2019 United States Air Force Academy Graduation

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United States Air Force Academy Graduation at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Transcript of Part One

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Lieutenant General Jay Silveria, the superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, welcome to your Air Force Academy. Today, we celebrate the latest additions to the Long Blue Line of academy graduates as we launch the newest second lieutenants into service to our nation, the 61st graduating class of the academy. Thanks for sharing in this landmark event in our graduates’ lives. Please, take your seats as we prepare for this momentous occasion. The Neil Armstrong Class of 2019 will be marching onto the field soon. We appreciate your support in their development into leaders of character who will serve the greatest air force the world has ever known. Once again, thank you for joining us for today’s ceremony.

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, we ask you to take your seats, and direct your attention to the east side of the stadium. Welcome representatives of the faculty of (audio skipping) States Air Force Academy. (“Pomp and Circumstance”) Leading the precessional and carrying USAFA’s academic mace is Brigadier General Andrew Armacost, dean of the faculty, followed by the permanent professors appointed by Congress, academic department heads, distinguished visiting professors, members of the faculty, and preparatory school staff. Just as the traditions of military pageantry honor the service of members of the armed forces, the academic procession honors academic achievement and reflects centuries of university history. Civilian faculty wear their traditional academic regalia prescribed by the degrees they hold. Each element identifies the highest degree earned, bachelors, masters, or doctorate, as well as the degree-granting institution and field of study. Military faculty are valued for the Air Force experience they bring to the classroom. (audio skipping) faculty have earned a (audio skipping) and many hold doctorates. These officers are selected through a highly competitive process before returning to the academy as instructors or air officers commanding. In many cases, they teach in the same classrooms where they sat students only a few years before. (audience applauding) We are proud of our outstanding faculty who march in today to honor the Class of 2019. Please join us in recognizing them. (audience applauding)

Wing, tench-hut! Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the arrival of the official party. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the secretary of the Air Force, the honorable Heather Wilson, the chief of staff of the Air Force, General David Goldfein, and the superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria. (audience applauding) (audience applauding) Wing, present arms! (bright orchestral music) Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. (audience cheering) (“Hail to the Chief”)

[Crowd Member] (inaudible)! (audience cheering)

Thank you very much. Thank you very much. (audience cheering)

Wing, order arm! (audience cheering) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the graduating Class of 2019. (audience cheering) (bright orchestral music) Graduates, halt! Left face! Wing, present arms! Please remaining standing for the playing of the national anthem and the invocation. (“Star-Spangled Banner”) (audience cheering) Wing, order arms! At ease. Ladies and gentlemen, Chaplain Colonel Paul D. Sutter, United States Air Force Academy Command Chaplain.

Please join me in prayer according to your practice or tradition. Gracious God, what a fantastic day to fly and an even more glorious day to graduate. You, oh Lord, have created the land, sea, sky, and beyond, formed all people in your image. We thank you for the rich diversity of the 61st graduating class of the United States Air Force Academy. Our cadets represent all the states and territories of America, as well as our allied nations from around the world. May their example of solidarity and perseverance through the challenges of their academy experience remind us all of the rich rewards gained from loving our neighbors near and far and encourage us to afford dignity and respect to all. We are proud of our rich military heritage and the heroes and heroines who have led the way. The Neil Armstrong Class of 2019 has lived up to their exemplar, as well as the gold standard of their class color and the challenge of their motto, “Conquer mind, conquer all.” We give thanks for all who have supported their accomplishments, family, (audio skipping) benefactors, academy staff, faculty, professors, supervisors, and peers. Bless and give them your love, mercy, and wisdom always. We are especially grateful to the members of the legacy class of 1969 and the many sponsors who inspired our cadets along the way. This day culminates a well-deserved return on extraordinary efforts expended. Individual goals have been exceeded and the future of the Long Blue Line blazes bright because these graduates have done and given their best. Bless the leaders of our land that we may be people at peace among ourselves and a blessing to other nations of the Earth. Bless especially our keynote speaker and the president of these, our United States, President Donald Trump, that his words would motivate us to renewed commitment to our country, as well as our neighbors around the globe. As our graduates pin on the rank of second lieutenant and go off into the wild blue yonder, we are mindful that hardship and sacrifice will remain their constant shadow. In the words of the cadet prayer, make them effective instruments of your peace in the defense of the skies that canopy free nations. And finally, oh Lord, embolden our graduates in us always in the pursuit of freedom and justice, from which there can be no graduation. These and all things we ask in your holy name, amen. (audience applauding)

Graduates, take seats. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. (audio skipping) take seats. Ladies and gentlemen, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria, the superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy. (audience applauding)

Wow, did Colorado come through with a wonderful day or what? (audience cheering) Good morning and what a great day for the Air Force Academy, a great day for the Air Force, and a great day for our nation. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and distinguished guests. But for the family and friends and the graduates seated in front of me, it is especially great to say welcome to the graduation for the Class of 2019.

[All] Strong! (audience applauding)

To explain for our guests today, each graduating class at our academy selects an exemplar in order to honor and identify with a hero whose qualities they hope to emulate in their own careers. This year’s graduating class chose Neil Armstrong, an American icon who perhaps needs no introduction, but whose incredible accomplishments were matched only by his admirable humility. Aside from being the first person to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong was a Naval aviator, a Korean War veteran, a test pilot, and an aerospace engineer. His achievements are an example to our cadets of the limitless potential of human innovation and the strength of the American spirit, and we are proud to honor his legacy of courage and excellence. So today, whenever you hear, “Class of 2019,”—

[All] Strong!

The members will respond with just what you heard, “Strong.” Today, we’re honored to be joined by a remarkable list of distinguished guests seated behind me and throughout Falcon Stadium. That the 45th president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, is joining us today– (audience cheering) That he is here today as our commencement speaker is an incredible honor for our academy and our graduates, and reflects the vision of our founders that they had more than six decades and more than 50,000 graduates ago that this institution would be an asset of national importance, an indispensable value to the strength of our military. Mr. President, thank you for joining us today and welcome to the United States Air Force Academy. (audience cheering) Today, we are also honored by the presence of our 24th secretary of the Air Force, the honorable Dr. Heather Wilson, USAFA Class of 1982. (audience cheering) Our 21st chief of staff of the Air Force, General David L. Goldfein, USAFA Class of 1983. (audience cheering) And our 18th chief master sergeant of the Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Wright. (audience cheering) Seated behind me today are members of Cadet Squadron Seven, this year’s outstanding cadet squadron. The distinction of top squadron is awarded each year to the squadron that achieved excellence and superior performance in all areas of study, including academics, military training, and athletics. Congratulations and well done, Shadow Seven. (audience cheering) But also seated behind me is a representation of our academy’s leadership, an outstanding team of individuals who have played vital roles in the leadership development of this class. Our vice superintendent, our director of staff, our command chief master sergeant, the headquarters staff, the dean of faculty, our vice commandant of cadets, the director of athletics, the 10th Air Base Wing commander, the USAFA Preparatory School commander, the 306th Flying Training Group commander, the director of our Center for Character and Leadership Development. We also have our four academic division chairs, our four cadet wing AOCs. We could not do what we do without you. Thank you very much. (audience applauding) And seated on the platform with us representing the indispensable roles that our family members play in the lives of our cadets and airmen is my wife Virginia and our academy senior leaders, their spouses. We will never be able to thank you enough for your steadfast support and for the unique sacrifices you make as military families. (audience applauding) I’d also like to recognize an incredible faculty and staff who arrived in our processional that are seated on the south side of the stadium. These dedicated and tireless professionals make days like today possible with their passion for education and discovery, and with their skill in developing some of our nation’s most promising young people into the next generation of innovative-minded leaders. We are truly privileged to have such a talented faculty and staff, ensuring that officers we are educating, training, and inspiring here now will go out into our Air Force and make it their own, shape it into a more capable and powerful force. Thank you all for what you do to make this happen. (audience applauding) The United States Air Force Academy could not accomplish its mission without the unwavering dedication of many partners, and the support of the wonderful Colorado Springs and Front Range region is vital to that support. Seated on the north side of the stadium are some of our most outstanding supporters, representatives from our supporting organizations, such as the Association of Graduates, the USAFA Endowment, the Falcon Foundation, the Air Force Academy Foundation, Friends of the Air Force Academy Library, the Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation, and the Academy Research and Development Institute. Let me also add a special welcome to one of our greatest supporters. Mayor Suthers, thank you for being here. (audience applauding) Also joining us are commanders from around our joint force, including Generals Hyten, General (audio skipping), along with our many other distinguished guests, academy alumni, community leaders, and friends of the academy. Thank you all for your contributions that help make today possible. Thank you. (audience applauding) And to everyone here supporting these young leaders this morning, know that we are a much stronger force because of your indispensable role in our Air Force family. Everyone in attendance today represents the years of development, encouragement, coaching, teaching, correcting, supporting, and loving this class to get them here today. Thank you for coming. We’re honored that you’ve joined us to recognize the culmination of one formative journey and the beginning of another. Today, 991 exceptional young leaders of the 61st graduating class of the United States Air Force Academy start their careers as officers, and I am confident that tomorrow, our Air Force will be a stronger force because of them. (audience cheering) They are joining the Long Blue Line and they are joining a heritage of military service, and none other represents that more than Cadet Joseph Kloc, soon to be Second Lieutenant Joseph Kloc. He was commissioned yesterday by Major Walter Kloc, his grandfather, who’s 101 years old, a World War II veteran, and he is seated in Section L8 here this morning. (audience cheering) Major Kloc, we are honored by your presence. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my distinct pleasure to introduce the 21st chief of staff of the Air Force. General David L. Goldfein is a 1983 USAFA graduate, the sixth USAFA graduate to serve as chief of staff of the Air Force. An incredible distinguished career has demonstrated the qualities of leadership we’d be proud for all of our newest graduates here to emulate. General Goldfein is a command pilot with more than 4,200 hours in aircraft, including the F-16 and the F-117, and he has led airmen and joint warriors in crucial missions all over the world. Sir, thank you for the example you’ve set in your career of selfless service and for inspiring these graduates to see what is possible in this proud profession, and for your enduring dedication to the alma mater. Our entire academy is proud to welcome you back, as always. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome not just the chief of staff but one of the best friends of the Air Force Academy, chief of staff of the Air Force, General David L. Goldfein. (audience cheering) (tapping) (audience cheering)

