Lessons from the Book of the Prophet Malachi


Lessons from the Book of Malachi

Malachi was given an oracle by the Lord (1:1). The name Malachi means army messenger’s and some have said that Malachi was an angel. There is not any evidence in favor of that view. It would contradict the biblical teaching that only men teach God’s truth. Malachi prophesied between 432-425 B.C. The book was written to bring God’s people back to fellowship and service.

The book of Malachi asks God seven questions. Those questions are: (1) “How has thou loved us?” (1:2); (2) “How have we despised thy name?” (1:6); (3) “How have we polluted it [the altar]?” (1:7); (4) “How have we wearied him?” (2:17); (5) “How shall we return?” (3:7); (6) “How are we robbing thee?” (318); (7) “How have we spoken against thee?” (3:13). The book would be divided into seven sections centered around these questions.

The book of Malachi also has several important lessons for modern man:

  1. God will destroy the wicked (1:4).
  2. God deserves honor (1:6).
  3. God doesn’t approve of vain worship (1:6-7).
  4. God would rather we not worship than worship improperly (1:10).
  5. God’s name is great (1:11).
  6. God only accepts our best worship (1:14).
  7. God created man (2:10).
  8. God expects men to be faithful to their wives (2:14).
  9. God hates divorce (2:16).
  10. God prepares his paths (3:1).
  11. God’s judgment will be swift (3:5).
  12. God does not change (3:6).
  13. God expects people to give generously (3:8).
  14. God blesses those who give generously (3:10).
  15. God will spare from wrath those who serve him (3:17).
  16. God will punish the arrogant and all evildoers (4:1).

The book of Malachi contains many good lessons. These lessons need to be preached in the Lord’s church today!

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