Inside Look: Advanced Leaders Course

Watch this inside look into the field artillery portion of Advanced Leaders Course here at Fort Sill’s Noncommisioned Officer (NCO) Academy.

Fort Sill and our NCO Academy train both air defense and field artillery Soldiers. Soldiers come to the NCO Academy throughout their career for the Basic Leaders Course, Advanced Leaders Course and Senior Leaders Course.

Video by Daniel Malta

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[Soldier In Background] Wait ’til we pack it in Go on your messages, Stand-by, Fire, Boom!

[Sgt. Clay Rose] So we are teaching these Sergeants to become Staff Sergeants, and they were learning how to manage a Gun Crew, while being a Section Chief in a Howitzer Section.

[Sgt. Sethyn Reese] So, being a Section Chief is what we’re here for ALC is to be a Section Chief, that one individual leading everyone giving command and taking charge.

[Sgt. Sethyn Reese] So during live exercise we are actually gonna be shooting live rounds and we’re gonna take everything we learned throughout the process here at ALC and implement that into actual fire missions. You can tell right now they’re gonna be going over a fire mission right now too. As of right now, Section Chief just yelled out fire mission he’s reading out all the data. And as he reads all the data, everyone else will be running around in the pre-drills. And once he sees that we are late or on target he’s gonna give the command to fire and that’s how we shoot the rounds out of the piece.

[Sgt. Clay Rose] So the way this improves these Sergeants as leaders is that it’s building a lot of confidence in a lot of these guys and plus it’s taking a lot of ’em out of their comfort zone. For example, some soldiers have only been ever been on the M119er which is the smaller gun, and then we force them to get on the pallet and run the triple seven. And learn the new Howitzer piece, ’cause as a 13 Bravo any unit you go to could have a different piece. And we’re building their confidence in an Olive base by forcing them into these other roles. And being here at the N2 Academy bringing all these people together with different levels of knowledge, different skillsets, is really helping the entire Army, because we’re sharing that knowledge and skills across the board. So it’s really making the NCO core a better strong core having everybody from different walks of life come together

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