2019 Honor Cordon Pacific Air Chief Symposium

Ally and Partner Air chiefs and leadership from across the Indo-Pacific gather for the 2019 Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium at Pacific Air Forces Headquarters on Joint Base Pearl-Harbor Hickam, Hawaii, December 3 to 6. The symposium is jointly hosted by Gen. David Goldfein, U.S. Air Force chief of staff, and Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., PACAF commander. This year’s theme, “A Collaborative Approach to Regional Security,” focuses on ensuring a mutual understanding of common issues and challenges, and enhancing capabilities, capacity and interoperability.

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[Announcer] Distinguished guests, good morning. On behalf of General Charles Q. Brown Jr., aloha and welcome to Headquarters Pacific Air Forces. It is our great honor to host you here in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on earth, and home of the aloha spirit. Gathered today at this momentous event, are 20 air power leaders with more than 700 years of air power expertise. You represent many of the world’s bravest and most distinguished airmen, bound together by the desire to effectively wield air forces, in support of national objectives. Together, your air nations stand by to protect nearly three billion of your fellow countrymen, in one of the most diverse and strategically important regions of the world. You are leading your Air Forces in a world of unparalleled complexity in which threats are persistent and consistently changing. This week, we join together with the capability and fortitude to overcome these threats and any challenge. To shape and secure the future of a free and open Indo-Pacific. Each air chief here brings with him a unique heritage and ethos that has been forged through the fires of conflicts past. Each nation represented here, carries distinct capabilities that are essential to maintaining collective security in this region. Through all the struggles we face today, we stand together, as equal partners. United by a common vision of peace, prosperity and security. This common vision seeks an Indo-Pacific in which all nations, large and small can prosper and thrive while upholding the principles, values and norms that have enabled the region’s rise. As the world we live in today rapidly becomes more connected, it also becomes smaller and more interdependent. All throughout the Indo-specific and indeed the world, we see how the challenges and struggles of one nation can impact an entire region. This is why it is imperative that all nations stay engaged in our posture to face threats to security, now and into the future. We should also remember that no nation stands alone and that together, we can overcome even the most significant of challenges As you all gather here today, representing the brave airmen who have come before you and those who shall come after. Know that your presence at this symposium is significant and our adversaries and allies alike, will take notice. When they see you gathered here today, they will all receive the same message. We stand united. Gentlemen, please join me in looking over your right shoulder to observe the fly over in honor of your arrival at the 2019 Pacific Air Chiefs Symposium. (Aircraft roar begins) This fly over, led by Major Moore from the fifteenth wing. (Announcer drowned out by aircraft) (Upbeat Army Band Music) The C-17 is the most versatile cargo aircraft on the planet which can carry up to one hundred and seventy thousand pounds of cargo. Circumnavigate the globe and land on airfields less than 4000 feet long. To it’s left and right, were four F-22s piloted by some of the top aviators in the US Air Force. Which are some of the most advanced fighters in the world and will ensure freedom in the skies for decades to come. Together, they demonstrate our shared commitment to peace and security in the Indo-Pacific. (Officer drowned out by band) (Upbeat Army Band Music) (Officer shouts order) Aloha and welcome as we pay a special tribute in honor of each Air Chief representing their respective countries.

[Officer] Present Arms!

[Announcer] The Pacific Air Chief Symposium Deen and Commanding General Philippine Air Force, Lieutenant General Rozzano Dosado Briguez. (Drum Roll) The Chief of Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld. (Drum Roll) The Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force, Air Chief Marshal, Masihuzzaman Serniabat. (Drum Roll) The Commander of the Royal Brunei Air Force, Brigadier General Dato Seri Pahlawan Haji Hamzah. (Drum Roll) The Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force, Lieutenant General Alexander Meinzinger. (Drum Roll) Chief of Staff, French Air Force, General Philippe Lavigne. (Drum Roll) (Officer gives order)

[Officer] Present Arms!

[Announcer] Chief of the Air Staff, Indian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria. (Drum Roll) Chief of Staff, Indonesian Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Yuyu Sutisna. (Drum Roll) Chief of Staff, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, General Yoshinari Marumo. (Drum Roll) Deputy Chief of Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force, General Dato’ Sri Ackbal Bin Haji Abdul Samad. (Drum Roll) Commander, Air Force Command Mongolia, Brigadier General Enkhbayar Ochir. (Drum Roll) Chief of Air Force, New Zealand Defense Force, Air Vice Marshal, Andrew Clark. (Drum Roll) (Officer gives order)

[Officer] Present Arms!

[Announcer] Chief of Staff, Republic of Korea Air Force, General Won In-choul. (Drum Roll) Chief of Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Major General Kelvin Khong. (Drum Roll) Commander of the Air Force, Sri Lanka Air Force Air Marshal Sumangala Dias. (Drum Roll) Commander in Chief, Royal Thai Air Force Air Chief Marshal Maanat Wongwat. (Drum Roll) Deputy Chief of Air Defense Air Force Vietnam, Major General Bui Anh Chung (Drum Roll) (Officer gives order) (Officer gives order)

[Officer] Forward march.

[Man Behind Camera] We missed the timing a little bit. (Laughing) (Mumbles)

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