Paul’s Greeting to Titus (Titus 1:1-4)

Bible Class

Greeting (Titus 1:1-4)

How did Paul demonstrate that he was a servant of God? Why does one need to be a servant of God? How can you demonstrate that you are a servant of God?

How did Paul demonstrate that he was an apostle of Jesus Christ?

How was Paul a servant and apostle for the sake of the faith of God’s elect? Who are God’s elect? How did Paul’s service and apostleship help the elect’s knowledge of the truth? In what way(s) does a knowledge of the truth accord with godliness?

How does one have hope of eternal life? What is the basis of the hope of eternal life? If one only has hope of eternal life, how can he be confident of his own salvation?

Why can God not lie?

How longstanding is God’s promise of eternal life?

Why would God wait until the proper time to manifest the hope of eternal life?

In what way(s) was the hope of eternal life manifested through Paul’s preaching? What are the implications of being entrusted with the Gospel? If Paul did not wish to preach God’s gospel (he didn’t even believe the gospel when God called him), what right did God have to give him a command to preach the gospel?

Timothy and Titus were both called Paul’s children in the faith. Do you imagine there might have been some jealousy between Timothy and Titus? Why or why not?

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