Army Dives into Eastern Europe

Army combat divers from 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) train with coalition forces in Eastern Europe to help strengthen relationships and ensure combat readiness.

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So in Eastern Europe, our general mission was to support other countries’ special operations by assisting with their training, especially their selection and training of new candidates. Even though we’re a dive team, the mission that we had was not specifically a maritime or dive mission, but because the partners that we were working with most already had a basic level of proficiency and we were basically looking for more opportunities to expand their proficiency and also get maritime training out of it for ourselves. Over the course of our deployment, we basically got to know more and more of the entities, got to know those that had a maritime focus, also other American entities that were over in the area that were doing maritime-type training. We did what we would call the green beret thing, made friends, made allies, got everyone to work together and then set up a dive, several dive training iterations that not only made our team better, but also allowed us to train with foreign units, tell them where they needed to improve, and then set up for future missions of that type in the future. (inspirational orchestra music)

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