My God


My God

“I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds” (Ps 9:1)

“O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever!” (Ps 30:12)

Americans have set aside the fourth Thursday in November as “Thanksgiving Day.” I fear that far too often that is the only day Americans give thanks. We have been taught to be a self-reliant people, to handle everything ourselves, and even – like Nebuchadnezzar – to laud ourselves for the blessings God has given. We’re happy to pray when we’re in need, but how often do we ever pause to thank God for what He has done? I’m thankful that we have a Thanksgiving Day in the United States so that we may be reminded of how dependent on God we are.

I enjoy November and seeing Facebook friends post their thankfulness throughout the month. November is a short month – 30 days instead of 31 – and 30 days simply is not nearly enough time to thank God for all that He has done. A year wouldn’t be long enough. Nor a decade. Nor a century. Nor a millennium. Nor all of eternity. God is so good. God has blessed us more richly than we could ever deserve.

Even those of us whose lives take disappointing twists and heartbreaking turns have more blessings than we could ever acknowledge. I know some cannot see that. In fact, just last night, I was having a conversation about someone whose life has brought disappointment and who is so very bitter. Let’s not be bitter. Let’s acknowledge God for all the good He has done and continues to do in our lives.

What if we simply take time to look at who God is? All that God does flows from who He is. Let’s pause today simply to think about God as God.

I am thankful that God:

  • Is Obviously, if God were not we would not be. “If there were no God, there would be no atheists.”
  • Is holy The holiness of God causes His desire to reconcile with sinners (as a holy God, He must reconcile us to Himself to have a relationship with us). His holiness causes us to leave the things of this world and to seek Him.
  • Is love God loved me enough that Jesus endured hell that I might gain heaven.
  • Is good Every single thing God gives comes from the fact that God is good.
  • Is forgiving I sin and I sin a lot. I need a forgiving God.
  • Is just This life isn’t fair (for the record, I’ve never read anywhere that it’s supposed to be). Yet, God will make all things right in the end.
  • Is powerful. God has the power to answer every prayer I ever pray.
  • Is accessible. He’s not far from every one of us, Paul said at the Areopagus. No matter where I am, God is there. When I pray, God will hear.

I know I’ve barely scratched the surface in thinking about how good and great God is. He demonstrates His love and power and might and goodness every single day. How has God blessed your life? What have I failed to mention?

God bless you today. Walk with God that He may walk with you as He has walked with me.

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