MRAZR training at Hobet Training Facility

The North Carolina National Guard’s 42nd Civil Support Team conducted MRAZR training at the Hobet Training Facility.

West Virginia, and specifically the West Virginia National Guard’s training venues such as Hobet, offer hundreds of thousands of acres of rugged terrain for military units to train on

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What we’re doing is driver’s training on M-RAZRs. We got some Polaris’s back at the unit that we use for rescue. So, we’re out here, you going to learn how to drive on the trails.

For my unit we have a rescue team. Any time when we have a downed soldier down range and we have to get him, typically he’ll be in a level A hazmat suit with a air tank on so it’s kinda hard to transport a soldier from point A to point B over a long distance so we use a Polaris. (upbeat rock music)

Really diverse as far as terrain. We’ve gone hills, we’ve gone down trails, we’ve gone over rocks. I recommended it if any unit’s able to do it then I highly recommend it. We’ve learned so much in the past few days.

West Virginia, it was my second time ever being here, first time really getting to enjoy it. It’s a beautiful area. It’s really well suited for the terrain we’re trying to get done here. I know we trained other places in the past, this place just blows the rest of them away. (upbeat rock music)

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