com and really to strengthen the entire network. So address what you see as the role that units like the 1/18 wing would play as we talk about the guard adapting to high end warfare. So, Senator, I think you bring up a great point with respect to the National Guard. And cyber is one of those fields where the National Guard could provide great benefit to our nation because what we allows us to do is to hire those cyber professionals or have them be part of our military organizations, where they also do that on their civilian capacity. And so they bring a lot of the skill set that they’ve learned to the formations that we use and going forward. We think it’s absolutely critical, as we saw in Texas and Louisiana last year, to help Mitya great cyber attacks on public systems or schools or any other part of our communities. We think it’s critical that we have them available and there to help our communities whenever they’re needed, and also on the high end fight. Because if you look at near peer competitors, the skill set that they bring from their civilian job is absolutely beneficial with their military positions as well. Well, we appreciate that. We think that the Garden Tennessee, is doing a tremendous job. General Homes is doing a wonderful job leading the Tennessee National Guard. And we’re appreciative for the service that they have provided in coveted during the tornadoes that have hit Tennessee this year. And also they recently made a trip to D. C. And we’re here to help defend the capital. So thank you so much. We look forward to your confirmations. Thank you, Senator. Senator Shaheen. Well, thank you, Mr Chairman. Hopefully I am the last person. So, um, generals were almost done. Um, General Purna and Lieutenant General Hawkinson, thank you both for your service and congratulations on your nominations. And I very much appreciate your willingness to take on these roles. General Hawkinson, thank you for your phone call yesterday. I appreciated our conversation. And, of course I’m gonna begin with what is in the interest of New Hampshire and our parochial interests, which I think is also very important to the country. And that is the, um the Casey 46 is and Pisa’s we discussed is the first Air National Guard base to get the Casey 46 is and, um, we are excited about that. We’re concerned about the issues that have affected the 46 is in their ability to do their refueling missions and hope those get resolved soon. But one of the challenges as we discuss that we have in New Hampshire with 157th Refueling Wing is that about 120 of the airman have been assigned to other bases. And as we discussed, it’s very important. We think that there is a commitment to their return as soon as that it’s possible and that in the meantime, if there are ways to provide missions that include air, medical evacuations or whatever that can keep those teams working out of the 157th. We think that would be very important. Can you agree that that’s something that you will work on in this new position? Senator? If confirmed, I absolutely would work with the Air Force as pieces, getting the final aircraft later this fall for their full complimented 12. I think it’s important that we get our personnel there and work with the Air Force to get the issues resolved on the Casey 46 as quickly as possible. Well, thank you very much. And we hope you will come up and see those new planes when they get on the tarmac and at peace. As as we also discussed, many of our states are experiencing financial challenges right now, and as we try and address the infrastructure needs of our National Guard to ensure their readiness, are there things that you, I think that can be done to help address the readiness piece center? Absolutely. When we look at the state expenditures over the last couple of months, particular for some of the smaller states, we want to work with our state’s adjectives, General, to make sure that we have. And they have the right resource is available so they can maintain the required levels of readiness within their formations. Great. And can you talk about your views on the role of the National Guard and the newly created Space Force? How you see that playing out? You’ve center. Thank you for that opportunity when you look at the space capabilities within the National Guard. We’ve been doing that mission for over 25 years, and we currently have 18 units and eight states and one territory doing that as the United States Space Forces stood up. We have been staunch advocates that those National Guard units the surged war capability of unit equipped space units that they should also be part of that as a space National Guard. Great. Thank you. Um, General Purna, thank you very much for taking on the leadership of Operation Warp Speed. Obviously, I think we all appreciate that life is not really going to get back to normal until we have a vaccine. And that sooner that that happens better. One of the challenges, once we get that vaccine, is going to be delivering it efficiently and effectively making sure that we can immunize people against the Corona virus. And I have heard from a company in New Hampshire that makes syringes that they need to order in advance, Um, of when they’re syringes air gonna be needed because of the supply chain issues that we have. So is that something that operation warp speed is looking at? Can you talk about how you’re working with other agencies on planning? How toe get any vaccination at two people once we have actually have a vaccination that works. So, Senator, exactly Right. Three quick points one were already engaged in figuring out the distribution plan, working through the mission analysis and courses of action to determine the best efficient and effective way to that end to we do need to buy forward the secondary items the needles, the syringes, alcohol pads, the PPE necessary to administer on. We’ve already put in a mass order to that end. Eso it’s being coordinated and tracked. And then the third thing most important is the communications with states to inform them on how we’re going to do both on. We haven’t started that yet, but we’re going to begin it in the very near future. Thank you very much. