Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks to Winnebago Employees

Vice President Pence delivers remarks to employees on opening up America again at Winnebago Industries, June 17, 2020.

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Before that, Mike Pence has a history of standing up strong for America. Here it home and abroad. Mike is the son of the Midwest and a true friend of Iowa. Like President Trump, he is fighting for us every day in Washington D. C. So please welcome our outstanding vice president of the United States of America.

Hello, Iowa. It is great to be in Iowa on this beautiful June day to see all of you out in the sunshine. Would you join me in just thanking Governor Kim Reynolds and her husband, Kevin, for the incredible work that they do for the people of Iowa every day? That’s a great leader. Governor Reynolds, uh, Mayor Barney Ruder and the first woman ever elected to the Iowa House of Representatives, Speaker Linda Up Meyer. It is great to be back in the Hawkeye State as this state in America make a transition to greatness. I really appreciate you all being here. I appreciate the warm welcome. Especially warm welcome, I really do. And I appreciate your your inspiring example of this great company. More on that. In a minute, be here at an American company that for 60 years is kept America on. The move is incredibly inspiring. I know you had to shut down, but you opened right back up. You put people back to work and you got America back on the road. Let’s hear it for Mike happy and all the men and women of Winnebago Island before I begin, allow me to bring greetings from another friend of mine, a man who loves the state of Iowa, who’s actually with a best friend American manufacturing has ever had and even said the other day that he, Melania, might just buy an RV. Real soon, I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump. It really is a joy to be here on the president’s behalf. Today we begin this transition to greatness, You know, as I stand before you today, I’m proud to report that after the difficult times through which we have passed as a nation, but today, every state in this country and nearly 3/4 of America’s small businesses have already begun to reopen. We’re opening up America again, and you’re part of that story, and we’re building on the strong foundation The 1st 3 years of this administration, after we cut taxes, rolled back regulations, fraud for free and fair trade unleashed American energy supported American ethanol. We saw seven million jobs created by businesses large and small. And on that foundation. Once we started open up America, you might have seen it. A little more than a week ago. In the month of May, the people of America saw the largest one month increase in job creation in American history. 2.5 million jobs added to our economy. I mean, I can’t think of ah greater example of America’s resilience and strength than those numbers. I mean, the expert economists were all telling us that in that report that we would likely lose up to eight million job. They said that unemployment governor was likely going to go from 14% maybe up to 20%. But the American people proved them wrong and businesses large and small created 2.5 1,000,000 jobs, and I don’t know if you heard about it yet. With just this morning after economists predicted that retail sales would increase by maybe 8% for the month of May, the American people shattered expectations again. Retail sales in America soared to 17.7% the largest monthly increase ever recorded. America is going back to work. The recovery is on. We’re gonna make our economy strong again. I promise you, on the same agenda that created millions of jobs over the past three years. And while I’m here in Iowa, how to take the opportunity to say thank you for two stalwart leaders who stood with President Trump and I every step of the way When we were rolling back regulations when we were standing up for American farmers, we were cutting taxes. Our military. This state is so well served by the principled conservative leadership of Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Joni Ernst. Would you mind showing your appreciation for these two outstanding leaders? They supported our agenda every step of the way of less taxes, less regulation, that strong support every day for the American farmer. I mean, you all saw the effects of the agenda that we’ve advanced right here. Winnebago, I’m told. After the president signed that tax cut a couple of years ago, Winnebago actually donated a $1,000,000 to charity and gave thousands of you employees a well deserved bonus. It was great corporate leadership and on that foundation or grove, that generosity, that compassion, that ingenuity were driving a great American combat. As I stand before you today, I promise you a centre piece of our transition to greatness is going to be law and order. Let me say, from my heart, what happened to George Floyd. It was a tragedy in disgrace. Should have never happened. It shocked the conscience of our nation. There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd, but there’s also no excuse for the rioting and looting and violence that hasn’t sue. Like every American, we cherish our First Amendment. We respect the concerns of peaceful protesters. We’re gonna listen. We’re gonna learn we’re gonna leave. But we’re not going to defund the police. You all here? Winnebago. No people in Iowa? No. Most of the men and women who put on the uniform of law enforcement every day or the best of us, the best this country has off. But over the past several weeks, President Trump and I have been taken time in this challenging national moment. Listen we sat down with leaders in law enforcement. We sat down with leaders in the African American community, this president said today from the Rose Garden. We are one nation. We grieve together and we heal together. Today, after listening and learning, President Trump signed an executive order. It will make immediate re sources and training available to police departments across America to improve standards for