Been waiting a long time to do that. Well, (pausing) you made it. I’m speaking, of course, to your parents. (audience laughing) Well done, moms and dads. (audience cheering) So, Class of 2019—

[All] Strong!

Let me take you back four years ago to the 26th of June, 2015, the day after you arrived here in your first formation in front of the class wall. For the very first time as a class, (audio skipping) stood side by side and shoulder to shoulder in your crisp new uniforms and took a solemn oath, the same oath you took yesterday in your commissioning ceremonies, to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Standing together as wingmen, you committed to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. And today, you stand here together for the last time as a formation, four years later. Or maybe five or six for a few of you. Trust me, I can relate. And you join the over 50,000 graduates who have gone before you, the Long Blue Line. Today, you enter an Air Force engaged in active combat operations in faraway places like Afghanistan and Syria, as we deliver global vigilance and global reach and global power for America. And like your legacy class of 1969, several of whom are here today, many of you will face the ultimate test in combat as together we defend this great experiment called democracy. And as officers, you will be entrusted with the greatest treasure in our nation’s arsenal: young airmen who volunteer to serve a nation at war and who deserve to be led and inspired by leaders of character, sacred duty, and what you’ve been preparing for since the day you first raised your right hand in front of the class wall. As your chief, I could not be prouder to welcome each of you into our ranks. Ladies and gentlemen, the Long Blue Line is strengthened today by the Class of 2019.

[All] Strong! (audience cheering)

Over 40 years ago, Dr. Heather Wilson and I took our oath together, standing in the field house as members of the Class of 1982, like you, as classmates standing side by side and shoulder to shoulder. After graduation, our careers took different paths, mine mostly operational. Dr. Wilson took a completely different path, graduating with honors as a Rhodes Scholar, (audio skipping) her Ph.D. in international relations at Oxford University. She served on the National Security Council for President George H.W. Bush during the fall of the Berlin Wall, collapse of the Warsaw Pact, and the start of Operation Desert Storm. She went on to become a congresswoman from New Mexico for 10-and-a-half years and a powerful advocate for us on the hill. She’s a private pilot and an aircraft owner. And before becoming our secretary, she served as president of the South Dakota School of Mines. Neither of us could ever have imaged 40 years ago when we took our oaths as new cadets that we would rejoin all these years later to lead the institution we love, side by side and shoulder to shoulder. Mr. President, on behalf of all airman past, present, and future, thank you for nominating Dr. Heather Wilson to become the 24th secretary of the Air Force and recommending another incredible and gifted leader, Ambassador Barbara Barrett, to become our 25th secretary. Next to our commander-in-chief, today’s airmen and their families have no better friend and the nation has no stronger advocate for air and space power than Dr. Heather Wilson. And how appropriate that her last official act as our secretary is here, where it all started, over four decades ago at our beloved academy. And yet again, she is graduating one year ahead of me. (audience laughing) Graduates, parents, families and friends, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you the 24th secretary of the Air Force, Dr. Heather Wilson. (audience applauding)

Thank you, chief, and thank you for everything you have done for our Air Force. I could not have asked for a better wingman. For the parents in the stands, these graduates are some of the best young men and women in America because you raised them to be that way. Thank you for entrusting them to our care. Know that we will give them the training and the equipment they need to be able to fight and win and come home again. (audience applauding) To our graduates in the Class of 2019—

[All] Strong!

There is a nation outside of this stadium depending on you. Samuel Adams wrote in 1748 that neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure our liberty. They must be defended by those who value freedom. You have decided to prepare yourselves to take a solemn obligation today. Thank you for choosing to be airmen. (audience applauding) 41 years ago, Dave Goldfein and I got full-ride scholarships and one-way tickets from sea level to 7,258 feet, far, far above Annapolis and West Point. (audience cheering) We each got off the bus with a single suitcase at the base of what was then the Bring Me Men ramp– (audience laughing) And began journeys that have brought us back to this place by different roots. General Goldfein grew up as a joint war fighter, as a leader, and I geared into public policy and Congress and a higher education. In his poem Little Gidding, T.S. Eliot wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration. “And the end of all our exploring “will be to arrive where we started “and know the place for the first time.” It has been my honor to have been the first graduate of this institution to have become the secretary of the United States Air Force. (audience cheering) Mr. President, thank you for that honor. This graduation will be my last official event as your secretary, and it has been my honor to serve with all of you. It is also now my pleasure to introduce the 45th president of the United States. (audience cheering) From the day he stepped into office, the president began reversing more than a decade of military decline. (audience cheering) Over the past three years, his budget has proposed significant increases for our air and space forces, which we have used to restore the readiness of the force to win any fight, any time, to recruit and train new people, and to buy modern equipment for the airman who will be commissioned here today. (audience cheering) His number-one priority has been the safety and security of the American people and the country that we love. We are privileged to have him here today. Ladies and gentlemen, the commander-in-chief and the president of the United States, Donald Trump. (audience cheering)

They’re pretty happy, sir. You’re pretty popular. (laughing)

Very nice; isn’t that nice? (sustained audience cheering)

Thank you very much. Please. You just like all those brand-new beautiful airplanes that we’re buying. (audience laughing) Hello, Air Force Academy. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. And what a place, what a place it is. At ease, everybody. (audience laughing) I’m thrilled to be here with all of you as we celebrate the incredible Class of 2019.

[All] Strong!

