Unknown Service

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Unknown Service

Yesterday, I was sitting in Starbucks (Starbucks isn’t that expensive if you use their iPhone app and order a tall [that’s their small] coffee and rack up reward points). As I’m writing, I happen to notice a gift card on the service counter as a lady walks over to add cream and sugar to her coffee (why someone would add anything to coffee is beyond my comprehension), and she, too, notices that someone has left behind a gift card. The lady picks up the card, and I watch with peaked interest to see what she’ll do. She doesn’t know that anyone has seen her pick up the card, and she doesn’t know how much money might be left on that card: a rich uncle may have given a greatly loaded card to a favorite nephew who has only used the gift once or the card may have been intentionally discarded after someone had used the entire balance.

Impressively, the lady never contemplated – as far as I could tell – what to do with the card. She picked it up and handed it to a barista and told him what she had found and thought the owner might come back looking for it.

Service. Service like Jesus. Service to someone the lady will never meet. Service to someone who might be the salt of the earth or someone who might be a scoundrel among scoundrels. The woman will never know whom she served, but she served nonetheless.

The lady’s service got me thinking about all the different ways people whom I have never met have served me. Here are some examples:

  • Those who brought the gospel to the small town of Camargo, Kentucky, where I would hear and respond to the Word.
  • Researchers who developed the medications that ease my pain.
  • The farmer who realized that watermelon could be grown and safely consumed.
  • The police officers who patrol the streets.
  • Translators who took the Scriptures from Greek to English that I might easily receive the Word that is able to save my soul.
  • The ladies of a Bible class in Georgia who sent me a note to say that they were praying for me.
  • Whoever realized that coffee beans could be roasted and turned into a heavenly delight.
  • The instructors who trained my neurologist and helped him hone his abilities.
  • The men and women who died in defense of this free nation.

Yes, some of these are tongue-in-cheek and some are serious. Think about all the people who have served you whom you have never met. Thank God for people who selflessly serve.

How might you serve this very day? Go forth and imitate Jesus. Go forth and be a servant.

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