Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest (John 18:1-14)

Bible Class

Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest (John 18:1-14)

Jesus often met with his disciples in Gethsemane. What do you think Jesus might have thought every time he met with his disciples there?

Jesus knew all things that would come upon him. What does that say about Jesus’ foreknowledge? What does that say about God’s plan? How could Jesus live a peaceful life “knowing all that would happen to him?”

Is it a blessing that we do not know all things that will come upon us? What do we know about the future? What blessings might there be in the future?

Jesus quickly confessed that he was Jesus of Nazareth. How likely would we have been to run when we saw the soldiers coming for us? Why didn’t Jesus run?

Why did those who came to arrest Jesus draw back and fall to the ground?

Why was it important that none of the disciples be lost? I can’t help but read this in a sacrificial way; Jesus was willing to die but he wasn’t willing that that should happen to his disciples. Why was Jesus willing to die?

Why might John include the name of the servant whom Peter maimed?

What might Jesus’ willingness to fulfill his Father’s will teach us?

How prophetic were Caiaphas’ words?

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