Today has been a nice day. It’s Saturday. Saturdays are nice. I’m thankful for Saturdays because:

  • My family is home. I love my family, and it’s hard spending days by myself – in fact, I’ve started spending my days at Starbucks just so I’m not by myself. There’s no need for Starbucks on Saturday; I have my family.
  • I get to sleep in.T his morning I slept until almost 10:00. I can’t do that through the week because I have so much to do, but it’s nice to spend some extra time in bed on Saturdays.
  • I get to watch football. I enjoy football, and being an SEC boy I get to see the best football in the country. There’s nothing like a Saturday in the South.
  • I get to spend extra time at the gym. There’s little need to hurry up and get a swim in. I can swim as long as my fat body can swim.
  • Tammy goes to the grocery store. No, I’m not glad to spend some time away from her, but I love it when she comes home: she brings all sorts of goodies for me to eat. I like that (maybe a little too much!).

Today has been a nice day filled with family. I pray you’ve had a good day, too.

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