Jesus Raises Lazarus (John 11:28-57)

Bible Class

Jesus Raises Lazarus (John 11:28-57)

Why did Jesus wait and not go into town with Martha?

How much accusation do you read in Mary and Martha’s statement, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died?”

Why did Jesus groan in his spirit when he saw Mary and the Jews who had come with her weeping?

If Martha believed that Jesus could have healed her brother, why was she troubled by Jesus’ saying to remove the stone?

Why would Jesus pray the prayer recorded in verses 41-42?

Why did Jesus specify that Lazarus was to come forth?

Many of the Jews therefore, who had come with Mary and had seen what he did, believed in him.” Not everyone believed (“Many” implies some did not). How could people see Jesus raise the dead and still not believe?

Why would some want to go to the Pharisees and tell them “what Jesus had done?”

What concern did the Pharisees have about leaving Jesus alone? What does this tell us about their heart? What can we learn about the thirst for power?

What does Caiaphas mean by saying, “It is better for you that one man should die for the people, not that the whole nation should perish?” Isn’t that what happened?

How did Caiaphas prophesy? If he wasn’t inspired, how could he be a prophet?

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