First California National Guard Female Infantry Recruit Sworn in

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Wife and mother, 22 year old Jacqueline Feeney is the first female recruit in the California Army National Guard to be sworn in as an infantry Soldier. While other California Guard females have re-classed to infantry roles since the Department of Defense lifted the combat exclusion policy in 2016, Feeney is the first, non-prior service, new recruit from the state. Because of her military family background, she has always considered military service but only wanted to enlist if she could obtain the ultimate job she wanted which is Special Forces. In 2016 that dream became a reality. She’s been working with recruiting for 3 years and is excited about enlisting as an Infantryman/11B, the best road to Special Forces.

Feeney is sworn in by Brig. Gen. Laura Yeager the first woman to lead a US Army Infantry Division. She takes command of the 40th Infantry Division on June 29th at Los Alamitos, CA.

Video by Tech. Sgt. Christian Jadot

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