Father Returns from Deployment

Airmen from the 120th Airlift Wing are returning from a four month deployment in Southwest Asia. Amongst those returning is father and husband, Technical Sergeant Kevyn Waite. Staff sergeant Brandy Burke tells us about the reunion with his family.

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[Narrator] Last summer, tech sergeant, Kevin Weight, a Maintainer with the Montana Air National Guard, found out he’d be leaving for deployment two weeks before the had to go.

With that we got our out ducks in a row then poof he was gone. Since then it’s just been kinda everybody handling what they need to handle and getting his job done and holding down the fort here.

[Narrator] When Kevin left his son was only four months old.

He’s like a completely different baby now. He’s almost walking, and he’s screaming, he’s definitely learned a whole lot since he’s been four months and he’s completely different now. So, it’ll be exciting to get Kevin back and get him re acclimated into civilian life a little bit. (Airplane sound)

[Narrator] Today Kevin is returning home along with about 100 of his fellow service members.

I am feeling so excited that he is coming home. (baby screams) It’s just a piece of the puzzle that’s going to be put together. (mother laughs)

[Narrator] The Airmen are returning from a four-month deployment in support of Operation Spartan Shield. Staff Sergeant Brandy Burke Great Falls Montana. (soft music)

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