(laughing) And you truly make America proud. You make us all proud. Thank you very much. Great job. Really great job. (audience applauding) And I wanna thank Secretary Wilson for the introduction and for her two years of service as the first graduate of the academy to be the very important (audio skipping) at a time when we’ve really expanded out the Air Force and bought equipment like you’ve never seen before. So, congratulations. Thank you very much, Heather. Beautiful job. (audience applauding) And I wanna thank three other truly remarkable former cadets: your superintendent, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria. Jay, come here. (audience applauding) Class of 1985. Jay, I thought you were a little bit younger than that. (audience laughing) (laughing) General David Goldfein, Class of 1983. Thank you, General. (audience applauding) Great job. Does a great job; respected by everybody. And NORTHCOM Commander General Terrence O’Shaughnessy, Class of 1986. Thank you very much. Thank you. (audience applauding) Thank you, General. We’re also grateful to be joined by Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, General John Hyten. General, thank you very much. (audience applauding) Spent a lot of time together talking about things. (audience laughing) And Commander of Air Force Space Command, General Jay Raymond. Thank you, General. (audience applauding) Space Command. And to all of the distinguished faculty, coaches, and staff, thank you for forging and refining a new generation of American warriors. We’re also joined by many distinguished Air Force veterans and academy graduates. We applaud and salute you all. Thank you very much. Thank you for being here. (audience applauding) And to the thousands of moms and dads and grandparents and family members beaming with joy, and that’s what they’re doing, they are beaming with joy, thank you for raising rock-ribbed American patriots. (audience cheering) America is stronger thanks to your love and your support for these incredible people, these incredible graduates. Cadets, join me in paying tribute to your amazing Air Force families. Go ahead, pay tribute. (audience applauding) (applauding) That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. Without them, you wouldn’t be here, and that’s the way it is. (audience laughing) That’s the way it is. Most of all, to the nearly 1,000 cadets, who I have agreed to shake every single hand– (audience cheering) They gave me a choice. They said, “Sir, you don’t have to shake any hands.” Some people do that. Those are the smart ones; they’re outta here. (audience laughing) You can shake one hand to the one person, top of the class. You could shake 10, 50, or 100, and you could also stay for 1,000. And I’m staying for 1,000, okay? (audience cheering) And I know we’re all gonna make it. (audience laughing) There’s no doubt about it, right? There’s no doubt about it. To the nearly 1,000 cadets who will soon become second lieutenants in the U.S. Air Force: You could have chosen any school, any career you wanted, but you chose a harder path and a higher calling, to protect and defend the United States of America. I know what you’ve been through, and it’s tougher. But you know what? In the end, it’s better. You’re gonna see; you’ll see. (audience laughing) You’ll see. Today, you take your place as officers in the most powerful Air Force in the history of our country and, frankly and very easily, in the history of the world. (audience cheering) America commends the integrity, devotion, and commitment of the Class of 2019.

[All] Strong!

When you choose the Air Force, you choose the noble road of service and duty and devotion. You choose to break old boundaries and unlock new frontiers and live life on the cutting edge. The first air combat happened just one century ago. You are the ones who will invent and define the next generation of air warfare. And you are the ones who will secure American victory all the time, victory. To dominate the future, America must rule the skies. (audience applauding) And that is what your time at this great academy has been all about: preparing you to do whatever it takes to learn, to adapt, and to win, win, win. You’re gonna win so much, you’re going to get so tired of winning, but not really. (audience laughing and cheering) Not really. We never get tired of winning, do we?

[Crowd] No!

No. Over the past four years, that’s just what you’ve done. You’ve worked. You’ve preserved, persevered. You’ve excelled. You’ve done so many things that nobody else can do. And in the end, you’ve come out on top. It took years of focus and discipline to get here, starting long before ‘Beast,’ right? Beast! You all know what the hell ‘Beast’ is, right? (audience laughing) Just being admitted to the academy is a monumental achievement. Only one out of every 10 applicants makes the cut. And don’t forget: Out of those 10 applicants, there are hundreds that think about it, but they know they don’t even have a chance, so remember that. (audience laughing and cheering) It’s true, actually. It’s actually, actually true. (audience laughing) For those who are accepted, another 20% don’t make it to graduation, sadly. Only the best survive to the very end. And here, under the majestic peaks of the Rockies, you have risen to every challenge, overcome every single obstacle, and proven yourselves worthy of the bars that will soon adorn your uniform. (audience applauding) You survived BCT, made it to Recognition, and earned your Prop and Wings. You soared in gliders, piloted aircraft, and launched satellites that are now orbiting way, way above us, looking down on us. You performed advanced research, developed new techniques. You honed your skills as cyber operators and jumped out of planes thousands of feet above the Earth. Not easy. (audience cheering) For America’s airmen, the sky is never, ever the limit. That being said, even the best cadets can sometimes get a little bit carried away. Lieutenant General Silveria has informed me that a few cadets are still on restriction for pranks and other fairly bad mischief. (audience laughing) You know what I’m talking about, right? And you all know who you are. (audience laughing) So, keeping with tradition, and as your commander-in-chief, I hereby absolve and pardon (audience cheering) all cadets serving restrictions and confinements. And that, you earned. You earned it. So, you’re all on even footing. Is that nice? (audience cheering) This class has racked up a list of truly extraordinary achievements. Two graduating cadets recently received one of the most prestigious awards in all of academia: Rhodes scholarships. Please join me in congratulating Cadets James Brahm and Madison Tung. Please stand up. (audience cheering) Wow. Thank you very much. That’s a big, a big, fat congratulations from me. That’s a tremendous, tremendous job you’ve done. Thank you. Thank you, Madison. Great job. On the athletic fields, the Air Force has won 15 conference championships over the last four years, which is really something. A hundred and fifty-three athletes have earned All-American honors. Stand up. Stand up. (audience cheering) All-American, stand up, wow. Wow. It’s fantastic. Congratulations. Including rifle team members Anna Weilbacher and Spencer Cap, who helped the Falcons win the air rifle national title and beat the other service academies to bring home the President’s Trophy. Please, stand up. Stand up. (audience cheering) It’s fantastic. But you didn’t enjoy beating those other academies. I don’t think so, right? Not too much. And graduating cadet Nick Ready became the first person from any service academy to win the College Home Run Derby, wow, that’s a big deal, with a record-breaking 55 home runs. Nick! Where are you, Nick? Stand up. (audience cheering) Come here, Nick! Come here! Get up here, Nick! (audience laughing and cheering) Come here! Come here, Nick! You know, they gave him such a lousy seat all the way back in the corner. (audience laughing) Come on up. Baseball. Home Run Derby. That’s something. In all of college baseball. Wow. I wanna feel this guy’s muscles. (audience laughing) (audience laughing and cheering) It’s real. That’s real. That’s great. Thank you very much, Nick. (audio skipping) deal. That’s a big deal. (audience cheering) The members of this class come from every background, every state in the union, and even from our allies overseas. But through trial and training and tradition, you’ve become one family. It’s what’s happened. And like one family, you have all been pulling for one of your classmates who has bravely fought his battle with cancer. Today, Parker Hammond graduates as a munitions and missiles maintenance officer– (audience cheering)

