The Hatred of the World (John 15:18-27)

Bible Class

The Hatred of the World (John 15:18-27)

Why does the world hate Christians? How does the world show its hatred? How should the Christian respond to the world’s hatred? If Jesus had made the world and given himself for the world, why did the world hate him?

We are not of the world. How do we show that we are not of the world?

Why does the world not know him who sent Jesus?

If Jesus had not come and spoken to the world, they would have no sin. Does Jesus mean that if someone does not know the truth that he has no sin? Why would Jesus, therefore, come and teach? Do we do a disservice in teaching people the truth?

Jesus also said at verse 22 that people have no excuse for their sin. Why do people try to make excuses for their sin? What are some excuses that people make for sin?

How could one see the works that Jesus did and respond by hating the Father?

How did the Helper testify of Jesus?

The disciples would bear witness of Jesus. Why did the disciples need to be with Jesus from the beginning in order to bear witness? What was the witness that they would bear? Do we bear witness today? If so, how?

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