It Ain’t Over (John 20:1-10)

Bible Class

It Ain’t Over (John 20:1-10)

What is the significance for us that these events took place on the first day of the week?

Why did Mary Magdalene run to tell the disciples about the empty tomb? In other words, why did she not investigate further? What might be the significance of a woman’s being the first to proclaim the Risen Christ? (cf. Jn 20:17)

Why might Mary not yet have believed in the Resurrection? After all, Jesus had been saying this was going to happen!

Jewish men did not ordinarily run in public, but Peter and John ran to the tomb – John even outruns Peter! Why might they have wanted to run?

What might we learn from the fact that the grave clothes are still in the tomb? What about the fact that the handkerchief that had been on his head was folded and placed by itself?

How could John believe but not yet know the Scripture?

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