Along with the class that has stood with him every step of the way. Great going; come on, Parker! Get up here, Parker! Parker, come here! Come here, right? Come here! They love you, Parker. Why do you like him so much? (audience cheering) Great job, great. (audience cheering) A lotta good-looking people in this school, I have to say. (audience laughing) Thank you, Parker. This class personifies the spirit of confidence and courage and unwavering commitment that has always defined the Long Blue Line. (audience cheering) It’s true. It goes all the way back to the very beginning, to the first cadet in the Air Force history. On in-processing day, you’ve greeted at the base of a ramp by the statue of the legendary Val Bourque. Val grew up in a blue-collar family in Massachusetts. During his senior year in high school, he was recruited to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. That’s another baseball player. But instead, Val made the same choice as all of you: the choice of life of service. That’s what he wanted. Val joined the U.S. Air Force Academy. He showed up at 4:30 a.m. on the academy’s opening day in 1955, so he would be the first Air Force cadet in history to take the Oath of Allegiance. He was thinking fast. The academy proved an arduous challenge, however, for Val. Wasn’t easy. As Val’s roommate said, “He was hanging on by a thread academically. “No one was tested more than Val was. “But he was at the very top in his character and in honor.” That’s what his roommate said. After Val finally made it to where you’re sitting today, he volunteered to go to Vietnam and he proved to be one of the best pilots America had. He was amazing. He was incredible. After nearly a year of intense action, he was scheduled to return home. He was very excited but he asked to lead one more mission. On that day, Val’s plane was struck by enemy fire and he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. He now rests on these precious grounds, and his fighting spirit lives in each and every one of you. Great fighting spirit. (audience applauding) The heroes and legends of every generation have always had to confront new perils and defeat new dangers. No one can foresee all of the challenges this class will face, but we do know that, with absolute certainty, you are going to be ready to serve. You are going to be ready to lead. You are going to be aiming at the absolute highest point. And you are ready to fly, fight, and win. Always win. (audience applauding) Always. You exemplify the grit, the guts, and the grace that make America’s Air Force, by far, the best in the world. And in the words of your class motto, “Conquer mind, conquer all.” Each of you has the sharp intellect, deep character, inner strength, and the titanium courage to vanquish any menace that dares to threaten our country or our people. (audience applauding) We’re always ready; right, General? Always ready. He’s ready. I wonder how that’s gonna be viewed, that statement, tomorrow in the press. (audience laughing) You can imagine. And that’s okay. Let ’em think whatever they wanna think. (audience cheering) More than half of you will soon head to pilot training, where you’ll prepare to unleash American thunder anywhere we need. Another 45 will join our Remotely Piloted Aircraft program. A record number of you will become space operators. You will specialize in combat rescues, intelligence, missile maintenance, weather, air traffic control, engineering, and much, much more. Each of you is graduating at a truly incredible time for our country. Our country is doing well. Our country is respected again. (audience cheering) We are respected again. And we’re reawakening American pride, American confidence, and American greatness. You know that. These gentlemen know it; I’ll tell you right now. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. That’s very nice. And we are restoring the fundamental principle that our first obligation and highest loyalty is to the American citizen. No longer will we sacrifice America’s interests to any foreign power. We don’t do that anymore. (audience cheering) In all things and ways, we are putting America first, and it’s about time. (audience cheering) Our economy is booming, our people are thriving, and our military is stronger, mightier, and more powerful, with all of that new aircraft, than ever before. I am committed to keeping our military the best trained, best equipped, and most technologically advanced fighting force anywhere under the sun. (audience cheering) Last year, against some pretty strong opposition, which I’ll always have, we secured $700 billion to support our warfighters, followed by another $716 billion, not million, billion. That’s with a B. (audience laughing) $716 billion this year. That means we are delivering 56 new Air Force F-35s, brand new stealth. (audience cheering) I asked somebody on the other side, “What do you think of that plane?” A foreign leader. They said, “We have a problem with it; we can’t see it.” (audience laughing) It’s always good. It’s always good when they can’t see you. 24 new Reaper remotely piloted Aircraft, 15 new Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft, 10 new combat rescue helicopters, and a well-earned pay raise for every soldier, sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman, and Marine in the United States military. (audience cheering) And if anybody wants to give up your raise, it’s okay. We’ll accept that, okay? (audience laughing) Don’t do it. (audience laughing) We’re also asking Congress to invest more in hypersonic weapons. We have things under development, the likes of which you’ve never seen, the likes of which you can’t even conceive. Artificial intelligence, nuclear weapons and modernization, and space superiority. And we’re soon having, as you know, something that I started. And it started a little slow, and now everybody’s embraced it: Space Force. And you’re gonna be working with them. (audience cheering) And, General, I wanna thank you for helping us so much. It’s been really great. Working with you has been great. Whole new force. In this stadium today are many of the future leaders who will develop the doctrine, strategy, and technology to restore America’s legacy of leadership in space. As you know, other nations are moving aggressively to weaponize space with new technologies that can disrupt vital communications and blind satellites that are critical to our battlefield operations. It is a time for America to reclaim the ultimate high ground and prepare our young warriors of today for victory on the battlefield tomorrow. It’s a very different battlefield. It’s a very different type of warfare. But we are so advanced. And when you see what’s coming, you won’t even believe it. And hopefully, you know what? Hopefully, we never have to use it. Peace through strength. (audience cheering) Peace through strength. As your commander-in-chief, I want you to know that we will pursue and maintain the overwhelming strength we need to deter any aggressor and thrash any foe. For that reason, I am committed to building the Air Force we need with the full strength of 386 squadrons. And we’re getting it done, too. It’s happening rapidly. Because nothing will ever strike more fear in the hearts of our enemies or inspire more confidence in our friends than the roaring engines of American fighter jets, flown by the greatest pilots on the planet Earth, by far: you. (audience cheering) The sound of American warplanes is the righteous sound of American justice. Today, you inherit a legacy of service and valor handed down through generations. It’s a tradition built by legends like Rickenbacker, Doolittle, Wagner, Archer, Boyd, Yeager, Sijan, Grissom, and Chapman. Great people. Great people. (audience cheering) These trailblazers broke barriers after barrier, and they innovated and adapted to push America further, faster, and on to total victory. It is the same spirit embodied by your class exemplar, Neil Armstrong, who started out flying jets over Korea, and, 50 years ago this summer, planted our great American flag on the face of the moon. Just like all of the aces of our past and the heroes of our history, they were ready to lead when America needed them most. And so is every cadet who graduates today. Is that correct? (audience cheering) I think so. You are the patriots whose names will go down in Air Force history. You will redefine warfare at a very, very critical time in our country’s history. You’ll win great battles and bring our enemies to crushing defeat. You will explore the boundaries of space and keep America forever proud and forever free. So today, you take the controls. You’re going to push it up and chart your course across the sky. Keep the wings level and true, because your country is sending you on a vital mission: to defend America, protect our people, and to pursue our nation’s great and glorious destiny. Nothing will stop you from victory. Nothing will stop the U.S. Air Force. And with your help, nothing ever, ever will stop the United States of America. (audience cheering) So, I wanna conclude by giving a very special congratulations to a very special group of amazing cadets and people. It’s the Class of 2019.

[All] Strong!

On behalf of our nation, God bless you, God bless the Air Force, and God bless America. This is a great honor being with you. Thank you and congratulations to everybody. Thank you. (audience cheering) Thank you, fellas.

[Woman] We love you, Trump! (audience cheering)

[Man] Four more years! (audience cheering)

Ladies and gentlemen, the cadet class president for 2019, Cadet First Class Jacob Saucedo, the summer cadet wing commander, Cadet First Class Madison Froebe, the fall cadet wing commander, Cadet First Class Matthew Moawad, and the spring cadet wing commander, Cadet First Class Erica Barnett will present the class gift to the president. (audience applauding)

President Donald Trump, for your dedicated service to our nation, to the United States Air Force, and to the United States Air Force Academy, it is with great pride that today’s graduating class designates you (audio skipping) an honorary member of the United States Air Force Academy Class of 2019.

[All] Strong! (audience cheering) As tangible evidence of that honor, we ask that you accept this painting by Rick Broome. On behalf of the United States Air Force Academy, we also present you with our class coin as a token of our appreciation. (audience applauding) (indiscriminate shouting) (audience applauding) Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David Palenchar, president of the Air Force Academy Foundation, will present the Distinguished American Award.

Mr. President, on behalf of the Air Force Academy Foundation and all the charitable organizations that support the Air Force Academy, I am pleased to present to you the Distinguished American Award. Thank you for being here today to recognize and honor the next generation of American heroes, their families, and friends. Thank you, Mr. President. (audience applauding)

Ladies and gentlemen, take seats. Ladies and gentlemen, Brigadier General Andrew Armacost, the dean of faculty. (audience cheering)

President Trump, before presenting the entire graduating class to you, I would like to single out some individuals for special recognition. First, I call to your attention 102 distinguished graduates who are listed at the top of your program. These cadets, by their overall performance, have placed in the top 10% of their class and have demonstrated true excellence in accomplishing the academic, military, and athletic requirements f

[All] Strong!

