Naval Beach Unit 7 Change of Command

Naval Beach Unit 7 held their change of command ceremony on Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo. Commander Kirk Sowers relieved Commander Greta Densham as commanding officer.

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Commander Kirk A. Sauers relieved Commander Greta S. Densham as commanding officer of Naval Beach Unit Seven during a change of command ceremony held on Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo.

Commander Densham had a few parting words. This command is literally the only one in the world that does what we do. And I extremely

I am extremely proud of all that we’ve accomplished together. Over these last three years, I’ve seen this command continue to grow as a team, and for that I am most impressed. You take care of one another and have your shipmates’ back when the most difficult tasks are at hand. And so, in closing, I hope this is not goodbye, but until we meet again.

Petty Officer James Coup, Commander Fleet Activities, Sasebo, Japan.

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