Vacation. Yep, I’ve been on one for a little while now – I haven’t posted here since December 17. The weekend after the 17th was full and fun and then we headed to my wife’s parents for a few days before Christmas, we arrived at my parents’ home late on Christmas Eve, and we returned to Roanoke yesterday barely in time for me to get to an appointment with one of my many doctors.

I’m thankful for vacations. Yes, I may no longer be working full-time (the government considers me “retired” – a little young, in my opinion), but I still needed a few days away. I did not write at all – not on the blog or on any other project. I did not keep track of my diet (my pants can most certainly tell that).

Time away is always important. God commanded the Sabbath for His people. Jesus Himself knew the value of rest: When the disciples were so busy that they hadn’t even had time to eat, Jesus said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while” (Mk 6:31).

My family and I enjoyed a marvelous vacation over the Christmas holiday. We were blessed to spend time with both families. Here are some reasons why:

  • Tammy’s Family
    • Santa cookies Tam’s mom makes Santa cookies I absolutely adore. I love the marriage of sugar cookies and cream cheese icing in Ann’s Santa cookies.
    • Bob My father-in-law has some health issues as he approaches his 80th trip around the sun. I got to spend time alone with Bob, and I enjoyed that tremendously.
    • My great-nephews My nephew (by marriage) and his wife welcomed twin sons not long ago. I’d been dying to see the little fellas, and I had that opportunity over Christmas.
    • Sissy Tammy’s first cousin Sharon (Sissy to her family) had the whole family over to her place on Christmas Eve. We were able to eat (I like that part) and spend time together (I like that part, too) – we had a marvelous time.
  • Justin’s Family
    • Mom and Dad’s house Christmas was the first time I’d been to Mom and Dad’s house since last Christmas. I’ve spent a couple weeks with Mom and Dad since then, but I hadn’t been to their home. It was a joy getting to be with them in their home again.
    • Kentucky food Blue Mondays and Ale-8s: If you were privileged enough to grow up in central Kentucky, you know precisely what I’m talking about. If not, I can’t explain.
    • Pretzel salad I love Mom’s strawberry pretzel salad. I might like it just a tad too much.
    • Quilts Nannie, my grandmother, made many, many quilts (when I went to college, she made me a quilt, because, she said, I’d always slept under one of her quilts and I was going to stop just because I was leaving home). Mom gave all the grandchildren and all of us three boys a quilt Nannie made. Priceless.
    • Dad’s sermon This past Lord’s Day was the first time I’d gotten to hear Dad preach since last year. I always forget how good and natural Dad is when he preaches. He challenged me from the Word of God this past Sunday, and I’m thankful.

I pray you also had a great holiday surrounded by your loved ones. There’s nothing like being home for Christmas.

May God bless each one of you. Walk with Him and allow Him to walk with you as he has walked with me.

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