And I recommend each as worthy of the bachelor of science degree. (audience cheering)

Transcript of Part Two

Ladies and gentlemen, Colonel Arthur W. Premus Jr., director of admissions, and Dr. Tom Nehbry, associate dean for student academic affairs and academy registrar, will now present the diplomas to the graduating class of 2019. (crowd acknowledging) (applauding) (audience cheering) (applauding)

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, Donald J. Trump, president of the United States, joins us on stage to congratulate each of the graduates of the class of 2019. (crowd acknowledging) Will the distinguished graduates please rise and come forward to receive your diplomas. (scattered cheering) (applauding)

[Announcer] The class of 2019’s number one cadet in overall performance, Trey Landon Arnold. The class of 2019’s number one cadet in academic performance, Kyle Andrew Leland. Come on. Kyle David Payke. Erica Storm Barnett. Samantha Livingston Coles Potter. Molly Katherine Olmus. Georgia Ellison Sims. Brian William Ramsigner. Hillary Ellen Keeley. Lucas Ryan Piesner. Nicholas Ben Hurley. Ryan Christopher Palmer. Grace Lynn Churlansa. Christopher Philip Clark. Catherine Sophia Malone. The class of 2019’s number one cadet in military performance, Jenna Sue Johns. Pierce Thomas Casmyer. Matthew Alexander Nawen. James Walter Braum. Brian Thomas Olsen. Christopher Michael Volts. Joshua Joseph Kaus. Ryan Josephs How. Madison Lee Tongue. Caitlyn Alexis Cook. Mackenzie Dell Rosenthal. Melanie Ann Chadux. Austin Davis McDaniel. Benjamin Charles Jakeman. Zachary Quin Warren. Steven Daniel Steiner. John Israel Ferguson. Gradin Phillip Gribble. Collin Michael Zabaslak. Eric Duncan McMillan. Jarrod Patrick Henderson. Parker Daniel Feel. Conan Brian Multz. Carlianne Kay Butz. Hunter John Alquist. Lesley Lynn Jackson. Lydia Ann Byrum. Stephen Edward Barrisford. John Rider Jordan. Adam Ray Brown. Dean Forest Ronsman. Benjamin Edward Flanagan. Lauren Elizabeth Truax. Brook Ann Kantleman. Cameron Andrew Hoover. Esther Somen Kim. Yarislov Boridinkov. Andrew Charles De Nicola. Joshua William Turner. Gabriel Ann Evie. James Brewer Heirs. Emily Claire Bertrand. (audio cuts out) Robert Darcy. Ty Nicholas Feedy. Abraham Monroe Eaton. Charles Parker Jacks. Elizabeth Michelle Reed. Shawn Matthew Ryer. Garrett Franklind Amy. Richard Scott Evans. Caden Richard Sparks. Matthew James Cook. Jordan Emma Peterson. Collin William Tommet. Adrian Carol De Bush. William Everett Langon. Cole Matthew Schwagle. John Alexander Bowes the 3rd. Shawn David Harvey. Gabriel Scott Dolman. Michael Norman Plaza. Ronald James Jackson. Andrea Nichole Able. Elizabeth Stacey Pennington. Harry Gibson McMahon the 3rd. Tamara Lee Kardinas. Andrew David Gibson. Mark Frederick Mueller. Nicholas Luke Resicoe-Risma. Jake Canyon Watkins. Spencer Chase O’Donnell. Erin Noel Nisler. Jennifer Foo Huin. Oshay Sylvan Schradle. Liam Shane Caplain. Megan Claire Lengus. Zachary Noah Wily. Austin Dickson Good. Caleb Andrew Mathis. Joshua James Jallowick. Elliot Owen Higgins. Ellen Marie Neota. Anthony Robert Cabri. Graham Dodgeworth Smith. Kylie Marie Wharton. Antonio Garza. Johnathan Daniel Gazinsky. (audience cheering) (applauding) Ladies and gentlemen, joining President Trump on stage, to your left, the honorable Heather Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force and to your right, General David Goldfeen, Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Also joining them on stage, to your left, Lieutenant General Jay Saveria, Superintendent, United States Air Force Academy and on your right, Colonel Scott Campbell, Commander Commandant of Cadets. Will the remainder of the graduates of 2019 please rise and come forward by squadron to receive your diplomas. (audience cheering) (applauding) Cadet squadron one, Kim Kenrick Abatep. Gina Marie Arabito. Marcus Anthony Bennett. Melissa Lee Berger. Boe Woodward Billingsley. Steven Gregory Carter. Michael Reese Fontano Junior. Anna Margaret Frick. Riley Michael Hafer. Conner James Harry. Isaac Demitrio Jimenez. Serene Kathleen Karley. Zephenia Troy Miller. Andrew Malique. Nathan Richmond Sanders. Jack Woodrow Smith. Emmy Kay Sweezy. Cheyenne Hennuie Wall. Timothy Ryan Ward. Robert John Wayland. Roland True Wheeler the 4th. Maverick Allen Willheight. Jefferey Charlton Bailey. Cadet squadron two, Nathaniel Armor Beckstrend. Jeffrey Charlton Bailey. Reed Le Aloha Blair. Brett Michael Bixler. Caston Grant Casey. Julia Analis Boswell. Jessica Junyee Chen. Jennifer Betsy Chen. Jacob Kelly Dosella. Tessa Rose Favo. Rebecca Madison Gesevich. Peyton Hughes Galloway. Ray Lira Gonzalez. Seth James Hill. Michael Edward Marsh. Simon Kenneth Minn. Jessica Nicole Moychi. Darren William Miller. Min Hugh Park. Christian James Nasto. Catherine Rose Tomzack. Vincent Anthony Saben. Johnathan Andrew Williams. Alex Seyee Vausen the 3rd. Cadet squadron three, Nathan Ronald Aday. Marcus William Brincour. The class of 2019’s number one cadet in athletic performance, Shanya Daniel Burns. Luke William Chapman. Thomas Braydon Eedie the 3rd. Kinness Elise Gooder. Alison Jane Gorange. Trenton Curtis Harper. Benjamin Thomas Harris. Paige Lynn Harrison. Carson Allen Farley Kimball. Zachary Allen Lindsey. Shen Sui Leo. Grason Dean Mals. Zachary Martinez. Anna Kate Nichole. Steven Powers Parker. Andrew Thomas Piper. Quincy Alexander Park. Logan Brian Skinner. Charles Andrew Smith. Megan Renee Vandermoss. Daniel Jordan Zivney. Cadet squadron four, Christopher Wesley Bauten. John Thomas Canada. Maria Nichole Carter. Erin Kathleen Cochran. Matthew Christopher Colter. Visham Felhey. Evan Tyler Finou. Matthew John Green. Jeremiah James Hemmy Chloe Lynn Holman. Joseph Emanuel Lynclose. Charles Anthony Arthur Liano. Bradley Dylan Martin. Preston Riley Montero. Ratchupun Namluck. Kelly Xiam Nguyen. Zachary David Norton. Adam Christen Pelter. Mary Charlotte Pepper. Jason Alexander Saddler. Amon Patrick Shannon. Matthew Douglas Stanley. Pablo Steven Vapasiano. Cadet squadron five, Conner Anthony Brazinsky. Alongone Toya Brooks. Zachary Alexander Carryon. Reese Michael Clingingchial. Jacob Jeffrey Cole. Shandley Ann Conlan. Michael Francis Davey. Joseph Singer Ernst. Tristan Leroy Hanson. Hannah James Hetzler. Shawn Richard Jolly. Sara Noemi Krizer. Blake David Lowry. Christine Masaco Lou. Daniel Gorman Lindauer. Charles Francis Mowry the 4th. Christopher Gregory Naudlin. Rodrigo Antonio Oriano. Benjamin Barrett Stans. Caleb Lee Stuffle. Ryan Jayhoon Yu. Cadet squadron six, David Norman Collins. Alexander Brian Colon. Brian Thomas Conley. Christopher O’Shiro Doh. Chloe Antoinette Gaxton. Brennan Tyler Garland. Ashley Jeanette Gafire. Samuel Ray Heingartner. Elizabeth Marina Jarvis. Casandra Julia Macawee. Sonja Sephi McGloflan. Heidi Lynn Morrison. Logan Wayne Ormsby. Alexa Marie Povaromo. Nicholy Olchen Roads. Robert John Shaffer. Zachary Adam Sacholofsky. Charles Adgee Tredwell. Lucas Oh Vanet. Andre Dylan Vartuchio. Edmond Wongin Yee. Cadet squadron seven, Zachary William Arns. William Jake Christopholus. Noah Macanaela Crab. Lucas William Etcheberry. Jacob