USCGC Angela McShan Commissioning Ceremony

Distinguished guests and family of the late Master Chief Petty Officer Angela McShan, the first African American female Coast Guard master chief, joined together for a ceremony to commission the Coast Guard cutter named in her honor at Cape May, New Jersey, on October 26, 2019. U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 1st Class Andy Kendrick, Petty Officer 1st Class Jetta Disco and Petty Officer 2nd Class Nate Cox.

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Filing for volunteer for thank you for joining. They better insulation and all central class voters this person was our chance meeting. And. Eight. And so it. Order color. Father one of host and the stress of creation and its ever present changing world we worship you for many fates are handled by your spiritual presence here today as he brings a lot of vessel whose mission is to serve for assistance that will also protect our nation. I just found a legal activities people especially our children we’re especially on that is there is the name of the trail blazing role model who always believe that everyone should reach high goals in life as stated in proverbs twenty seven seventeen as I was sharpens iron so one person sharply it demonstrates the words of the scripture that **** she’s actually share and I’m Robert might sharpen the wisdom courage respect determination and compassion of girls she had encountered we ask that you bless us today as we honor service for a great nation and are also credit you referred is loaded to others than any commission of this vast the coast guard’s core values of honor respect and devotion to duty apple every compartment of the ship and a member of messages and there are other great that your whole life may so moved every human heart yeah there is which divides may crumble suspicions disappear and agencies that our decisions zero peace prosperity and harmony three zero we prayed say. Yeah our United States Coast Guard our company enjoys the longest standing shipbuilder customer relationship and modern American history we have representatives because of our project office here in the audience today that project office has been on board what we do yeah this little town in southwest Louisiana since nineteen eighty four. During a search engine which began with the construction one hundred ten-foot patrol vessel the US Coast Guard cutter. When I was assigned to the newly commission at the time that they are represented you step forward capability for the Coast Guard particularly in a counter narcotics. Create a commemorative poster to highlight the incredible career is on the ship same sex and as you can see here on my right is one of the posters that we have tried to capture the essence of Angela chan and we will be giving out these posters at the end of the ceremony and also during the reception so you can take one along with you at this time like the shift over to the Coast Guard foundation the Coast Guard foundation the aids support for the men and women of the United States Coast Guard in terms of providing scholarships to enlisted families children they provide relief morale support if if the Qatar needs a piece of exercise equipment. To our special guest our partners are the the friends are friends and members of the Coast Guard family that are here today I also wanted to say a special thank you to the project officer from the fifth district lieutenant wins the ten wins where you at right right right. Five so I took one brief on this and and and I I got the reason I said we’re good and I believe in trust and so right now it’s in the wings is only about two more three more people that can mess this up and that’s me to comment on and a couple other people so I think you’re good right now so thank you very much for all your office and I was a team effort but lieutenant wins led that effort also want to extend a warm welcome every should your reference if you and your team I just want to extend their that thank you to you as well but a warm welcome to you on this somewhat cold day from the fitzco school district commander I really appreciate you all being heard they celebrate this moment the most important I want extend a warm welcome to the machine and family here our sponsor Maryland thank you very much but to all of you today for that exam family knows twenty plus family beach you you’re very special family and we are so proud so proud to have you be part of our P. five family here and the Coast Guard family with commission of this. Because I know it’s in distress anywhere protect our precious fisheries and natural resources guard our strategic ports and waterways and investigates mistress a suspicious activities or simply allows us to more effectively conduct operations and meet our critical missions earlier this year the large Lawson responded to a challenging search and rescue cases about eighty miles off shore because I know it’s been a challenge to get to this point it’s not easy to get your they’ve been gone a lot and not only for what you guys have done to this point but what you will do in the future because this is a demanding environment this is an anti ship and it’s a very mission what they will perform in other merit for thirty six years at may twenty six two PCS moves and my wife has been with me all the times reminds me all the time that it’s about the families and I think the more senior you get you appreciate what the families bring and that doesn’t go unnoticed to me in the fifth district the guiding principles are people first it’s