Coast Guard shallow water response team deploys to Houma, Louisiana

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Chief Petty Officer Stephen Kelly from Marine Safety Unit Paducah, Kentucky, explains the importance of deploying to the Hurricane Barry response in Covington, Louisiana, July 13, 2019. Kelly’s shallow water response team deployed to Houma, Louisiana, to assist people who were affected by Hurricane Barry. (U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 2nd Class Travis Magee/Released)


My crew and I, we’re down here from Marine Safety Unit of Paducah, Kentucky. We’re here for a potential flood rescue from Hurricane Barry. The boats are loaded, all of the equipment is loaded. We prepare for the worst and we pray for the best. My father was in the military, my grandfather was in the military. Growing up since a little kid, my grandparents, my parents preached to me always help others before you help yourself, and that’s just part of life. I grew up just trying to help everybody since I was little. Now I’m in the Coast Guard. One of the biggest reasons I joined, to help, not just my country but to try anybody else that we can. Just saving a life, you know, especially a child’s life or somebody that really needs it, you know. I mean that’s right there in the heart. We’re headed to Houma, Louisiana right now for potential flood point rescues, so we’ll know a little bit more when we get there. Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but they’re calling us, so if it is something, we’ll be ready to go.

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