Remembering 9/11

Ms. Juliana Astrachan, Director of Equal Opportunity, shares what she remembers on September 11th.

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On 9/11, I was a major in the Air Force. I was working at Headquarters ATC at Randolph Air Force Base in the IG office. I was handling inquiries and complaints. We had just walked into the office, and the secretary came in and said, “Turn on the news, there’s been a catastrophe. “A plane went into some buildings in New York.” She didn’t know what they were. Turned on the TV right away and watched, and we didn’t do any work the rest of the day. From then on, everything was different. So many lives were lost because of it. And it’s just a reminder that it can happen to us anytime, any day. I think it’s so important we remember all those people who sacrificed and had no idea. They were just going to work that day.

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