our people and it’s our families just want to say take a moment to thank you for what you’ve done the more poorly what’s your view for the fifth district for the nation and we just thank you very much for those up so I just want. The cab field good luck Godspeed temporadas thank you very. Views doubled our growth US congressman first if you can hear it. Good morning. L. three Harris who coordinates those logistics of putting everybody together lieutenant field whose job in many ways is just starting but to the men and women today on behalf of a grateful nation we want to thank you I want a Brea right the families who share their loved ones with us will allow them to do what they do while holding things down back at home the challenges that we see each and every day or not gotten for those of us who serve all washed so when we look to the Coast Guard what they do each and every day that first line of defense but part of the greater service that our military service in this country as I woke up this morning you have six teams out of the one seventy seven the Lake City or flying overhead all night part of the integrated system that keeps our country safe focused on national security and it is our job it is our responsibility and duty to make sure we quit than with the very best to hear them about the Bollinger shipyards and we see many many craft come out whether it’s an airplane ship I should tell me about your sister who lost her mother she was graduating high school but understood by calling for something greater than herself and that was to serve our nation. So we honor her by putting her name so that each generation coming after will say tell me the history of this great ship who was named after what was it there it will be enshrined in history well your sister did it will never be lost and that is what’s so special about our great country turbulent times we don’t talk about our divisions we talk about what brings us together as a great nation and we look at these young men and women over to my right we lose our faith of the great country we are who we are who we were and certainly who we will be so on behalf of a grateful nation all those who will serve thank you very much. But but you can use a resigned as though the twenty six Colorado’s guard. Well good morning it’s my Jersey girl wife going to my great privilege to be with you here today with this fantastic commissioning ceremony here the thirty fifth bass response cutter joining the ranks of Coast Guard cutters deployed around the globe what a special day it is as skip Bo and noted one of the programs place or the center of gravity or listed workforce the commission the ship was very special name on its transom yes next chance legacy and lifetime a service is truly remarkable as a spammer talk a little bit more about that it’s a milestone first bass response card bear the name of an African American female co stars in our history and that is a special special thing we got some very special guests a congressman Norcross thank you for being here thanks for your words I notice you did mention the young people to the left of you I’m not sure what we what he’s saying about us old guys young people in the state we will write on that congressman for your constituents why settle Jody Breckenridge Jody thanks for being here with us I think you have a little history with Angela and your time we’ve got the key Smith obviously onstage retired Ravel Kerry Thomas and retired husband Gary Thomas they both continue do great things in the store society that Kerry’s lead out and Kerry runs coaster mutual assistance we’ve got the master chief has a coaster number thirteen Jason been rated as wife maybe we’ve got the eighth ninth and tenth master chiefs the good Reverend Vince patin who we already been introduced to instead was really big enough to keep as a sermon sure did a good job and good job we got the night match you better our service right Welsh break stand up for sure right. You should give bones gets that chance in Iraq we got the deputy match you pay option Coast Guard rob bushy his predecessor lining kale Jones this is a a host of senior Coast Guard enlisted leaders that’s because today we bear testimony to truly a great coast guardsmen the first African American actually petty officer a true trailblazer mayor where your wife Karen good to have you here today brigadier general it is always a pleasure to have you here Joe piercing he is a free holder from Cape May county better chance interact with him in other occasions and all the local officials and leaders thanks so much for coming out here today into all the commanding officers Kattan builder included here in the folks in different units the other waterfront skippers and officers in charge thanks for coming out today it really is enhancing the event by having all you hear and then a truly special welcome the mix and family Maryland thanks for serving as a ship sponsor that’s a special role and I hope you’ll keep that role alive I know the car is going to work hard on their end it really is a legacy role for you ma’am this family is truly a family a service I recanted the last night the commissioners of that but many have serve many can you serve chief the chant them the chance got sixty on ROTC students in the back they’re gonna be signing Coast Guard enlistment paperwork before they leave may not be aware of that yet but do not let you see them stop them on the way. On behalf of every man and woman that wears this Coast Guard blue uniform we’re really honored to be here with mix amp and we I told the