Wednesday Evening Bible Study

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Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Today is Wednesday, and that means my family and I will drive to the Star City church of Christ for Bible study. Mom and Dad dragged me to Wednesday night at church as far back as I can remember. Homework? Didn’t matter. Something good on TV? Didn’t matter. Really just didn’t want to go? Didn’t matter. We were going to Bible study on Wednesday night and we weren’t going to discuss the issue.

Tammy and I have raised our boys the same way. We’ve taken them off the baseball field because it was Wednesday night. We’ve pulled them out of martial arts classes because it was getting too close to church time on Wednesday. Stephen King, my absolute favorite author, was doing a reading at a theater not far from us, and Tammy was going to get me tickets for Christmas – until we realized it was a Wednesday night, and we didn’t discuss the matter any further.

My family attends Wednesday evening Bible study for many reasons: Tammy and I were raised to attend, we believe every word of Scripture, and we believe our boys need to be taught the Word of God in a corporate setting as well as at home. And, I’m thankful for Wednesday night Bible study. I’m thankful for Wednesday night Bible study for a number of reasons:

  • I get my batteries recharged. Satan torments me every day, and it’s nice to get a shot in the arm on Wednesday evening.
  • I get to see my friends. God created man as a social creature (Adam realized he was alone and God made him a helper, remember?). Since I’ve stopped working and started spending the day by myself, I’ve found myself going somewhere to be around people – Starbucks is my favorite, but I’m writing this at McDonald’s with a cup of coffee beside me. On Wednesday evening, I get to see my brothers and sisters and encourage them as they encourage me.
  • I get to study the Bible. The Bible will judge me at the last and great day (Jn 12:48; cf. Rev 20:12); therefore, I can think of nothing more important to study. I get to study the Bible on Wednesday evening.
  • I get to learn. I love studying the Bible for myself, and, yes, I learn in my private study. But, there’s something about studying the Bible with others who have different viewpoints and different ideas and different experiences. It’s not at all unusual for me to have a “eureka” moment and to see something in Scripture I’ve never seen before.
  • I get to learn of prayer needs. The prayer list can change rapidly. On Wednesday evening, I learn what other needs I should add to my prayer list.
  • I get to examine my own life.I t’s not fun, but sometimes I need to take a step back and look at my life. During the invitation and the Bible class, my life and my obedience, or lack thereof, to Scripture come into clearer focus.

I’m thankful it’s Wednesday. I can’t wait to gather with my brothers and sisters for Bible study tonight. See ya there!

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