“But, I Don’t Wanna Go!”

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I must confess that I’m having a hard time getting to the gym this morning. Oh, I’ll get there – don’t worry – I just don’t wanna go! When I get to the gym, it’s going to be leg day, not the most pleasant of workouts. After lifting, it’s going to be time to hit the pool; I love swimming, but it’s not the easiest thing that I do. The easiest course is going to be to walk into the family room, get in my recliner, and put my feet up. The wisest course is to go to the gym, regardless of how badly I wanna be lazy.

I fear that too many folks view worship the same way. They know they need to go honor God, but they just don’t wanna go. They know they need to fellowship with their Christian brothers and sisters, but they just don’t wanna go. They know the easiest course is simply to stay home, put their feet up, and maybe watch a preacher on TV (if so, I do hope they watch my friend Phil Sanders with In Search of the Lord’s Way, for Phil will teach the truth). Yet, staying home – even if you do watch Phil – will not provide you all the benefits of corporate worship, regardless of how badly you wanna be lazy.

Yeah, I really wanna stay home, but as soon as I post this article, I’m headed to the gym. Why?

  1. I’ll feel much better after I go.
  2. I’ll be doing what I know is best.
  3. I’ll get to see some friends I’ve made.
  4. I’ll be honoring my body.
  5. I’ll be lengthening – at least, presumably – the time I’ll live on this earth.

Even when I’m tempted to skip the assembly, I’ll still attend. Why?

  1. My soul needs spiritual nourishment far more than my body needs exercise.
  2. My God deserves all the praise I can give (and then some).
  3. My brothers and sisters will surround me – not just a few hours a week at the gym – but throughout all eternity.
  4. My prayers need to be mixed with the prayers of all the saints.
  5. My home is in heaven, not in the recliner watching television.
  6. My heart remembers Jesus’ sacrifice for me as I gather around his table on the Lord’s Day.
  7. My parents taught me the value of the assembly.
  8. My contribution is needed to further the Lord’s work.
  9. My children need to know the value of the assembly.
  10. My voice needs to rise with others in hymns of adoration and praise.

Satan may tempt me to skip the assembly from time to time, but I’ll go for the reasons I’ve listed. Why do you worship?

God bless!

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