The Triumphal Entry (John 12:12-30)

Bible Class

The Triumphal Entry (John 12:12-30)

Why would this crowd take palm branches and go out to meet Jesus?

Why did Jesus sit upon a donkey?

How could the disciples not understand these things? Why did they only remember the prophecies after Jesus had been glorified?

In what way do you think the people who were with Jesus when he raised Lazarus bore witness?

Why were the Pharisees concerned that “the world has gone after him?”

What are some reasons the Greeks at the feast may have come to Philip? Wonder why there were Greeks at the feast anyway? Why would they wish to see Jesus?

Jesus said, “The hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.” How would the Son of Man be glorified?

How will the one who loves his life lose it? How will the one who hates his life in this world keep it for eternal life?

Jesus: “If anyone serves me, he must follow me.” What’s involved in following Jesus? How do we serve him? How will the Father honor the one who follows Jesus?

Why would Jesus’ soul be troubled? Why not pray to the Father that he might be saved from that hour?

How had the Father previously glorified his name? How would he glorify his name again?

How was the voice for the sake of the people standing around?

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