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you, sir. Holy. Thank you, Mr Chairman. General Partner, if I could just start with you and come back to this question of of our critical medical supply chains. As of February, there were reports that as many as 150 pharmaceutical drugs in the United States were threatened by at the shutdown of Chinese factories and then with Chinese export controls. We had that severely complicated. Our ability to get important inputs is as such is our diagnostic kits and the materials that we needed for those now, I appreciate with getting trying, get supplies wherever we can get them currently. But let me just ask you, with all of this in mind, how do you assess our current reliance on China for critical medical supplies? In your estimation, can you give us a sense of what the biggest vulnerabilities are? Senator, I’m not imposition or informed well enough to provide you the answer that you deserve to that question. What can I follow up with you and get an answer? Once you’ve had a chance to study a little further I commit that I couldn’t and I will be able to present to you in reflection to what we’re trying to achieve in operational warp speed, if that’s appropriate, great well, on a life. So when I ask you about our over reliance of Chinese suppliers and how it affects our ability to get active pharmaceutical ingredients and other inputs that we may need to develop vaccines both now and in the future, so expect questions for me in all of those fronts. I look forward to your answers. General Hawkinson, let me shift to you and talk a little bit about 139 Airlift Wing in my home state of Missouri. We’re very proud of it. Obviously, you know, I had a chance to chat a little bit about it. Provides tactical airlift is you know that is absolutely critical for maintaining deterrence all over the world, including in the Indo Pacific, which the national defense strategy identifies is our priority theater. I’m wondering if you could talk a little bit about what other unique capabilities or capacities the guard can provide to support the department’s implementation of the ideas. Senator, Thank you for that question and with respect, the national defense strategy in addition to providing trained and ready forces whenever and wherever they’re needed. Another great opportunity as we look at the growth of allies and partners. And that’s where state partnership program, which currently exists with 89 nations around the globe. And we added five this year. And so we look forward to working with the combatant commanders and the State Department and our National Guard organizations around the United States to continue to develop those state partnerships, which gives us one more connection to a lot of those countries around the globe that air facing challenges from other countries as well. Very good. Can you give us a sense of what some of the ways are that the guard can help strengthen our relationship with allies and partners in pay common particular? Yes, Senator and I can actually refer back to my experience is the as it in general of the state of Oregon, where we had state partnerships with Bangladesh and Vietnam and initially started out as a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. We helped them plan for disasters within their communities, and we also learn from them as well. And by building that relationship over time, it allows us to train with them on events or issues within their military that they want to improve. And we learned a lot from that process as well. But one of the great things that does is it. Still, it starts to build an enduring relationship between us and them, which helps us show, you know, the great values that America brings as a trusted partner. Very good. Thank you for that. Let me ask you, what have you here, General? Come back to the topic that I think Senator King touched on, which is the large, very large, sustained mobilization of the guard that we’re seeing now both in response to Kobe 19 and then also in response to recent civil unrest across the country. Can I just follow up on his line of questioning by asking you how this various extensive mobilization is affecting guard training and deployment cycles, particularly in support of the Combatant Hats Center? The great news story in that is, if you go back to earlier this month, when we had 120,000 mobilized, it had no impact on our ability to meet all of our combatant commander and national defense strategy requirements around the globe, and we’ve been able to look forward to all of those units scheduled to deploy and make sure that they were still able to meet their deployment timelines throughout this process and going forward. Very good. Final question for May. If, if current mobilization levels persist for for whatever reason, do you anticipate needing to make any adjustments? Were adjustment or just months plural in order to maintain readiness levels? Senator, not at this time, but we remain in close communication with our state’s accidents, General, to make sure that we can meet those and if identify issues, we try and resolve them at the lowest level as quickly as possible. Thank you. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Yes, thank you. Center Holy And I have been informed that that that will conclude the numbers of senators that will be making asking questions who? Let me just thank both of you. This Vina is a little longer than I thought it would end of it. It does show the the the interest that we all have in the missions that you’re taking on, and we appreciate the fact that we have the two of you. I can’t think of two people more qualified to carry on these missions than the two of you. So thank you very much for your time and your effort. Your service. Where’s your

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