Personal Instructions (2 Timothy 4:9-18)

Bible Class

Personal Instructions (2 Timothy 4:9-18)

Why would Paul want Timothy to come to him soon? Why should Timothy do his best to fulfill Paul’s wish? How important is it to do our best to fulfill the wishes of our friends?

Who was Demas? Why would he have been in love with this present world?

  • Is there anything wrong with being in love with this present world? If so, what?
  • How can we keep from being in love with this present world?

Why would love for the present world cause Demas to forsake Paul? Wonder what might have caused Demas to go to Thessalonica?

What are some reasons Crescens might have gone to Galatia?

Why might Titus have gone to Dalmatia?

Luke alone was with Paul. What might that tell us about the relationship between Luke and Paul? What does it mean to have a friend when everyone else has left you (even though some left for valid reasons in Paul’s case)?

Paul wanted Timothy to bring Mark. What does Paul’s wanting Mark possibly say about Paul’s forgiving spirit? What does Paul’s wanting Mark possibly say about Mark’s maturity?

Why would Paul send Tychicus to Ephesus if he only had Luke with him?

Why would Paul want his cloak, books, and parchments?

What harm might Alexander the coppersmith have done to Paul? Does it seem that Paul is holding a grudge against Alexander? Why or why not?
Why did Paul allow the Lord to repay Alexander according to his deeds?

  • What type of example might Paul set for us when people do us wrong?
  • If God repays us according to our deeds, where does grace come in?

Why did Timothy need to be aware of Alexander?

  • What would be wrong with opposing Paul’s message?
  • If Paul were speaking God’s word, how could his words be his message?

What might Paul’s first defense have been? Why would his companions have deserted him? Why would Paul not want their desertion to be charged against them?

In what way(s) might the Lord have stood with him? Why would the Lord have stood with Paul? In what way(s) might the Lord have strengthened his apostle? How could the Lord’s strength help the message be fully proclaimed? How might the message be fully proclaimed at Paul’s first defense? How might all the Gentiles hear the message through Paul’s first defense?

In what way(s) might Paul have been rescued from the lion’s mouth?

If the Lord would rescue Paul from every trial, why did God allow Paul to be beheaded under Nero? What is the Lord’s heavenly kingdom? How would the Lord bring Paul safely into it?

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