store last night about the crew really what either wait or up and tell me Sir you know we met the make Shands in Charleston were coming around the living ship Cape May what a great bunch how excited are weak that this family tied to our terrific hundred fifty four foot a linear steel that’s gonna do the nation’s business but let me just call up an example we know Meryl I mean the sponsor other sister brother Gilyard we got a brother in law she did you call Williams I talked last night about coral sure this nation forty five years in uniform is just chief warrant officer and then fifteen years beyond working for the army master sergeant racial mix on our image in Alex stand David machine senior Christmas and we talked about them at the sisters in law Mildred McShane RG mix and miss Deborah next sand in over seventeen nieces and nephews so what’s got quite a turnout and thanks for the already standing ovation with which you have and it is an honor for us to be here with each and everyone of you this is truly a wonderful. This one recognized will be in the ceremony here shortly are too long last presenters chief Cologne and she’s a doll ski there the winners of the two thousand and nineteen angel mixing and inspirational leadership award each year we give one active duty and one reserve chief petty officer that distinction and it really recognizes a coast guardsman who appeared in my eyes are core core values of honor respect devotion to duty as well as someone fosters a culture of inclusion of leadership someone who embraces mentorship of those junior and senior to them let me tell you allow me to also thank the commission committee this event does not happen without a terrific amount of hard work and doing this event as I said here in Cape May this historic out of Cape May is really special I want to call out Bob Montgomery who served as chairman for this commissioning specifically Bob thank you for for your efforts for this and all the previous thirty four fast response cutters and all the group and skip you’ve been involved in these as well you know folks have heard me say this before but this idea of putting the name sakes these cutters tied to our list of heroes was skips idea back when he was the tenth Massey petty officer I gotta tell you I’m not so sure it is a more brilliant idea the Coast Guard is because it’s really been awakening of sorts brush just understand the heroes that serve the monks are ranked everyone of these I go I get a deeper and more meaningful understanding of this organization I’ve been in thirty six plus years as good good on you Sir three. Our history is in blazing this bold and by everyone the ship commissionings it truly helps highlight what this Coast Guard service were part of is all about these are the Sentinel class Angela was truly a pioneer she forge new ground she inspired it continues inspired generations who were walking follow in her footsteps a native of Tuscaloosa Alabama Merrill said to me what they should probably think this year was going to be. Now the word about the games because it’s not the seven thirty yes I’m not. And I said I’m going with my long speech. But they had no edge of a beginner career Tuscaloosa I see the Bama swag in the front row here and you know what what’s really special here she’s a contemporary because our hero you know she entered the gates of listed training the summer ninety seven nine the same year I should up the coast okay and there are many amongst us in uniform or retired that had the privilege of knowing and serving alongside Angela I think that makes it even more special because her fingerprints her leadership mentorship is really worn by this Coast Guard that stands a watcher twenty nineteen she started as a store keeper services storekeeper fourteen years in nineteen ninety three decided to change rates the young woman as a young man she served that reserve training center Yorktown but a part of career they want us to be assistant supervisor followed by towards a military civil rights counselor in nineteen ninety eight she was assigned to the chief petty officer academy east that was up in New London Connecticut in Angeles remembered as one of the finest instructors mentors leaders in the chief petty officer academy history she was an inspirational teacher mentor expert communicator and I understand a pretty darn good athlete you know in two thousand she broke last as the first African American master chief petty officer female in the United States Coast Guard history the first but sadly later that year in December twenty ninth Angela passport to young at thirty nine years of age having battled illness but before her death her next sign was going to actually be in charge of the yeoman a school just in those brief years when she transition right those six years she rose to the ranks of someone that was going to take on that esteem level responsibility to lead all future yeoman as they get their a school qualifications stellar career services example the leader who steadfastly displayed professionalism and excellence Angela brought out the best in everyone around her she understood that the people serving on our Coast Guard is what it’s really all about whether they were civilian whether their senior or junior whether their uniform members reservist she understood that our people are indeed our greatest strength and our service is better richer and more clues to the cause of people like Angela chance since two thousand two the angel McShane leadership award continues to be presented as I mentioned with our two one last