Strickler Erinstrum. Noah William Eppinger. Evan Richard Guisler. Timothy Cyrus Hunt. Vanesana Oriola Ogune Itubu. Rachel Elaine Kester. Tywoo Kim. Alisa Elena Nelson. Jennel Patrice Parlagreco. Logan Gabriel Petho. Josiah Fred Riley. Peter Chandler Washer the 3rd. Garrett Alexander Watts. Chance Lawrence Wessel. Heather Selena Zimmy. Cadet squadron eight, Quinton Eugene Coleman. Blake Joseph Daily. Maria Loraine Dronan. Joshua Chance Frometta. Petruce Giza. Vladislov Maximovich Gogulya. Johnathan Richard Healy. Nicholas Olan Jasper. Tensem Sarab Kazerns. Zachary Lee Kreiger. Meredith Kimbal Laskey. Erin Deidre Maxwell. Anthony Jordan McGloflen. Joseph Livingston Mule Junior. Patrick Isaac O’Hanlon. Kyle Austin Rammage. Megan Louise Roach. Trevor Scott Thinasalchi. Emma Rochelle Strom. John Joseph Vackler the 3rd. Ming Jun Yun. Cadet squadron nine, Francis Burns Cooper the 3rd. Dion Write Dodd. Kirsten Summer Elliot. Griffin Edward Luck. John Ryan Genon. Robert Daniel Hugo. Matthew Gage Kane. Song Min Ko. Nicholas Richard Learn. Anna Carolyn Leland. Jacob Todd Mackovich. Andre James Miller. Joshua Francis Mossing. Charles McKenzie Orohood. Garret Scott Patnode. Kevin Blake Patterson. Carl Thomas Rindal. Nina Marie Rogers. Daniel Soto Junior. Lauren Savannah Stroud. James Rogers Tatum the 3rd. Janelle Cabrera Thalerio. Cadet squadron 10, Michael Lee Bono. Isaac Foster Childers. Tyler Anthony Cebotti. Thomas Andrew Cox. Isabella Vivian Ferrel. Jarrod Darnell Flowers. Emily Shivon Graves. Brian Nolan Guerrero. Theodore Steven Janser. Johnathan David Koltonbar. Richard Allen King the 2nd. Eric Lee Leverence. Emily Elizabeth Lures. Hunter Englebret Lunasen. Ryan Joseph McKenna. Stone Eric Miller. Zachary William Morris. Madeline Claire Posand. Nicholas Alexander Pollock. Devin Eric Saunders. J.C. Raquel Smith. Jessica Lee Tobias. Kilian Miller Valencia. Joshua William Wilheight. That’s it, sir. Ready? Ladies and gentlemen, joining President Trump on stage, to your left, Brigadier General Andrew Amricast, dean of the faculty. And to your right, Mr. Nathan Pine, director of athletics. Cadet squadron 11, Brody Nathaniel Bagna. Emily Ann Bluo. Madison Jane Froby. Logan Paul Frost. Michael Lawrence Gray. Christian James Hadden. Madeline Claire Hoff. Joseph Vicente Johnson. Nicholas James Uhas. Nicholas Allen Kundrat. Anna Noel Moronick. Alexander John Mossing. Oliviay Mutubasi. Dustin Lee Nethercut. Matthew Joseph Philichi. Darien Lavar Sanders. Jacob Matthew Shaffer. Colton Michael Stow. Kendall Amelia Thomas. Andrew Phillip Wiss. Cadet squadron 12, Keith Bautista. Brandon Edward Boon. Hagen Kathleen Bottlebly. Luke Rafael Boil. Carter Jean Chalupka. Riley Marie Butler Clark. Sarah Isabella Cook. Avery Cha Evans. Briant Samuel Falconello. Noah Gallen Givenis. Eric Christopher Geer. Darby Rose Glab. Matthew Glen Hargrays. Mason Ernst Knox. Paul Michael Lee. Nick Dowel Lopez. Shannon Elizabeth Murray. Thomas John Oshieka. Woodra Panikan Patel. Brandon Zachary Rockers. Anthony Francis Vacaro. Eric James Yandura. John Robin Diondre. Cadet squadron 13, Daniel James Butalier. Micah James Capla. Ethan Douglas Chambers. Mason James Dean. Michael Patrick Fahee. Reese Michael Fairchild. Jacob Reed Gilbert. Kayla Ann Granger. Renee Iaovi Nuna Honafo. Analis Chakico Howard. Jarrod Tyler Cruiser. Griffin Thomas Lorenz. Louis Armando Martinez Junior. Nicholas Ty Maxie. Abigail Rose Mitch. Mariah Rin Neihouse. Kahinde Prosper Oshenloya. Christian Michael Pung. Garell Shivan Smith. Dylan Thomas Soder. Mary Catherine Vidra. Cadet squadron 14, Benjamin Amin Byer. John Christian Blazengame. Mark Anthony Bozzo. Robert William Darren Bullard. Spencer Capp. Reyna Cerniglia. Chase Michael Cohen. Sara Noel Escavido. Hansen Reed Finley. Ryan Keith Gill. Sydney Elizabeth Hightoff. Alexander Ivan Hess. Turner Andrew Holcomb. April Susan Hood. Emily Jean Kwo. Matthew Scott Medla. Austin Oaks Nelson. Hudson Henry Pierce. Jenna Michelle Petty. Steven Daniel Plasket. Josiah Matthew Prado Savoy. Bradley Milan Stephanovich. Donald Thomas Stutz. Sierra Nichole White. Cadet squadron 15, Abdil Jose Pasanes Rosario. Luke Robert Mesieh Easton. Caleb O’Neil Elms. Thomas Shulty Ernst. Timothy Tanner Herman Junior. Jennifer Lynn Hidenk. Thomas Patrick Keith. Kathy Lim. Jenlis Malai Maldonado. Mitchel McCully. Gregory Jett Nye. Michaela Brianne Pollock. Joseph Evan Redfern. Briana Rose Robertson. Dylan Konfuk Tang. Leo Weston Tanja. Spencer Daniel Thompson. Tyler Reed Vot. Brian Jayhee Yu. Cadet squadron 16, Milo Homer Brauder. David William Cooper. Lillian Marie Costello. Melissa Patricia DeSoza. Cody John Darnald. Joshua Jokim Fortez. Dylan Andrew Harry. Maxwell Richard Heathner. Jason Asbury Hightower. Jarrod Patrick Kester. Griffin Walter Landrom. Dylan Joel Magnus. Hannah Rose McGowan. Gabriel Marie Miller. Jacob Michael Ore. Cassandra Eleanor Preston. Jordan Eric Rivera. Carl Isaac Schultz. Tyler Eric Yonkers. Cadet squadron 17, Jamie Wagman Abulan. Jonah Olsen Angus. Mayelani Key Aloha Aracon. Garret Ross Colson. Ryan Shane Colensworth. Maxwell James Daniel. Bailey Celeste De Barry. Blake John Gillan. Lionel Ayuk Gumaretti. Robert Tanner Heckman. Natalie Monique Ketner. Eric Christopher Kline. Thomas Alexander Knox. Delpheo Shamar Matthews. Victoria Marie Perez. Nicholas Gregory Paravolidas. Garret William Potts. Myelin Fuentes Quinto. Britney Christina Reed. Luke Dallas Sanderson. Jacob Edward Sausido. Noah Merritt Withe. Parker Steven Wilson. Alexander David Edward Yantis. Cadet squadron 18, Conner Lee Brown. Sung Heok Choy. Brian Joseph Darby. Michaela De La Cruz Demapie. Olivia Katherine Durance. John Daniel Dykman Junior. Nathaniel Allen Enders. Robert Kione Gotchkes. Alexander Steven Goyogothery. John Paul Joyce. Anthony Junyong Kim. Hailey Mikaela Lobb. David Hall Lauthan. Allen Sun Luke. Ariana Jennai Mosley. Brian McKenzie Poithres. Kate Ursula Randall. Conner Isaiah Rayburn. James Logan Sims. Gabriel Marie Singler. Matthew Dean Stenger. Charles Edward Stephens. Cadet squadron 19, Kyle Gregory Abraham. Katherine Ann Anderson. Matthew Brooks Carter. Alex Richard Banshi. William Evans Duval the 5th. Kaitlin Elizabeth Emerson. Bailey Robert Flansberg. Morgan Alexander Coleman-Genest. Isaac Kenneth Kaston. Tioyun Solomon Ko. Piptu Dickinson Lee. Camille Alexandra Lenard. Brianna Nicole Martinez. Andrew Johnson McAdams. Gabriel David Mendez. Samuel Robert Rexroad. Samuel Ethan San Marco. Lauren Hunter Sides. Thomas Martin Stretch. Logan Heater Toucher. Caden Ross Taylor. Michelle Leona Thompson. Hunter Austin Zenuski. Cadet squadron 20, Lois May Agabond. John Ericson Allen. Elizabeth Marie Barnacle. David Louie Bartholomew the 4th. Cole Bennet Beaterman. Alexander Dean Brown. Justin Riley Click. Austin James Doing. Ann Marie Claire Flatten. Kyle Walter Floyd. Tyler Wily Harristover. Maxwell James Kemper. Pervis Pordel Louder. Allison Page Lusk. Giles Richard McGillick. Isaac Jose Perez. Erin Rachel Seguisy. Matthew Eugene Sheer. James Gerard Schwerner. Elisa Page Staton. Nathaniel Alexander Thomas. Trey Daniel Tulleson. Joshua Raymond West. (crowd laughing)

