U.S. Army Central Field Training Exercise

U.S. Army Central Soldiers participated in field training exercises at Camp McCrady, in Eastover, South Carolina 12 – 15 October 2019. These Soldiers refreshed their basic Soldiering skills and built unit cohesion by training and testing on several key tasks based on their Unit’s mission essential task list thereby, increasing unit readiness and deployability. (U.S. Army Video by Staff Sergeant Anri Baril, USARCENT Public Affairs NCO)

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The first reason we wanted to come out to the field was to ultimately train on some of our company medal tasks, one of the biggest reasons we wanted to is to build esprit de corps. This helps the company primarily, because this is a lot of our, not only junior soldiers, but also young NCOs who haven’t really had the opportunity to lead, so it kinda gives them the first chance to take a leadership position as a squad leader on a six lane, but it also gets them to know each other as battle buddies and I think that will help, if we did go forward, they would know who they’re fighting next to.

I’d like to see all this come together as one, you know, we learn different things and different practical exercises through the past few days, so now as a culminating effect, like seeing how one links to the other to the next, it’s gonna be pretty cool, and being able to take that back and teach my new soldiers, you know, the things that I’ve learnt here will be great.

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