The Authority of the Son (John 5:19-29)

Bible Class

The Authority of the Son (John 5:19-29)

Why could the Son do nothing of his own accord? What had the Son seen the Father doing? How could the Son do only what the Father did? Is there an example for us in Jesus’ statement?

How had the Father demonstrated his love for the Son?

What greater works would the Father show the Son (and the Son, therefore, do)?

How would these greater works lead to the marvel of the Jews?

Why does the Son only give live to whom he will? To whom does the Son will to give life?

When will the Son be the judge?

Why is dishonor of the Son dishonor of the Father who sent him?

Why must one hear Jesus’ word and believe in the One who sent him to have eternal life? Is believing all one needs to do in order to have salvation? Why or why not? How do you know? If the one who believes in the One who sent the Son has passed from death to life, why do Christians die?

What did Jesus mean when he said that the dead who hear his voice will live? Did he speak spiritually or physically?

Did Jesus say that all the dead will be raised at the same time?

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