presenters then set a little bit to do with that and I will always watch thousand headquarters at the time and it’s just really neat to see how that is played forward over the subsequent years we’re so fortunate have families like them a chance families of service I mentioned a few and families who shared Angela to us Angela who chose to channel her immense talents energies despite bases nest for life into this organization we call the United States Coast Guard Angela mentor trained and let a generation of Coast Guard men and women in that impact can still be seen across the service and across the nation. Angelus courage optimism and Donald spirit lives on in the lives of many chief petty officers were master chief petty officers and senior chief petty officers today in that vein as was alluded to earlier the crew was adopted the simple yet usually inspirational model we reach high which absolutely embodies Shinji petty officer Angela chance remarkable ability to motivate mentor and leave I admire that selection because it truly is consistent with Angelus story that models emblazoned on the ship seal it captures the heart in the mindset of this eager and young crew to my right and they’re gonna be operating this new cutter as apple Smith talked about that’s applied benchers in the years to come I think about Angelus short too short life of thirty nine years in a truly personifies the words of our sixteenth president president Abraham Lincoln we can note it it is not the years in your life that count it is a life in your years today I believe that we have many future master chief petty officer Angela chance amongst us a missed us it is my personal responsibility and that of all coast guardsmen sure we have an inclusive environment that encourages each and every member of our Coast Guard team to reach their full potential our service is the strongest when we are comprised of individuals of diverse backgrounds diverse opinions diverse experiences culturally and professionally when we reflect on the population and best reflect the population we serve we will be the best Coast Guard we can absolutely be today I call each of us to build on Angelus like this by creating that inclusive culture that embraces diversity that allows our service to sustain operational excellence ensures the Coast Guard remain separate products always ready the world’s best Coast Guard only holds and retains at a steam title and we are in fact the world’s most inclusive Coast Guard as we commission this Carter today and I say this truly extraordinary cutter today Angelus story in history and legacy will remain deeply ingrained in the fabric of our United States Coast Guard this governor crew embodies a life the spirit the lasting contributions made by master chief petty officer Angela mixing and I know she will in fact inspired generations to serve aboard this fine ship to the cutter’s crew who are the colors plank owners especially you commanding officer Brian field I congratulate you on your assignments you are the life blood of this newly commissioned vessel you have excel forming as a team you brought your Carter from shipyard delivery to our new home port in Cape May and I just want to echo I missed out will Smith’s words that was not easy work they’ve been at this since may it wasn’t without separation from family and a lot of long days to do the families I wanna put stop he’s thanks to you terrific job hanging in their support your coastguards men and women now to the crew I challenge you to take the ship to the next chapter to bring it to the waterfront pointy end of freedom defending our nation’s values and those things we hold most dear bring that professionalism that enthusiasm that bias for action then you’ve demonstrated to this point to bring the ship to today’s commissioning ceremony there we’re gonna be off to the races doing great things for the nation lastly I charge you reach with carrying out the operations of this car in such a manner to be worthy of their traditions the insights in the course of leadership and dedication master chief petty officer initial exam as you take to the seas you will start writing the chapters in the future legacy of this Carter and her name see god speed separate products thank you very much. Angel stands thank you any officer they Brian deal. A good morning I would like to ask staff sergeant Jerry chan please and Barker cutter assisting reason the colors and the commission in kind. I hereby place United States Coast Guard cutter make shad into commission service god bless this cutter in those who saleable order. It’s a good officer who is the colors in commissioning pennant hi yeah there is a down please rise I direct your attention please it was the father and the commissioning pennant. Sorry we can place oyster colors and commissioning then. Okay yeah yeah. Having a other than we think that’d fly over United States Coast Guard cutter and the mission. The dead right field will now read his orders from commander Coast Guard personal command to the Tamron field United States Coast Guard subject orders Simon as commanding officer Coast Guard cutter and women chant went directed proceed to reports of pre commissioning unit and what we stand for gays in conjunction with fitting out and delivery approximation Coast Guard cutter inflammation assume the duties of commanding officer. I’m a shoals your courage will change as the commission I’ve ma’am well to do this. So the first watch yeah also the day that the first watch. Hello and she says she we set up our. He also the death of the commanding