[Trump] This is great. Let’s go kids. Let’s keep it going Tony, huh? (crowd cheering)

[Announcer] Cadet squadron 21, Marcus Wayne Abrams. Earnest Lewis Alvino the 3rd. Johnathan Lang Bartlett. Sarah Elizabeth Bertles. Mathalda Reesh Brancal. Isaiah Wendell Butcher Junior. Brianna Katherine Chen. Liam James Conley. Charles Christian Davis. Matthew David Finley. Erica Canalor Fulbright. Steven Ray Griffin the 3rd. Austin Emanuel Gullah. Nichole Kanna Mckeen. Chandler Elizabeth May. Zane Hall Moxley. Thomas Chuan Oh. Matthew Thomas Oliver. Joshua Laurence Rackem. Evan Jason Reese. Jericho Alchristopher Simmons. Eva Maria Thomason. Joshua Joseph Watahousky. Cadet squadron 22, Maurice Glendon Appleton the 3rd. Nicholas Zachary Bachanazies. Austin Christopher Box. Dylan Christopher Brown. Raphaela Eliza Baquer. Tyler Myron Bazell. Mark Dale Cofson. Sharon Dominguez. Shelby Lee Feldman. Rachel Marie Golding. Kyle James Gordon. Jenekie Lane Hiramon. Jordan Jewel Harold. Yung Jun Kim. Justin Tyler Kovich. Haron Lopez Junior. Kaitlin Hannah Myers. Joseph Trung Pham. Gareth Long Phitton. Albert David Taglieri. McKella Karen Tucker. Sedasy Carl Waldon. Caleb Gavin Williamson. Joseph Michael Woody. Cadet squadron 23, Steven Anthony Alexander. Casey Edward Brannon. David John Colver. Luke Arthur Decker. Mark Anthony De More the 2nd. Braden Joseph Evers. Logan David Feesline. Johnathan Austin Gale. Casey Marie Guardia. Regan Eleanor Haberkate. Christian Ollof Pedegrin. Daniel Dee Highland. John Adolf Kri. Daniel Asa Kur. Gabriel Andres Martinez-Quinones. Troy Thomas Mayor. Conrad Joseph McCarthy. Christian Marie Neigh. Clinton Mills Parker. Kevin Sunridge Poury. Micheal Todd Snell. John Gilbert Salt the 3rd. Shawn Andrew Sutego. Miriam Audra Trapart. Brianne Marie Walker. Cadet squadron 24, Timothy Hughes Baker. Johnathan Michael Banks. Noah Benjamin Burling. Kurran Brant. Christian Mark Brunencant. Nicholas Noah Clark. Michael Gevlin Gilmartin. Nathaniel James Graham. Holden James Hardcastle. Lauren Elizabeth Helt. Michael Robert Holman. Kathleen Taylor Kohler. Yadime Lee. Thaddeus Frederick Moore. Justin Hun Mun. Ethan Alexander Nichols. Sydney Caroline Phillips. Stanley Yu Skibo. Brett Austin Stell. Isaac Matthew Schwartsman. Demi Jeanine Yosizun. Cadet squadron 25, Scott Anthony Bennet. Xavier Ryan Cardinal. Avery Francis Chatman. Nicholas Cody Chu. Donald Cameron Alexander Coffinshyvon. Peyton Elizabeth Cooper. Kevin Edward Cox. Het Manish Desay. Khalia Alexis Goreman. Derrick Michael Greenwald. Jesse Cornelius Haggarty the 4th. Brett James Hensel. Maria Victoria Martinez. Paul John Matthews. Seth Nathaniel Ollus. Cole Douglas Pouch. Taylor Renee Pond. Brayson Nicholous Reeves. Andrew Covey Tankersley. Thomas Lewis Sascano the 4th. Tyler Benjamin Olman. Daniel James Vanderwye. Jacob Reed Vollen. Bryce Carl Vonsermuling. Caitlin Marie Walbridge. Cadet squadron 26, Johnathan Thomas Atsinger. Steven Timothy Beline. Mark Gordon Brown. Nicholas Martin Chavront. Ross Atchison Connors. Christopher Nathaniel Coes. Robin Nichole Cully. Corban Boncomo Frial. Dominique Chantel Gordon. Daniel Hilf. Christian John Kolusion. Rebecca Francis Lang. Jesus Alonzo Mayese. Shawn Michael McGinty. Callie Morgan McClain. Diana Ewgen Myers. Kelsey Leanne Putkamer. Wesley Stephen Ray. John Allen Robertson. Preston Allen Roche. Juan Sebastian Roseau. Allen Ted Villanueva. Jacob Austin Wellborn. Cadet squadron 27, Tyler James Blue. Joseph Michael Bruno. Juan Jose Dukay. Daniel Yongong Han. Jeffrey Allen Hart Junior. Natalie Florence Hawthorn. Thomas Xavier Hiltz. Austin Taylor Jacobs. Cindy J. Kim. Jalile Amosudey Kuku. James Charles Lynch. Robert Gerald Molonack. Monica Ruth Mamah. Darien Asuka MacElhanon. Hayden Samuel Molunder. Logan Wayne Morrison. Chase Marshal Poland. Dylan Thomas Rase. Audrey Diane Reed. Alexandra Alisa Revelez. Landon Jacob Roddenberry. Matthew Thomas Seratory. Thomas James Sherwood Junior. Maxwell Lee Wild. Christopher Yenlun Yong. Cadet squadron 28, Adam Joseph Caldine. David Milton Clement. Michael John De Frees Junior. Caitlin Kaylee Enright. James Henry Forenzie. Zachary Amadeus Frontado. Brian Michael Gerard. Samuel Tyler Grayson. Ford Calvin Hossler. Jerrod Knight Junquest. Eugene George Kim. Michael Quorta. William George Merchant the 2nd. Brianna Rochelle Murray. Mackenzie Taylor Rudolph. Jeremy Matthew Schwarz. Marissa Celeste Sly. Edward Thomas Smett. Dustin Lee Still. Joanna Celeste Trevino. Cadet squadron 29, Sara Catherine Antelope. Jeffrey Thomas Austin. Daniel Thomas Bailey. Andrew Grant Barman. Peter Hagen Curtain. Robert Michael Dow Junior. Michael Steven Grudal. Logan Thomas Justice. Alexander Gregory Lasar. April Nichole Lewis. John Constantine Magus. Megan Drew McCormick. Joel Isaiah Mash. Dean Everett Reesy. Nigel Bruce Sarison. Simon Timothy Sneeringer. Lucas Emanuel Takura. Jaime Arturo Tejerina Junior. Deanna Rochelle Washington. Cadet squadron 30, Jacquerie Andres Adams the 2nd. Spencer Joseph Adolph. Casandra Catherine Bell. Kinoa Chunmoy. Athena Marie Eckhart. Samantha Ryan Bondacaro. Parker James Hammond. Nicholas Ricardo Hillman. Jake Quinton Hughes. James Levi Knox the 2nd. Jack Fuller Kulp. Elizabeth Margaret Mahoney. Trent Lee Myzell George Rice Mallard Junior. Dane Axel Norman. Thomas Robert Plasay. Matthew Lloyd Robins. Adrian Dominique Shepee. Hannah Marie Springer. Sharon Christine Typher. Christopher Todd Titus. John Michael Toome. Jonah Sablat Witt. Katrina Marie Wood.

[Man] Sir, if you’re ready. Ready to go.


[Man] Go ahead.

