Enrolled Widows (1 Timothy 5:9-16)

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Enrolled Widows (1 Timothy 5:9-16)

Paul gave qualifications for widows who were to be enrolled. Why should a woman who is not less than sixty not be enrolled? Why would she, similar to overseers and deacons, need to be the wife of one husband? Why would she need to have a reputation for good works?

  • What type of good works should this woman have performed?
  • How can we have a reputation for good works?

Overseers and deacons were to bring up their children well; however, the enrolled widow is simply to have brought up children.

  • Did it matter how well she had raised her children?
  • Why might it matter how she raised her children?
  • What do the other qualifications say about the way this woman would have raised her children?

Why should this woman have shown hospitality? Why would this woman need to have washed the feet of the saints?

  • What if she had washed the feet of those who were not saints?
  • How might this instruction be applied today?

Why would this woman need to have cared for the afflicted? Why would this woman have needed to devote herself to every good work?

Timothy was not to enroll younger widows. Why would their passions draw them away from Christ?

  • Why would they then want to marry?
  • Is there anything wrong with marriage? If not, why would these women need to remain widows?

Why would marriage cause these women to abandon their former faith? Why would marriage cause these younger widows to incur condemnation?

The younger widows would learn to be idlers.

  • What is an “idler?” Why is being an idler evil?
  • How can one keep from being an idler?
  • Would the older widows not be tempted to be idlers? Why or why not?

The younger women would become gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.

  • What is the difference in being a gossip and being a busybody?
  • How can one keep from being a gossip and a busybody?

Why should the younger women marry, bear children, and manage their households?

Why would marrying, bearing children, and managing their households give the adversary no occasion for slander?

In what way(s) have some strayed after Satan?

Is caring for widows a burden for the church? If not, why did Paul say it is? How can we keep from being a burden to the church?

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