the use of force, de escalation and accountability. We’re gonna help our police improve. And I know Governor Kim Reynolds brought about a unanimously passed piece of legislation she signed on the steps of your state capital just last Friday, creating more oversight and more accountability. And I want to thank you, Governor, for your compassionate leadership, your support for law enforcement and for bringing Iowa together. I could tell you were going to support law enforcement, and we’re going to support our African American communities with resource is and reform, but we’re not going to stop. There is President, Trump said in Dallas. We’re gonna move an agenda that promotes public safety, but we’re also going to keep moving an agenda that promotes jobs, prosperity and greater educational opportunities for all our minority communities in cities across this country, just like we did over the last three years, which saw the lowest unemployment ever recorded for African American that saw this president create more than 8000 opportunity zones in communities across the country attracting billions of dollars of investment. We’re gonna work to bring jobs and investment to underserved communities. We’re gonna address the health care disparities that we learned, especially about during the Corona virus, a pandemic. We’re gonna bring market solutions to give our minority communities more choices in their health care. And we’re going to keep fighting every single day to give our African American families and every family the right to choose where their Children go to school, a public, private or parochial school. It will be the parents choice not very common even in these challenging times that we’ll do. What Americans have always done will form a more perfect union together. We’ll move our nation forward together. We’ll put Americans back to work and together we were We will open up America again is happening before our eyes. You know, the comeback that we celebrate today would not have been possible without your hard work and determination. Let me also say I would not have been possible without the leadership of President Donald Trump in partnership with governors and with the American people. You know, before we had a single Corona virus case in this country, this president shut down all travel from China. It bought us invaluable time to stand up our national response. You know, it’s remarkable to think at the end of February, when he asked me to lead the White House Corona Virus Task Force, we’d actually performed less than 8000 Corona virus tests in the entire country. But today we’re testing roughly 60 times that number every single day. We’ve performed more than 23 million tests mawr than anywhere in the world. That’s American ingenuity at work. And let me take this opportunity to also commend your governor. Governor Kim Reynolds has already tested nearly 1/4 of a 1,000,000 people through the Test Iowa program and her tireless efforts. She’s put the health of Iowans first, and I was been setting the pace, setting the pace in the progress that we’ve made in this pandemic and opening up this great state again. Governor, Thank you again for your leadership in your example. In addition to testing, we’ve been given states what they need when they need it. That included more than 158 million masks and gowns and face shields and personal protective equipment here in Iowa alone, thanks to that same ingenuity and hard work of American manufacturing, I’m proud to tell you no American with Corona virus whoever needed a ventilator was ever denied a ventilator in the United States. That’s a national accomplishment. From the outset of this pandemic, the American people made great personal sacrifices to protect the health of their family, their neighbours and people that they never knew. And our doctors and nurses and health care workers and first responders rendered care to our families as if they were their own. What do we give them? A round of applause. We’ve got heroes, got heroes in our hospitals and heroes in our first response. But it was millions of Americans. You all made the sacrifices of, well, state home from work home from school away from places of worship. So chairs some closed down businesses that took a lifetime to build, and here it Winnebago. You did more than your part. Volunteers from this company, I’m told, made 36,000 masks that were manufactured for hospitals in Iowa. And you also created face shields at this plan and distributed them to health care workers and first responders all across the state. Give yourselves a round of applause, that is, that’s America. And I want to recognize particularly a craftsman here, I’m told, has worked at Winnebago, Iowa, for 25 years. It’s created wooden cabinetry. Vehicles are known for even building prototype designed. But he’s the one who worked with a team of manufacturers used I’m told a a three D printing machine to make face shields donated them to local hospitals. Would you all join me in thanking somebody who volunteered his energies, creativity and made a difference in the lives of the people of this state? Where are you, Rod White? Let’s hear it for Rod. Wife fanned out. Great job. Great job. Thank you, Ron. Thanks for bringing your talents to this moment. Thank you all for responding. You know, because of the hard work. Because the hard work people like Rod because of all of you we met this moment. We met this moment not just with the whole of America. A whole of government response. But we met with the whole of America Response. The American people step forward, just like you did. And, uh, it’s a demonstration of the resilience and the faith in the resolve of our people. You know, thanks to the leadership of President Trump and Governor Kim Reynolds and all the good people, the Hawkeye State, I’m proud to report to you here and across America, we slowed the spread. We flattened curve, we saved lives. And that’s why we’re opening up America again. You did. And as I said at the start, now, all 50 states of being under reopened in a safe and responsible way. You know, even