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, joining President Trump on stage, once again to your left, Lieutenant General Jay Saveria, superintendent, and to your right, Colonel Scott Campbell, commander commandant of cadets. Cadet squadron 31, Malique Jamal Abott. Kelly Lee Blunt. Tucker Joshua Bone. Elizabeth Alexandria Breckreal. Elijah Malique Calloway. John Charles Debogian. Ryan Jacob Doris. Mark Lawrence Hayes the 2nd. Eric Hall Eisenburgh. Ryan Lee Johnson. Jarrod Trace Landry. Kylie Theresa Moore. Walker Evan Newell. Nathaniel Ejun Pak. Parker John Rosedal. Addison Walker Smith. Anthony Jackson Thomas. Christi Marie Thorstensen. Demeneco Michael Vecanty. Rebecca Morgan Wagner. Jacob Steel Yarnell. Cadet squadron 32, Michael David Bastion. Samuel James Brenner. Michael Roy Boeck. Devon Brynn Burger. Ronald Allen Cleveland. William Ellis Cooper. Michael R. Cornus. Britney Alexis Flanagan. Nicholas Ross Fleming. Martin Edward Gilligan the 4th. Jacqueline Brooks Goodwin. Marie Elise Guerrero. Ryland Gage Hague. Isaiah Tanis Haneble. Michael Edward Kemper. Andrew James Kinsiger-Patroski. Christopher Michael Lowe. Robert Joseph Mahoney the 3rd. Bailey Callen Nagel. Stanley Ryan Ocheski. Reese Shijin Ponchus. Patrick Ryan Rodney. Collin Michael Skinner. Tyler Scott Stout. Mariah Anne Volk. Arianne Lamar Worthman. Cadet squadron 33, James Kendall Anchenburg. Jacob Isaiah Delvado. Filo Torres Casanada. Marquez Eugene Cobb. Kyle Patrick Daily. Charles Joseph Estep. Cole Colton Groves. Elizabeth Alesandra Hartman. Riley Rose Hill. Daniel Robert Jones. Sawon Kong. Nicholas Ryland McDaniel. Kevin Santiago Mendez. Jacqueline Marie Orcut. Arron William Queen. Dylan Kennedy Smith. Joshua Taylor Summers. William Robert Tatum. Anna Maria Whilebacher. Trevor James Westindorf. Rachel Shannon Wineman. Cadet squadron 34, Zoey Aubrey Barnett. Nicholas Andrew Caban. Taylor Catherine Cobb. Marte Lamand Coleman. Dustin Allen Demato DeLano. Matthew Devin Haan. Sara Brook Hellman. Chadney David Hill. John Joseph Gordon How. Samantha Lorraine Jackson. Trim Thurgood Lewis. Matthew William Moche. Abraham Nunio. Gabriel Nicole Pensant. Stephanie Marie Olifca. Nicholas Ready. Rachel Elizabeth Russel. Joshua Semiano Santini. Jacob Matthew Stanley. Joshua Raymond Stillwell. Daylin Sutton. Michael Scott Trinner. Cadet squadron 35, Nicholas George Anapol. Cameron Vance Carter. Cameron Alexander Castleberry. Dylan Ananias Clark. Julia Dominique Corton. Veronica Simone Dodds. Matthew Edward Dunlap. Jack Conner Flynn. Brett Austin Herring. Soran Justice Hoffman. Turner Wayne How. Andrew Hall Hutzhold. Clarissa Lyn Jacobs Hoffman. Nicholas Mark Miron. Marissa Lee McCullough. Michelle Katherine McGee. Johnny B. Murphy the 3rd. Eric John Resilian. Lenoy Lewell Terai. Samuel Joseph Valleroy. Robert Nicholas Waterman. Cadet squadron 36, Thomas Francis Brunz. Chad Edward Crine the 2nd. Christopher Juan Colcano. Mave Amelia Daw. Anthony Paul De Angeles. Brett Tyler Decker. Christian David Frost. Andrew Roger Gherman. Johnny Griffith. Shawn Noel Thrasher-Grennel. Matthew Lloyd Hawkins. Brandon Michael Jones. Katherine Marie Kampson. Luke James McFadden. James Brandon McMahon. Shawn Ferrell McNally. Mariana Arantia Murphy. Adam Wesley Payne. Paige McKenzie Quantus. Roman Johann Rorebach. Corben David Ruff. Colleen Francis Ville. Justin Luke Wallegora. Cadet squadron 37, Jacob Potter Barkly. Gabriel Alexander Cavender. Tyge Matthew Collins. Austin Taylor Cutting. Laura Lee Drapinsky. Chad Michael Elton. Austin Tyler Escobel. Joshua Hall Georgio. Jarrett Coyal Joyner. Gordon Francis Hardy-Kolokowski. Molly Elizabeth Lotch. Leanara Ashanti Manyfield. Gavin Alexander McCord. Steven Andrew Moyer. Spencer James Pongrass. Contian Yvonne Potter. Taylor Renee Price. Samantha Lynn Reed. Luke James Robinson. Jose Ramon Silva Junior. George Edward Strotiker. Braxton Randy Stocking. Branson David Tahari. Kyle Douglas Woodward. Daniel Han Yuk. Zachary Ryan Zelthman. Cadet squadron 38, Carter Matthew Cook. Stephen Henry Deneen. Joseph William Klack. Koa Alexander Knitter. Joseph Christopher Lapedata Junior. Mara Zoey Leery. Alexander Alexrovich Lopenchanski. Alexander Eric McGlophline. Quinshe Sierra Perkins. Isaac Arthur Reester. Eliana Ryan. Esther Yukyung Song. Cameron William Sullivan. Vito Antonio Hernandez Valenzuela. Brandon Peter Webster. Nicholas Lloyd Williams. Christa Alexandra Young. Cadet squadron 39, Dylan Gomes Almeda. Claire Elizabeth Badger. Charles Michael Barton. William Oliver Battabush the 3rd. Ralph Andrew Carrios. Leslie Paige Collar. Grant Patrick Fox. Joshua Christopher Gerrink. Cody Garret Guessler. Michael DeJong Greeve. Austin Guadalupe Guerrero. Demitrios Mehale Gostacus. Victor K. Lee. Bailey Elizabeth Little. Justin Hunter Maxell. Gilliana Hashiko K.P. Alani Nakamoto. Gregory Michael Quesenbury. Liam Ryan Sacks. Samantha Rose Shiffman. Grace Ann Skidmore. David Joseph Warfur. Cadet squadron 40, (audience applauding) Katanie Alise Alvish. Samuel Lewis Berry. Emily Caroline Benston. Jason Thomas Byers. Don Enduru Kanishka Dosiyanka. Micah Ryan Fontaine. Jaycee Marie French. Cory Johnathan Evan Gutierrez. Valentine Ahosa Longoria. Frank Charles Hipler. David Hall Jones. Lauren Marina Main. Malique Ali Miller. Miguel Antonio Silva Mulas. Tyler Curtis Mortinsen. Justin Scott Peterson. Patrick Ray Reed. Cory Jacob Scully. Journey Carly Sell. Erin Marie Swain. Carter Micheal Thorn. Jonah Michael Urlop. Thomas Harry Wedington. Jeffrey Allen Wilson. (crowd cheering) (applauding) (loud cheering) (applauding) (inaudible conversations)

Wing, attention, hut. Mr. President, thank you for joining us today. Ladies and gentlemen, the president will be departing immediately follow the Air Force song and dismissal of the class of 2019. (audience shouting) Please rise as Colonel Scott Campbell, commander, commandant of cadets, administers the oath of office.

Graduates of the Neil Armstrong class, will you please raise your right hand and after I read the oath of office, signify your acceptance by saying, I do. Do each of you, having been appointed as second lieutenant in the United States Air Force, do solemnly swear or affirm that you will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic and that you will bear truth faith and allegiance to the same and that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about to enter, so help you God.

[Group] I do. (cheering) (applauding)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Air Force song. (cheerful band music) Class of 2019, dismissed! (crowd cheering) (applauding) (inaudible conversations) (joyful cheering)

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, the Thunder Birds airshow will be starting momentarily. Stadium gates will open immediately after the end of the Thunder Birds air show. We appreciate your safe and orderly departure from the stadium today. (cheerful strumming music) Laying on this blanket of bluegrass beside you (inspirational orchestral music)

[Announcer] The Thunder Birds airshow will be starting momentarily. Stadium gates will open immediately after the end of the Thunder Birds airshow. We appreciate your safe and orderly departure from the stadium today. The meeting point for lost visitors or children is at the south side of the stadium under the scoreboard. If you become separated or lost, please plan to reunite there following today’s ceremony. (inspirational orchestral music)

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