The Jesus Prayer, Part One (John 17:1-19)

Bible Class

The Jesus Prayer Part One (John 17:1-19)

How would the Father glorify the Son?

How is eternal life knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ whom he has sent?

Name some ways that the Son glorified the Father on earth.

In what way had Jesus given the disciples God’s word?

Why did Jesus just pray for those whom the Father had given him?

How could the disciples be one? How does the Godhead model the unity for which Jesus prayed?

How would the disciples’ world change when Jesus went to the Father?

What does it mean to be “not of the world?” How do Christians show that they are “not of the world?” What problems arise because too many Christians are of the world?

Jesus prays that the disciples should be kept from “the evil one.” I know the King James Version reads “from the evil” here, but that is not the best translation. What is involved in being kept from “the evil one?” Should we be praying this same prayer?

Sanctification comes through the word/truth of God. What is sanctification? How does sanctification come through the word of God?

Jesus was sending his disciples into the world in the same way that the Father sent him into the world. Are we sent into the world?

Jesus sanctified himself. Can we sanctify ourselves?

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