Inter-European Air Forces Academy

The Inter-European Air Forces Academy recently hosted its largest class of 44 students from 21 different countries at Vogelweg Air Station, Germany.

To date IEAFA has instructed students from 40 different countries, building partner capacity one student at a time, and forging relationships based on trust.

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I would say the big parts are really building those fundamentals to make leaders who are much more confident and capable of working in different environments and then having the experience here to test out some of this theories that they are learning in the classroom and really honing their skills here, so they’re much more confident and capable when they go out to lead in a joint environment or a combined environment with other nations and other partners.

I think it’s (mumbles) great that we actually also diverse than we have all this cultural differences in the course and the fact that we are. In my class people from 10 countries I think this is really great.

It was a big step forward because when you do something together, when you work something together, solving problems together. The trust is getting bigger and with trust everything is getting easier.

And were hoping that since we’re able to go back to their units, their nations. Continue to pass on some of the lessons that they’ve taken from here and really spread it through their units to hopefully leave from their own perspective and quite on the principles we teach here to enable them to continue to develop their units in there countries and overall strength in the relationships that we have as a whole.

Norway has this flat structure for over 40 years and I think it’s very beneficial for me to see how different nations are interacting between officers and until. And I think I would take that home to our transformation over to NCO system in Norway. – hat was a huge impact in the cultural arenas. What other guys are talking, what the behaviors because I thought we are all neighbors and we know each other but I was wrong and to be honest we came here as comrades and we are leaving as friends.

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