Bible Class Notes on 1 Peter 2:20

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Bible Class Notes on 1 Peter 2:20 | Notes on the Petrine Epistles

Peter now begins to establish that one should do right even if it means he shall suffer—he does so by showing the one who suffers for doing right has god’s approval.

The rhetorical question shows that there is nothing to be gained by suffering for doing wrong. “Credit” could be translated ‘glory.” The word actually carries the nuance of fame or reputation due to some great deed. Peter says that in doing wrong and enduring the punishment there isn’t any fame. “Wrong” carries the idea of moral failure.

Yet, if one does right and suffers for it, he has favor from God. “Right” here is a moral use—one does what God expects and is punished for it. If one endures patiently for doing what God expects, he receives God’s favor.

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