How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety from COVID-19 Outbreak

Naval Support Activity Washington Fleet and Family Support Center Counseling and Advocacy Supervisor Brittany Bordonaro discusses ways to cope with stress and anxiety stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak.

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It’s normal to feel a source of stress and anxiety as it relates to the COVID-19 outbreak. One thing people can do is ensure that they are receiving their information from reputable sources of information, as well as command. It may also help to limit your media intake to one or two times a day and to limit it before bedtime, preferring to do a relaxing or calming activity instead. During this period of time, it’s important to stay connected to friends, family, and Command through electronic uses of information, if possible. It is also important to maintain a sense of normalcy. During periods of change. it can feel like a lot of things are outside of our control, and so focusing on what’s within your control can help. There are some things you can do, like maintaining a daily routine and focusing on pleasurable activities that you can do within your home environment, or while maintaining the appropriate amount of distance from others, can help you feel a sense of calm. If you are feeling an increased source of stress and anxiety and it is impacting your ability to concentrate on work, focus on friends and family, eat, sleep, or do other daily functions, then that may be an appropriate time to seek help. There are lots of resources available to support you during this time. You may contact your local State and Family Support Center, Command, chaplain, Military One Source, or DON-C app, if you are a Navy civilian.

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