officers records and Wallach’s use once wilderness AT radial anchor a long last it’s official symbol of it also the dachshund already under fifteen line Hey jeep alone do you feel to see if there is a twenty nineteen endless and use it for well said and then the first watch by passing the long laugh he closes may times that we started eating walks after. What’s that for. Yeah what is that. We’re honored to have miss Merrill Williams with us today the older sister of random chance or cut or sponsor the notion of a cutter or ship sponsor the deeply rooted in naval tradition with a woman selected for each new cutter based on its namesake or planned mission sponsored by important role in the life of a new car maintain a relationship with the crew and protests participating ceremonies such as today okay and eventually decommissioning miss Williams I’d be honored if you would join me and give the crew the order to bring our cutter life. Good morning the to field thank you for that kind introduction it is a great honor and privilege to be granted the sponsorship of the new Coast Guard Angela cutter Angela making named in honor of our system we the mix jam family are deeply touched by this incredible honor on her behalf I am so grateful for the many family members and friends who are here with us today in attendance there are also family members and friends that could not be here that they wish they could have been here and should have been here. But they will hear about it and read about. To everyone present you have my sincerest gratitude and also that of my neck stand family and for that we all want to say thank you all for being here MHM family has been it is very much a military family starting with my father all juries all matching in United States Navy retired our parents would be so proud of their baby girl Angela Maria MacShane on this historic day my. My siblings and I have been so proud of Angelus accomplishments throughout her Coast Guard career the Coast Guard was her life but first and foremost she loved her family she was so proud of the men and women she served with and the remarkable work that they perform on a daily basis Angela was always proud to be in her Coast Guard uniform and that is so evident of her special smile and dimples in the photograph that is part of the poster that is on display here today it was here today she would surely be so humble to be given such a great honor she would also have said that her actions while serving in the United States Coast Guard especially as an instructor at the chief petty officer academy was to inspire her shipmates to improve their lives and to be the very best that they could be Angelo wanted to and did leave and and packed on everyone that she came in contact with Coast Guard men and women have a long tradition of putting others before themselves so I accept this on a participating in this all important ceremony not only on behalf of my sister but also on behalf of the all the Coast Guard men and women who have stepped forward without hesitation to place the needs of others and our great country first may god’s blessings continue to be with lieutenant fail and this crew as they accept charge of this new vessel embark on the important missions across the seas and beyond I know my sister will be looking down with pride each time the cutter Angela MacShane goes to see and that her spirit will be with the crew and all cruise was that which will serve a bar at this vessel in the years to come lieutenant feel where you come to the podium please. Please accept this frame gift as a symbol of my sponsorship the United States Coast Guard cutter Angela maybe she. Animal stroll Sir I thank you in the United States Coast Guard for this special on granted me the sponsorship of the coast guard’s newest cutter de Angelo make Shane lieutenant fail a special thanks to you and your crew for making me and all the other matching and family members feel like family I also want to thank the Coast Guard personnel the commissioning committee volunteers shipyards L. three Harris technologies the Coast Guard foundation and so many others that worked so hard to make this ceremony so special one that will be read it will be remembered forever I can hear my sister saying a job well done by all while I have already extended my congratulations to cheap Cologne and still doll ski in private I want to publicly congratulate each of you as Adam Rosales dated for having been selected for the inspirational leadership award named after my sister I know enjoy is looking down at this moment with that special smile of hers she is so proud of you. On behalf of Angela and the entire action family congratulations. It is an honor also to have my nephews staff sergeant Jared mission the youngest family member on currently on active duty your participation in this ceremony with me is so very special and I’m so proud of you and all of my military family members master chief patent your participation has added such but significant significance of this ceremony today but those of you who may not remember master chief patent spoke at my sister’s memorial service which was held in north port Alabama January two thousand and one you have my sincerest thanks and that of the entire MacShane family as I am my remarks I must mention again how deeply touched I am to represent the Machin family here today and those that were unable to attend thank you ladies and tell. Officers and crew of the Coast Guard cutter Angelo makes you in let and bring her to life. Yeah. His company and salute. Are you a. Yeah