Rappel Tower

During recruit training the soon to be marines are tasked with many obstacles to test their fears and teach them to push past them. The rappel tower is an obstacle that puts not only the recruit physical strength but mental strength to the test.

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What’s running through my mind before I go down the tower is not being able to control myself, ’cause it depends which one I go down with, either the wall run or the free fall.

[Man] Clear the face.

[Soldier] And I’m not sure how I’ll be able to control myself because I’m pretty tall, so.

[Soldier] If I pass the rappel tower, it’s fast paced. Fine challenge if you’re afraid of heights.

[Soldier] The rappel tower was to test your courage to see if you’re strong mentally.

What’s running through my mind right now before I go down the rappel tower? Mostly fear, it’ll probably help me get over my fear of heights, mainly.

The advice I would give to a full recruit or Marine is don’t think about it, just don’t look down. All you gotta do is listen to what they tell you and just get down.

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