NATO Mission Iraq

At the NATO Summit in Brussels in July 2018, following a request from the Iraqi government, Allied leaders issued direction to launch a new training mission in Iraq. This new mission – NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) – was established in Baghdad in October 2018. NMI comes under the command of Major General Jennie Carignan of Canada, who assumed responsibility for this post on 26 November 2019. NATO Mission Iraq is focused on mentoring and advising Iraqi national defence structures and military education institutions, through a series of activities conducted in full respect of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is designed to help Iraqi security structures and institutions further develop and sustain their capacity, so they can ensure that ISIS/Daesh does not return. NMI advisors work closely with officials of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence and the Office of the National Security Advisor to help Iraq build a more effective, sustainable, inclusive and transparent defence sector. Advisors from the mission also train Iraqi instructors at Iraqi military schools and academies in such areas as countering explosive devices, civil-military planning, armoured vehicle maintenance and military medicine. NMI is a non-combat mission. It focuses its efforts on several Iraqi professional military education institutions and training schools in Baghdad, Besmayah and Taji. Footage includes shots of Canadian, Danish, Greek, Italian and Polish trainers teaching Iraqi forces on a variety of activities, as well as shots of soldiers at Union III Camp, Baghdad.

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