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Thinking about JohnI love to write. Writing is therapeutic for me. Although my neurological disorder has caused various symptoms which required me to resign from full-time local ministry, I’m able to spread the Gospel of Jesus in my writing. My writing also helps me supplement my income and brings in some money while I await the beginning of my disability benefits.

When I was in local work, I loved to do inductive teaching. I wouldn’t necessarily give my students the answers. Instead, I urged them to explore the text by providing thought questions which caused the student to delve into Scripture. My newest release, Thinking about John, is an outgrowth of that teaching style.

Because he wrote after the other Evangelists, the Apostle John presents a unique view of Jesus. The disciple whom Jesus loved presents the Lord as a worker of signs intended to create faith, a teacher of deep truths, a lover of God and a lover of his disciples, and One who understood his kingdom surpassed earthly realms. This study guide helps the student delve into the Gospel of John and build a firm faith, a firm faith John envisioned when he wrote his Gospel.

Thinking about John is the first installment of a new Bible class curriculum called Thinking about Scripture. These study guides do not provide answers to Scripture; instead, they ask questions and urge the student to explore Scripture for him or herself. These guides are perfect for personal study or Bible class where students wish to explore the truth of Scripture.


Praise for Dr. Justin Imel, Sr.

“Dr Justin Imel has a gift for words, the soul of a poet. Pair that with a heart for ministry and great respect for the Word, and his book is sure to bless many” – Dr. Bill Bagents, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Heritage Christian University

“Justin has been a true example of faith and perseverance in the face of adversity. I have watched him struggle with health issues, never complaining. Our discussions about the Bible have given me a renewed drive to study more. Thank you, Justin” – Joe Tate, General Manager of Peaks Motors in Bedford, Virginia

“In the privilege of having Dr. Imel as a college instructor, I personally learned sermon preparation from a totally different perspective. He challenged his students to not only think outside the box in preparing series of lessons, but also enforced the proper importance of ‘sticking with the Bible’ in form and delivery. Even in recent times, I have leaned on the instruction given as well as shared resources of topical outlines written and delivered by Dr. Imel” – Joey Ferrell, former student of Dr. Imel

“I met Justin as a fellow student at International Bible College after my retirement from the U.S. Army. He was a young student but very determined to learn and teach the Bible. His enthusiasm was an inspiration to me and other students as well. I was particularly impressed by his ease of learning the Greek language. I look forward to reading his book” – Curtis Gilbert, classmate of Dr. Imel

“Justin is a dedicated soldier of the Cross, who in his sufferings has committed himself to the One who judges righteously. I count it a privilege to call this faithful Gospel preacher and diligent student of the Word my friend” – Donnie Vick, evangelist at the Edgewood church of Christ, Greenville, South Carolina

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