before we got through those 45 days to slow the spread, the President had us issue guidelines to give counsel the governors like yours about how a phased re opening could work, strengthen the economy while protecting the health of our families. While continuing the practice is to keep our families and communities safe, people are going back to work going back to worship, getting back to our to our lives on the American people should be proud going back to store is going back to restaurants with the help of the men and women. Winnebago. We’re also enjoying the great outdoors, I’m told, like almost never before putting American manufacturing back to work. I know. Since May 4th, you all have been working hard, been maintaining your social distancing, doing your daily health checks. You’ve been taking care of your neighbors and your co workers. You’ve been putting the health your neighbors first. It’s a remarkable example that you’ve said here remarkable example. 5500 strong men and women of Winnebago are emblematic of manufacturing workers all across America who are the backbone of this economy. Like a senior machine set up operator who, I’m told, started working here right out of high school so he could save up for trade school. But he realized he, like working here so much, changed his plans and just decided to stay. I told his brother, Mark works here, too. So does his wife, Carla. And on September 8th he’ll celebrate 50 years with this incredible company. Would you join me and showing our thanks and admiration to Glenn Blazer and his whole family? Where are you? Glad stand up, Take about 50 years. Gradually I do the math. You know, when must have started here after this place have been going about 10 years. Been here. Every sense made an incredible difference. You help set the pace for the company. That’s making a great difference not only in this community, not only in this state, but all across the nation. You know, I was just told by some of the leadership here in the company that Americans are buying RVs at a pretty rapid pace. In fact, usually I think we heard that roughly about 1/3 of buyers every year are first time buyers is pushing more like 50%. America is hitting the road in American made RVs. You all should be proud. Did you made it happen? I mean, think about this. President has said gas prices are low. Summer’s almost here. What better time to go see America? A great army, you know. So it’s great to be back in the Hawkeye State to be able to talk about this great American comeback, but also just say thank you, not just on behalf of the president of the United States, but just don’t be after a grateful nation. It’s men and women like you. And companies like this that keeping America rolling are getting America rolling again. I mean, it was it was cos in essential industries that literally never stop. And companies like this one, like Rod, did who who transformed themselves to be a part of the solution for health care workers and for our families, one of most challenging times in the life of our nation. It was the people who make things in the people who grow things, who stepped up. So I’m proud to be able to be here to pay a debt of gratitude to each and every one of you just to say thank you for what you’ve done. You know, it seems like these days turn on the television that, uh, it seems like there’s more than divides us these days than I’ve never been true in my lifetime. But, you know, I I actually think otherwise. I think there will always be more that unites us in these United States of America than could ever divide us. And chief among those virtues is a love of freedom and the faith of the American people. I mean the way that the people of Iowa people across this country have stepped up kept doing the right things. Practicing hygiene, social distancing but getting back to work, getting back to their lives, getting back out, supporting all those great local businesses and firms. My belief that this of freedom loving nations, we love our freedom, and we know how to use it with common sense and care for others. But I also know, as the president often says, that it’s the nation faith. You hear it Everywhere I go. I was at Sally’s restaurant. Try the hamburger She opened up today for the first time since the pandemic struck. You know, as I walked around Sally’s restaurant, I had more than a few people say those words that I hear just about everywhere I go in America, and that is when people look at you, they lower their voice a little bit. They just say, I’m praying for you and you always know when people mean when it comes from their heart. So let me just say, as I closed that if you’re if you’re inclined to bow their head and and bend the knee from time to time. I encourage you to do that during these challenging times. I’m always humbled when people pray for us with those of us that have public responsibilities. Been on this one, I’d like you to pray for the more than 100 16,000 families that have lost loved ones. The Bible says the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Just remember them sometime this week in your prayers. Pray for all of those who have labored to provide care. Month after month, we’ve looked after our loved ones in hospitals, often times taking the place of family that couldn’t be with them because of the strictures of the contagion of the Corona virus. Pray for our health care workers and all those that have been alongside in these times of of national challenge. I just also encourage it a pray for America for all the people of America and claim those ancient words that if his people who are called by his name will humble themselves and pray, you can believe that he’ll do like he’s always done in much more challenging times. You’ll hear from heaven and he’ll he’ll this land this one nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. So thank you, Winnebago. Thank you, Iowa. God bless you for all that you have done at this great company. God bless the state and God bless America in this great American Come back!

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