KC-46 and F-35 complete receiver certification testing

Two of the Air Force’s newest aircraft completed a major accomplishment recently at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

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(engines whirring)

[Male Pilot] Prepare for crawl for straight and level.

[Female Pilot] And test with numbers showin’ four, three point one.

[Male Pilot] Set 10-13 in the back if you want, or not, doesn’t matter.

[Male Pilot] Copy.

[Male Pilot] Three. Two. Stabilize.

[Female Pilot] Set.

[Male Pilot] Anchor. Break away, break away, break away.

[Female Pilot] Check.

[Male Pilot] All clear, commence separation.

[Female Pilot] Check.

[Male Pilot] Okay, no glare on that one, looks good. Bring it up to the right. One and 19.

[Male Pilot] We’re about to turn South.

[Male Pilot] Copy. Ya want to me to switch to the other side or?

[Male Pilot] (mumbles over radio) (engines whirring) (voice breaks up over radio) (engines whirring)

[Male Pilot] Five. Three. Two. Stabilize. Contact.

[Female Pilot] Contact.

[Male Pilot] Go fuel.

[Female Pilot] Same. Think about 5,000 to go from my side.

[Male Pilot] Check.

[Male Pilot] Boy, you are literally dead center of the envelope.

[Female Voice] –firm, so started at 5.0, ended at 14.5.

[Male Pilot] Copy thanks.

[Male Pilot] Stabilize there, lookin’ good.

[Male Pilot] Contact 4-2. Got ya at 16 feet. Get your back fin down. Kinda reach down here a little bit. It’ll make it. It’s at 16 feet, forward about three.

[Female Pilot] Copy.

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