Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – Remote Health Solutions

Remote Health Solutions has developed telemedicine technology. It gives those in austere or disaster-stricken environments access to medical-grade consultations.

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The technology that we brought today, and how it will help the war fighter is our connected care box. We call it the Virtual Exam Room. And that basically can connect you with a doctor from anywhere on the globe. It has attachments and peripherals where you can run a blood pressure, pulse oxymetry, temperature, you name it. We have our technology fielded today in the commercial market it’s being utilized across the globe actually, in multiple countries. The truth is, there’s a gigantic need for telemedicine. We’re able to extend a doctor’s reach. Doctors who are able to go to austere environments in the event of a disaster and set up clinics and they can reach back to the States, for example, and consult with a expert. We have carts that go in hospitals, kits that go in helicopters, ambulances, home versions that are on a tablet that we send home with patients. We are really good at compressing our data over a very small bandwidth. And we are actually able to split a single signal of audio, video and data into three separate pipes and we can cannibalize one or the other depending on how much bandwidth we have. If you have infinite bandwidth you’re connected to a WiFi network, you have full access to the network it doesn’t really matter. But if you’re in an environment where you’re just running off of a cell phone and you’ve got one bar of connectivity you can cut the video out completely, go only to audio, go only to data, push that info and still do a medical grade consultation with a physician. The experience at Tech Warrior Op so far has been great. We love the military community and it’s one of our biggest goals is to save more lives. And we absolutely know that it is key to be able to get end-user feedback in order to best serve the community. And this is how you do it, by keeping people out of the hospital, and keeping people healthy.

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