Jesus Calls His First Disciples (John 1:35-42)

Bible Class

Jesus Calls His First Disciples (John 1:35-42)

If he were not the Christ, something he himself freely confessed, why did John have disciples?

What might John’s disciples have learned from him?

Was John not concerned about losing disciples when he pointed out Jesus? Why would John point out Jesus to his disciples? In all honesty, whose disciple was John?

The two disciples obviously trusted John, for when they heard John say Jesus is the Lamb of God, they followed Jesus. What about John’s trustworthiness can we learn from the disciples’ actions? How can teachers today be trustworthy?

Jesus asked the two disciples, “What are you seeking?” They never answer him directly (see verse 38). What do you think they were seeking?

Why would these two disciples care where Jesus was staying? Wonder why the disciples stayed with Jesus that day? Granted, it was the 10th hour (4:00 pm). However, why not just stay a couple hours or so and go home?

What would have made Andrew believe that he had found the Christ?

Why did Andrew fetch his brother and bring him to Jesus?

What’s the significance of Peter’s name being Cephas?

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