570th Movement Control Team works at Khabari Crossing

570th Movement Control Team Soldiers move equipment across the border at Khabari Crossing, Kuwait, November 13, 2019. (U.S. Army video by Staff Sgt. Godot G. Galgano)

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Alvin and I will be at gate—

[Godot] At Khabari Crossing, soldiers are getting ready for another mission. After a briefing of the day events, they will spend their day preparing cargo, vehicles, and containers to cross the border from Kuwait into neighboring Iraq. Loading, unloading, and doing it safely with the help of local nationals is something these soldiers know how to do and do it well. The Crossing is the only place along the border where equipment is transferred by land, making it a key location to the entire CENTCOM area of responsibility.

We’re responsible to all class of supply going into Iraq to support other units and other bases and anything coming into Kuwait to support other bases here in Kuwait. It’s a pretty big and important mission that we have here, because it goes to support other units and other countries.

[Godot] Missions are performed daily and anywhere from 10 to 90 pieces of equipment are moved, making the soldiers of Khabari Crossing a keystone of logistics in the region. For the First Theater Sustainment Command, I’m army Staff Sergeant Godot Galgano, Khabari Crossing, Kuwait.

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