“I’m Fine”

Disabled man

I’m Fine

I’ll walk into the church building and someone will ask me how I’m doing, and I’ll truthfully say, “I’m doing fine.” The response is often, “You don’t look fine.” I know what these sweet folks mean: “Justin, I can see you’re having a bad day walking and you’re in pain and you look weak in the eyes. Tell me what’s really going on.” Well, honestly, “I’m fine.” I’m not trying to be nice, I’m not trying to be deceitful, I’m not trying to hide anything: I’m fine. When I say that I’m fine, I might mean:

My body isn’t good, but my spirit is.

As a Christian, we recognize that we are more than these bodies which house our souls. With my disability, I learned very fast to differentiate between my spirit and my body. Just because my body is having a hard time doesn’t mean that I am. After all, you asked how I was doing; you didn’t ask about my body. (I’m not being a smart aleck when I say this; seriously, it’s an important coping mechanism for me). When my spirit is doing well, I am doing well.

I’m not in as much pain as I was yesterday.

Today may be a good day when I compare it to days I’ve had in the past. Any day the pain is a little less than normal, I’m doing well.

I’m remembering how blessed I am.

God is good. My family loves me. I live in a nation with great medical care. I’m doing quite well in the blessing department. When I remember how blessed I am, I’m doing well.

I’m not using the wheelchair today.

Any day I can walk – maybe “shuffle” is the better word – is a good day. I’ll use the wheelchair when I need it, but I’d much rather walk. If you see me walking, I’m doing well.

I got up out of bed this morning.

Tammy texts me just about every morning to make sure I’m up. She’s not concerned about my oversleeping (although I’ve done my fair share of that since I stopped working). She’s worried I wasn’t able to get out of bed without assistance. As long as I can roll out of bed, I’m doing well.

You’re praying for me.

When I remember you’re praying for me and that prayer has great power, I’m doing well.

I’m able to get out of the house.

I can’t stand sitting at home all the time; I prefer to be on the go. If I’m able to get out of the house, I’m doing well.

I’m able to worship.

I opened this post by mentioning that people often ask me how I’m doing when I walk in the church building. I’m asked the question many places (gym, store, etc.), but more often than not, I’m asked how I’m doing when I’m at worship. Any Lord’s Day I’m able to be among God’s people and worship Him in spirit and in truth, it’s a good day. I’m doing well.

I’m doing better than others.

It doesn’t take long to find others who are doing far worse than I am. When I think about others, I’m doing well.

Just because you don’t think I’m doing well, doesn’t mean that I am not. You see, your “fine” and my “fine” might be light years apart. When I say I’m fine, remember that I know God is walking with me as He has walked with me in the past.

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