Before the Takeoff – Airmen Maintain Aircraft Readiness

U.S. Air Force airmen from the 437th Maintenance Group, ensure aircraft readiness before takeoff at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina, November 12, 2019.

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Before the jet goes down range, what happens here matters most because if we just defer maintenance or we don’t do the job correctly here, the effects are felt downrange to personnel downrange, who have to fix the jet. And every aircraft needs either maintenance and or inspection before take off. The different maintenance group sections that we have are quality assurance, analysis and plans and scheduling. Plans and scheduling schedule inspections and they schedule the engine changes as well. They’re important because they’re the ones who are keeping eyes on TCTO’s. Which is just pretty much like a modification or a change to what we’re looking at. If they’re not around to pay attention to that kind of criteria, at the worst aircraft could have some damage. (man talking) analysis they just analyze data that comes back from the aircraft which is pretty much maintenance discrepancies or any kind of discrepancies that keep repeating. My job requires high amount attention to detail. Like when I was back on a flight line scheduling inspection shop, yes our attention to detail was really high but you know no one is perfect. So here in Quality Assurance at the maintenance group level, that requires even higher attention to detail. Where we go out and inspect personnel and make sure they’re paying attention to what they’re doing. (man talking) I do what I do to be simple is pride and purpose. Like at night when I go home and hangout in my backyard and I look up in the air there’s a C-17 on final at night and you can see right away. I take pride in that. Of what we do here matters downrange for sure. You got to get it right here first. Then when it leaves, it’s good to go.

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