the ship is made right. A report for duty in the fifties are different very well right. Request permission to bring the flag Richie rich Rick. Because guards flag yeah order after the lunch break the color because our plan. Apple number because our flag is flying over because I got inflammation hello they tell me in the right field any officer those are better and understand. Good morning. Conversely Norcross I’m is sold and will Smith’s our distinguished guest friends family shipmate welcome truly truly an honor to be here set in front of such a beautiful ship surrounded by such amazing people. Real honor also we were there in the seven speaker today Sir to keep this a little bit shorter. I would like to start off reflected through a little bit like start off by taking a moment to recognize our Ernie heard from miss Williams and Angelus six other brothers and sisters have been a gateway for the crew to truly understand and appreciate the means and legacy miss Williams you please join me at the podium for a small token of our appreciation for all of your support. Good will machines mottos we reach high severity her I like to take a full few moments this morning to talk about the week eight months ago a group of twenty four of the finest Coast Guard men and women our service is greatest resource began assembling right here in Cape May New Jersey that’s the plan going to prove because darker and on which channel since then they’ve been preparing training working from Lockport Louisiana to Key West Florida from Detroit Michigan to Yorktown Virginia in order to make sure we can safely commission the ship today however twenty four is a small part of the week as a group we scattered around the country there’s been a group of thirty nine others they’re just as much of the week as the twenty four they were standing here before you moments ago those thirty nine folks are depends there’s spent the better part of the past six months keep in our lives on course care for our children settle in the household goods running the house without the other half really anything that needed to be get done while we were gone so these twenty four plank owners could focus on bringing this amazing ship to life I’d like to ask all the husbands wives sons daughters moms dads boyfriend girlfriends and all the family support networks out there because cutter answered me chan stands we recognize that. We’re gonna do this without them twenty one thirty nine the we is even bigger mean patiently sitting here trying to count empty chairs this morning and there’s not a lot of them summer roughly ballpark about five hundred twelve people give or take a few in attendance with us here today thank you very heard this morning and you could tell by the crowd sitting here today and there was an inspirational leader for the Coast Guard but sexual bring in folks from any background together and bring the best out of each and everyone of them. Leading maintaining supporting I thank each of you for being here today and being part of our week the card is first commanding officer and on behalf of the entire crew we are proud to begin the next chapter of Angela Angela is amazing legacy and valid even when the seas get rough the winds get high and this guy dark we will achieve great things we promise to always remember during our time serving aboard where the we is twenty four at C. thirty nine at home for the five hundred twelve us here today but together we will retire thank you. His family okay. Well good morning I before I start it was always a I will fear factor when I’m from the my three little. Please bear with me I’m just a couple things one is the fact that as we started out this ceremony the skies or overcast and cloudy the sun is shining brightly because guess who wanted to make sure she got a front row seat to see what was going on I think it’s very important and very appropriate before I do that the benediction prayer Simpson key words that was part of a song that were written by Peggy abit that said now your spirits source for ever more your angel working miracles please join me in prayer my father on this day we have been honored to witness and celebrate this glorious ceremony of highlighting the value of embracing our history. We know the acceptance of this that is a blessing to the benefit from the snow and the mission Sir. Peter chapter four first S. each had received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of god’s very. We respect your. The US Coast Guard and their ships model we reach high it simplifies they’re enthusiastic role the mission of being a Sentinel guardians for our nation for those today Sir we ask that you watch over them day by day which are having the strengthen them and their trials and temptations give them courage to face the perils and challenges they may encounter and grant them a sense of abiding presence wherever they may be and your guy would come into your gracious gear it keeping all men and women of our great nation will probably serve in every capacity of service at home and abroad as well as our families can sing arm around them and provide I have only protection so they will continue to be your noblest work for humanity I finally asked to speculate seven some blessing of all who were present in this gathering to run a course of time here lord please watch over us and our families we say in parade in your name and reference. A you’re now cordially invited to a reception all the guitars all three Harrison County and a number of generous donors

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