NAS Pensacola Port Operations Daily Command Support Functions

Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola Port Operations Department Head CWO4 Sigarrie Nettles discusses daily Port Operations functions in support of Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola.

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I’m here at Naval Air Station Pensacola Port Ops, we basically service all the Navy or government-contracted ships in the region. We are primarily here for waterborne oil spill response and we basically service, we got about 100 exclusion buoys, about 17 miles of coastline that we take care of here too, so there’s about 100 buoys that we do PMS on, and just the exclusion buoys there, just basically let the public know that there’s off-limits areas before they drive their boats near the coastline of the base. The crew consists of me being the only active duty person here. I’ve got about 26, 27 contractors, depending on what they’re gonna do for the day, that are all stationed here, and we service three Coast Guard ships at our home port, here at Naval Air Station Pensacola Port Ops. We are the only Navy, or government-contracted deep water port in the Gulf of Mexico. So we have about three commissionings coming up this year, the first being the Tripoli, the second being the USS St. Louis, and the third possibly being the Coast Guard vessel Stone, which is still in the works. So that’d be a momentous occasion for all the guys here.

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