Pilate’s Final Effort (John 19:1-15)

Bible Class

Pilate’s Final Effort (John 19:1-15)

Why would the soldiers place a crown of thorns on Jesus’ head and a purple robe on his body?

Pilate brought Jesus out again so that the people could see that he found no fault in him. Why did Pilate find no fault in Jesus? Why did the Jewish leadership find fault in Jesus? Do we sometimes find fault with Jesus? When?

Why did the chief priests and officers want Jesus crucified?

Why did the Jews believe that Jesus deserved to die? Why did Jesus really die?

What would make Pilate even more afraid when he heard that Jesus had “made himself the Son of God?”

Jesus did not immediately answer Pilate. Why would Jesus want to keep silent?

Might we understand verse 11 to mean that the state has the power to put to death? Why or why not?

How come Pilate could not release Jesus and be a friend of Caesar?

Why would the chief priests say that they had no king but Caesar?

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