The Jesus Prayer, Part Two (John 17:20-26)

Bible Class

The Jesus Prayer, Part Two (John 17:20-26)

Who are those who would believe in Jesus through the apostles’ word? How do you feel knowing that Jesus prayed for you shortly before his death? How should we live knowing that Jesus prayed for us?

What is the model for the church’s unity? How can the church show the world that we are unified? What are some practical steps we can take for unity? Should we ever compromise for unity?

To whom did Jesus give his glory? What is Jesus’ glory? How does Jesus’ glory help the church be unified?

Does the world really need the church to be one for them to believe that the Father has sent Jesus into the world?

How will we behold the glory of the Son?

Jesus referred to his Father as “righteous Father.” Why did Jesus call God “righteous?” In what way(s) is the Father righteous?

Why did the world not know the Father? How can we help the world to know the Father?

Jesus had declared to the world the Father’s name. What is the Father’s name? How did Jesus declare the Father’s name?

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