NASA Graduation: Major Jasmin Moghbeli

Major Jasmin Moghbeli graduated from the NASA program being the 2nd female active duty officer in the Marine Corps.

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[Announcer] Jasmin Moghbeli.

I graduated today only a few hours ago here, from the Astronaut Candidate Program and officially became an active duty astronaut today. And that it’s really exciting to be following in the footsteps of Lieutenant Colonel Mann the first female to graduate from this program as a active duty Marine Corps officer. She’s been a great role model. My background that led to this point, and I think being in the Marine Corps was a huge asset and being a test pilot, and the training since then, it’s incredible because some of the major courses we learned are robotics, learning to speak Russian, learning about the International Space Station and its systems, and learning how to do space walks so, and then flying the 238 jets. It’s a super exciting time to be in space exploration and human space exploration. You heard talk about the International Space Station. We’ve been up there almost 20 years continuously now. We’ve got several new vehicles on the horizon, Boeing, and SpaceX both with their commercial crew vehicles, NASA developing Orion and the SLS to go on to the moon and to Mars with the Gateway program. And so there are a lot of exciting things. Right now, my day to day, I’m focused on getting us to the moon and the human mind that Lander system. When I graduated, I felt honored to be joining the company of so many amazing women and men.

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